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5 Teenage Beauty Blunders

beauty and makeup mistakes i made in my teens

As a 23-year-old, I get quite a lot of compliments on my make-up - from IRL friends, internet friends, and even just fellow bloggers I don't speak to that often. As a 16 year old, I'd only just started dabbling in make-up, and by 18 I was wearing a full face of 'war paint' everyday. But it took a long long time for me to get to where I am now with my makeup skills (and even now there's a lot that I haven't mastered) and I made a lot of cringe-inducing mistakes on the way. Today I thought I'd share just a few of my biggest beauty disasters I was making, some up until as recently as just 3 years ago!


Up until as recently as the middle-end of 2014, I don't think I ever filled in my eyebrows *gasps* I know! Shock horror. But if you're a similar age to me - or older -, then you'll likely know that eyebrows just weren't that big a thing up until the last few years. Nobody really bothered to fill them in, and brow products were scarce in the drugstore and amongst high-end brands. Your options were pretty much two kinds of brow powders and a couple of pencils - there wasn't setting gels, pomades, stencils or specifically designed brushes! When I eventually started filling in my brows in 2015, I was very light-handed with a powder, and since November last year I've been using brow pomades for that razor sharp carved brow look that I enjoy so much.


Another thing I never used to do up until about 2014 is that I never bothered with mascara on my lower lashes. The problem I had is that clumpy, spidery lashes made me feel very uncomfortable and less confident in my make-up, so to solve the issue I decided to just skip out on lower lash mascara altogether. I was surrounded at school by girls who were slathered in Dream Matte Mousse foundation that was either two shades too dark or simply oxidised after an hour, and girls who wore ten layers of mascara to the point that their lashes looked like spiders legs. I was afraid to look that way as I didn't think it was flattering, and so I opted out of lower lash mascara (and foundation, too, for a very long time). It even took me a while to get comfortable with top lash mascara!


All the girls in high school rocked the concealer lips look - and by 'rocked' I mean it was the done thing so it didn't look so cringey or abnormal as it would look if you saw someone wearing concealer lips today! I admit that I totally fell into the trap too when I started wearing foundation. I enjoyed heavy, dark eye looks, so I didn't wear lipstick all that often, preferring nudes that were beige in tone and made my skin and lips look as one, or I slathered my Collection Lasting Perfection all over my mouth. Either way, it wasn't a great look.


Blending eyeshadow? What is that? Nowadays I'm fairly confident in my eye makeup looks - I might not be able to do a cut crease and I still struggle with winged eyeliner, but I'm pretty sure I can blend eyeshadow alright. With the help of Pixiwoo and a bunch of large, fluffy brushes from eBay that duped the MAC 217, I found my way to being able to put together a basic eye look and eventually venture into the realm of bright colours. Back in my teens though, I just packed eyeshadow on. No transition colour, no diffusing the edges, just straight up colour. I'd often sharpen the line at the edge of my eyelid so my shadow ended up looking quite oval, but I never, ever blended. Oh dear.


Admittedly, I think I was clever enough to pop an eye primer on underneath my eyeshadows, but I definitely never used a face primer, nor a setting spray. So when my foundation creased and cracked at the end of the day, that was just part of life. Even now I haven't found my holy grail primer, but I'm getting closer and closer, and learning by the day what works quite well for me and what doesn't. I also believe setting sprays make a nice difference to my skin, keeping my foundation locked for longer providing I don't touch it too much! 

This was definitely a bit of a trip down memory lane - what beauty blunders did you make as a teenager?


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