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Dipping My Toe into High-End Beauty

When payday hit last month, I decided it was time. Time for me to branch out, experiment, try new things. Time for me to delve more into the world of high-end beauty. I've tried pieces here and there - MAC lipsticks, the Zoeva Cocoa Blend palette, Urban Decay eyeshadows, and a whole host of different liquid lipsticks, but very few of what I've tried did I think was worth the money. However, I've been wanting to try a new eye primer for a while, and somebody else on Twitter had recommend me UD's Naked Skin foundation for a lightweight but long-lasting base. This, on top of the fact that I'd been eyeing up a Studded Kiss lipstick and the Sugarpill Pro Palette, made me splash out on a mini-haul of high-end beauty goodies. To find out what I bought and how I've fared with them so far, keep on reading!


I was matched at the Urban Decay counter to 0.5 in both the Naked Skin foundation, and the All Nighter foundation, the shade which I believe is the lightest in the line-up. This came as no surprise to me as I am a bit of a Casper, although I find that I tan more easily now than I ever used to. Although I feel this tone is still not quite yellow for my neck, it was the best matching shade of the 3 that were tested on me when I looked in the mirror at my jawline. Since buying this foundation, I have rarely worn anything else. It's definitely a skin-like foundation, as I look and feel like I'm not wearing anything. Gone are the days of touching my face and coming away with make-up on my fingertips - instead I can worry about my make-up not moving through the day. Although I've yet to try testing this in heat or at work - as I'm too lazy to wear anything other than brows and mascara at work now -, I'm impressed with how well this lasts on me with a good few primers, a Maybelline Color Tattoo for my nose, and a setting spray. This feels like a skin-perfecting product, and I'm really glad that I gave it a go. The only downside of it being so runny is that I feel like I'm wasting product when I use my makeup sponge, so I've taken to applying it with a foundation brush then blending in with a sponge instead.

Will I repurchase this? Yep, I think so!


I chopped and changed my mind a lot before deciding to take the plunge on the 12-pan Sugarpill Pro Palette. Whilst the palette comes in at nearly £20, the single eyeshadows are around £7.95-£8.50, depending on where you buy from, so all in all, it adds up to be a rather expensive product. That said, so far I'm not disappointed and 100% think this is worth the money. I debated on whether I should get this palette because after my make-up declutter, I wanted to cut down on the coloured eyeshadows I was buying as I didn't wear them enough. Oddly enough, after decluttering, I decided that I was actually missing vital colours when I began to wear bright eyeshadows everyday, and while the ones that I had were good, I could invest in better. So, I started looking into the Pro Palette.

I only have 3 shades so far, but it's worth noting how stunningly pigmented they are. They're dreamy to apply and blend, and the colours available are stunning and unique. I really can't wait to have my palette complete, something I'm hoping will happen at the end of the year. I plan on just buying 1-2 new shadows each month so as not to break the bank. The shadows shown in the photo below is Flamepoint, the bright orange, Acidberry, the lime green, and Midori, the green that leans more teal than lime.

You get a whole lot of product per pan, 3.5g, the size being comparable to my Everwrist watch face! Sugarpill is a cruelty-free brand, and these eyeshadows are vegan.

Will I repurchase? Fuck yes. These are easily one of the best formulas I've ever tried.


Although I had no luck with the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks, I won one of her Studded Kiss lipsticks in a giveaway on Twitter earlier this year (I think) and was really impressed by how pigmented, creamy and smooth the formula was. It was very comfortable to wear, but I admit that I didn't often reach for the gorgeous coral shade I was given. As a result, I passed it on to my mum and I purchased a colour that was more up my street, now that I knew I enjoyed the formula. I chose to go with the shade Plan 9, a dark shimmery green, as it was unlike anything else I had in my collection. Although I'm ordinarily not a lipstick person, I made the exception just because of how beautiful the colour was. Although I liked some of the other more 'out there' shades such as Poe and Nayeon, I didn't go with these as I knew they'd be harder to apply with precision, and knew I'd end up ditching them and being lazy if I didn't go for something a little softer. Plan 9 was a great alternative to this issue, and I applied it well onto my lips without any lip line issues - I wore it when filming my 'My Tattoos - Part 2' video, and then out to my friends after filming. The lipstick was fine to apply, but I have noticed that it's not the most opaque. It swatches well, but when trying to build colour on the lips I can often see areas of my own lips coming through, more so towards the centre than the outside. If this was somethng that occurred after eating, I wouldn't mind, but I'm really disappointed by this not being as opaque as I would expect upon application.

Will I repurchase? There's no other shades I particularly want from this line, and this colour was a bit of a disappointment, so I think I'll pass. Soz, Kat!


Due to how often I've been wearing colourful eyeshadow, I decided it was time to invest in a new eye primer. Whilst some of my drugstore offerings are fine when it comes to the likes of bronzes and coppers, I find they struggle to allow me to wear bright teals and pinks without a lot of creasing, fading and unsightly patches of skin showing through. I posted a poll on Twitter asking if I should purchase the UD Primer Potion or Too Faced's Shadow Insurance - both of which have cult status in the world of make-up. I ended up with an overwhelming majority favouring the UD option, and so I ordered it online along with my KVD lipstick, and it's safe to say I fared way better with this product than the lipstick! I'm totally sold on this and will probably never use another primer again for my bright eyeshadows. I only use a little bit of this and my eyeshadow - be it neon pink, fiery reds or forest greens - stays in place all day without fading or creasing. Now I'm just annoyed I didn't bother to pick this up sooner!

Will I repurchase? Absolutely!

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Top to Bottom: Sugarpill Midori, Acidberry, Flamepoint and Kat Von D Plan 9

I know that none of these are new discoveries, but this is my first real go at high-end beauty and I have to say I'm really impressed! I never thought I would be this blown away by high-end products, but it's give me the confidence to try more. That said - I will still be buying from the drugstore plenty! I'm most excited about the Sugarpill palette, I have to admit, and I'm looking forward to getting more of the shades.

Have you tried any of these products? What are your thoughts?


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