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3 Ways to Wear Boyfriend Jeans

how to wear boyfriend jeans, 3 ways to style boyfriend jeans

Whilst I do absolutely adore a good pair of black skinnies, sometimes I just really can't be assed. They always make me feel chic and grown up which I adore, but there's something about a distressed, looser-fitting pair of denim that makes the warmer months comfier, and days where I'm feeling naff, feel better without trying too hard or feeling too fierce when I just want to hide my entire face in my beanie hat.

Enter the boyfriend jeans. 

As it stands, I own two pairs of boyfriend jeans. One pair is the slim fit pair from Matalan which I'm using in this post - I bought them in 2015 I think and I can't seem to get my hands on them either online or in stores which is REALLY annoying, as they are so comfy, look good, and I enjoy the fit - God only knows why companies discontinue the best products! The other pair of boyfriend jeans I own are also from Matalan, a dark grey pair called 'Riley' jeans I believe, and they are almost the same except they aren't slim fit, meaning I had to downsize to a 10 to get a similar look as my slim fit jeans. They actually fit pretty well - perhaps a little snug, but hopefully this will make me get my butt in gear and start hitting the gym again! So, I know that boyfriend jeans are generally quite baggy, but as I'm only 5'1 and a lil' chubster, I find the slim fit to be a bit more flattering on me.

Today I thought I'd share with you just 3 of the ways I style boyfriend jeans, just in case you were looking for some inspo! 

Also I found out not long before taking these photos that I can use my phone as a remote shutter for my Sony - huzzah! No more blurry images! I'm so chuffed about this discvoery, and it's why I'm looking at my phone in all these photos. I know it looks weird but I actually preferred these images over the ones I took without the phone in my hand - I was looking down in all of them anyway so I didn't think it made too much difference. I'll still be experimenting a lot with outfit photos, but in the meantime, I hope you don't mind these ones. I can't wait for the day that I have a plain wall to take photos against!


how to wear boyfriend jeans, 3 ways to style boyfriend jeans

how to wear boyfriend jeans, 3 ways to style boyfriend jeans

how to wear boyfriend jeans, 3 ways to style boyfriend jeans

Top: Forever 21 
Jeans: Matalan
Belt/Jacket: Primark

Out of all of these looks, this is by far my most worn type of outfit. I wear my boyfriend jeans as they are a comfortable alternative to skinny denim, and as a result I tend to favour loose-fitting tops and flat shoes, especially if I'm going out and about - I don't want to worry about my feet becoming sore and uncomfortable.

Band tees give an awesome, grunge-like vibe, especially when paired with a pair of ripped jeans. I'm currently in love with this Van Halen top I bought from F21 earlier this year, and I love the raw cut of the neck line. It has tour dates on the back so it's a really laidback but interesting piece, and the print on the front looks pretty bad-ass. I'll 100% admit that I don't listen to Van Halen - but if the artwork is cool, I'm gonna buy the tee regardless.

I always belt my jeans with the same one as I own so few, and I need to keep my jeans up as a size 12 is a little bit for my waist. I opted for my black Converse as I generally wear them the most out of my 2 pairs, especially when the weather is grim and miserable. To finish off the look I add a bit of a classic edge with my faux leather jacket - possibly my favourite buy out of Primark this year! It has a great fit, a soft material - which is surprising for Primark pretend leather! - and my hair doesn't get caught on the zips. Woo!

This has been a go-to outfit of mine in the last month. It's effortless and laid back, but it looks awesome.


how to wear boyfriend jeans, 3 ways to style boyfriend jeans

how to wear boyfriend jeans, 3 ways to style boyfriend jeans

Jumper: New Look
Jeans: Matalan
Belt: Primark
Boots: Depop

This isn't a look I wear too often with boots - I mentioned above that I prefer to wear my Converse for comfort and we all know how annoying even a little bit of heel can be when you're stomping about all day out at the shops or wherever -, however I'd actually like to wear it this way more than I currently do. Nothing says comfort and cosiness like a good knitted jumper, and if it's oversized then that's even better! This lush mustard number is from New Look and I purchased it earlier this year - I paid full price for it and it ended up in the sale less than 2 months later! Talk about bad timing. I bought this in a size medium and it's absolutely massive, which I love, but the sleeves are way too long so I have to roll them way up as they are just unnaturally long, IMO! It makes for a good look though, I think, but it means I can only wear this with a limited number of jackets - like my parka or my boyfriend coat, as my others are all very slim-fitting and my sleeves won't fit underneath very well. Although the laddering detail isn't' for everyone, and I find that this can be an overdone kind of decoration, I really love it on this jumper - it's the right amount for me, although I do make it worse as the chain of my bag strap often catches in the ladders!

For shoes I opted for my trusty grey ankle boots. I used to live in these when I first bought them, but in recent months I bought my pointy white pair from Missguided and they've kinda taken over my life. However I don't think they'd suit this look, so I went for my old faithfuls instead. For a lot of walking I wouldn't wear these, but I think this is a nice casual lunch or cinema date kinda look, and would look fab with a big oversized boyfriend coat.


how to wear boyfriend jeans, 3 ways to style boyfriend jeans

how to wear boyfriend jeans, 3 ways to style boyfriend jeans

Top: Primark (old)
Jeans: Matalan
Shoes: New Look
Jacket: Bershka

Let's face it - if heels are involved, this is a grown-up option in my books! This isn't a way I wear my boyfriend jeans very often, but it is an option and proves just how versatile boyfriend jeans are, as it's just as easy to dress them up as it is to dress them down. I have about nine pairs of heels in total, but I only wear a handful of them 90% of the time, with this faux-suede nude-pink pair included. I bought them to go with my dress for the wedding last year and spent over 12 hours in them. They're from New Look's Comfort range, and I added gel insoles too, so my feet didn't feel a hint of fiery pain even once - but my poor toes felt squashed! My parents gifted me these exact ones in black, too, and when I wore them in this outfit for my mum's birthday meal, I found that my toes felt crushed after about 20 mins of walking - so God only knows how I lasted the best part of the day back in September last year!

Nonetheless I adore these shoes, and they are definitely worth the pain. I think boyfriend jeans would look amazing with some sort of open-toed platform sandals too, like the pair I bought from Primark in this video, but I opted for the pointy, toe-squishing version. Anyway, I chose to team this with a faux-suede cami top I picked up from Primark towards the end of last year - it was only around £6 or something so it was a total steal, and I love to wear this pale, blush pink shade as I think it's just gorgeous. I tucked it in because I prefer to have more emphasis on my waist and on the whole I think it looks neater, but you don't have to do this. I teamed the whole outfit with my white leather jacket (the jacket of DREAMS!!) that I bought in the Bershka store when I was in Amsterdam in March, as it's the most feminine but practical jacket, and I think the white goes with this look really nicely. I feel bomb AF every time I wear this jacket - it has such a beautiful fit when fastened and just looks so fierce. It's seriously unique and was well worth the 30 Euro price tag.

And that's a wrap for this post! I hope you enjoyed it - let me know what you think in the comments. Are you a fan of the boyfriend style fit? How do you prefer to style your pair?


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