Wednesday, 5 July 2017

The [4th] Fan Girl Tattoo

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I have a lot of fan girl tattoos. Now, I don't like the term 'fan girl', as I'm sure most people associate it with crazy 12 year old 1D fans or the likes of Bieber fans who think it's appropriate to "cut for Bieber" etc etc., but I have to admit that I now have 4 tattoos for bands I adore, and while today I'm going to talk about the most recent one, I'm sure it won't be the last that I'll have. I am a devoted fan to these bands, and I happen to be female, so yes, I do have quite a few band tattoos.

The one I wanted to talk about today is one of the last tattoos I got from Jake Galleon at Studio XIII, and it's one that I got without a huge amount of thought. I wanted a really traditional tattoo script with lots of cursive line work, but sadly I didn't really have the room, so I had to sacrifice the elaborate details. Knowing this was the case, I feel like I maybe should have got roman numerals instead of a flat out '1993' in numbers, but I think this will look less stark once I get gappy areas filled up on my arm. In all honesty, I wouldn't go back and change it. It looks pretty cute and I'm happy with it, and it's not a tattoo that's often noticed due to the placement - this tattoo is usually hidden by my side.

So what does this tattoo mean to me? It's the year that the Backstreet Boys formed. I've said time and time again on my blog and on Twitter that I'm a big fan of the 90s boyband - musicians who are still going strong today, 25 years later. It's rare to find the musical and vocal talent in a boyband, especially one who performs pop music. It's also rare to find a group with a bond so tight and so strong that even after all this time they are continuing to tour, make music, and who can harmonise so effortlessly with each other. I could sit and gush all day about how ridiculously talented I think BSB are - I loved them as a kid, and I love them now. When I was 14 I saw them in concert and I still think they are the best live performance I've ever seen - they're performers in the truest sense. They have dance routines, live vocals, seamless transitions between songs and audience interaction all perfected down to a T. 

I didn't want to get lyrics or script because I don't really want to get either of these again for the time being, so I wanted something subtle, something you would look at and not know what it meant. 

So yes, this is my fourth fan girl tattoo and I'm probably going to get a fifth, maybe even a sixth. Who knows? All I know is that I'm still happy to this day with all four that I've had tattooed in the space of nearly four years.

What do you think of band tattoos?


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