Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Say Goodbye to Sweat Rash

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I dunno about you guys, but in the last year or so I've started to have some trouble with them pesky sweat rashes. It's nothing too major, often a bit of redness and a small spot or too. Definitely a bit unsightly, but nothing too unmanageable. It's odd because this is never an issue I've had whilst sweating my butt off at the gym, but something I tend to get in real heat, whether it's when I'm abroad in a 40 degree heatwave, or when I'm in work (where the air con is turned off bcos we are just night shift gremlins, why wouldn't we want to sweat our butts off after 2 mins of starting out shift?). It got pretty bad before Christmas because it seemed that I came away from work most days with a sweat rash under my bust (the only place I actually get it), probably a combination of the heat and working five days a week slaving away on one of the heaviest departments at work. 

My rashes always cleared up pretty quickly, and spots just need a little bit tea tree oil to disappear, but I was always wondering if there was anything I could do to prevent it. Enter my mother and her skincare expertise, and I was introduced to the Australian Bodycare Skin Wash, and matching lotion. Although it's got a fairly heft price tag attached to it, you get a good amount of product for your money, with the wash coming in at around £25.99 for a 500ml bottle that'll last you months. The product is said to be a gentle antiseptic wash with 2% tea tree oil, making it deal for those nasty upcoming spots and rashes, and making you feel extra squeaky clean in those awkward sweaty areas, although for me, I use this the most under the bust because that's really the only area where I get the sweat rash and sweat spot problems.

The product is also said to be pH balanced, meaning it's non drying, and helps to combat acne, so this is also an ideal product for those of you with anything like chest or back acne. I'm not saying it's a cure, and as I don't suffer thse myself, I can't attest to the effects, but it sounds like it could be worth a shot. The Skin Wash is also suitable for use everywhere on the body, and works for every skin type. This big bottle boasts a lot of important stuff, now that I see it all written down, and seems like a do-all wonder product. I can't say I enjoy washing myself in the scent of tea tree oil, and if this bothers you too, perhaps to lotion up with your favourite Soap and Glory body butter after. 

However, it may be worth trying out the lotion as well. I prefer to use the Skin Wash and lotion together, applying the lotion under my bust after I've dried off from the shower. It certainly seeems to help prevent any nasty surprises at the end of my shift, and I think this is going to benefit me a lot over the next few summer months. The lotion absorbs quickly and feels quite lightweight, making it ideal as you don't have to wait long for it to sink in. The scent of the body wash and lotion don't last very long, so don't worry that you'll smell of tea tree oil all day!

You can purchase the 500ml bottle here at Feel Unique for £25.99, however there is also a 250ml size, and a 1 litre size available across different websites.

Do you have any solutions or preventative measures for sweat rash? Help your fellow bloggers out by letting us know below!


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