Saturday, 5 August 2017

30 Blog Photo Prop Ideas

I don't really consider myself much of a photographer, and whilst I do enjoy taking blog photos (altho I always dislike the idea bcos ughh I have to set stuff up), I don't really consider photography a real passion or hobby of mine. Blog photos are a ton of fun to do though - and it's so easy to create a nice photo. If you're a beginner looking for some basics, make sure to check out this post, but in today's post, I wanted to share with you some basic props for taking your blog photos. I particularly enjoy flatlays, but sometimes I do other photos. It's best to just experiment to find out what style you like to take your photos in, and have fun playing around with colour, dimension and texture in your props!

  1. Magazines & catalogues.
  2. Beauty products - highlighters, nail polish, eyeliner pencils etc.
  3. Skincare products - the likes of Soap & Glory make products with such pretty packaging!
  4. Hair accessories, hats and sunglasses.
  5. Your phone or tablet, showing your blog/logo/Instagram/a picture of you/a specific song etc.
  6. Glittery card/pastel coloured card/metallic card, or wrapping paper.
  7. Camera lenses and lens caps.
  8. Perfume bottles.
  9. Headphones.
  10. Sequins, confetti, plastic gems, buttons and paperclips.
  11. Fresh flowers, fake flowers, or plants in general.
  12. Items of clothing with interesting patterns/textures, or dainty lace bras etc.
  13. Reading books.
  14. Notebooks.
  15. Your DS/console controller/Instax Mini etc.
  16. Sharpies, or fluffy or decorative pens, as well as paint palettes and other art tools and stationary.
  17. Beauty tools like brushes and eyelash curlers.
  18. That typical marble background - I bought my marble sticky back paper from Wilkos and stuck it onto an A3 piece of acrylic I bought from eBay.
  19. Patterned paper packs, like those used for scrapbooks. I find loads of these in the likes of Bargain Buys.
  20. Pencil cases, make-up bags, make-up/pen pots - you could blur these at the edge of your photo, have them as a central piece or lie them down in a flatlay and have the products inside scattered out.
  21. Trinket dishes, plates and baskets.
  22. Jewellery and watches.
  23. Art prints, journal pages, drawings, or physical photos of you/your subject.
  24. Candles and pretty candle holders.
  25. Ribbon.
  26. Fairy lights.
  27. CDs.
  28. Swatches of lipstick on paper.
  29. Light box.
  30. Pretty outer packaging for products or bags - e.g. like the paper MAC bags or those from Sephora. 
What are your favourite blog props? Have I missed anything from this list?


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