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8 Tattoos I Used to Want

8 tattoos I used to want

Disclaimer: This post was entirely inspired by Kiera Rose on YouTube. I really wanted to pop a tattoo-related post in this month but didn't want to do the one I'd originally planned, so when I saw her video I was like "OH that's such a good idea!" and so here we are. 

I might be stating the obvious, because I don't know if anybody imagines this when they're a kid, but when I was younger I never imagined that I'd grow up to be someone with tattoos. I've never disliked them, but I never had an interesting fascination with them, and because I've always deemed myself a writer, I never found that I made a deep connection with artwork, be it on skin or on canvas. Also, despite being a former self-harmer, I've never been very good with blood or pain. Even just listening to a doctor talk about a medical problem makes me squeamish and uncomfortable!

That said, I used to think of tattoos every now and then - prior to being 18 - and I'd think, "I so want that when I'm older", but it would be one of those things that I'd either never think about again, or I'd think about it and it would be like this distant idea I had that I knew would never really happen, cos I never had any intentions of walking into a tattoo studio. Thinking about it now, I can't even remember how exactly I came to think about my first one and why I went to the studio. I remember going in just for prices and ideas, and getting it that same day, but I don't remember the build up - when I came up with the idea and when I thought that I'm going to place this on me permanently. 

Over the last four years since getting my first tattoo, aged 19, I've come up with a lot of ideas and dismissed them, forgotten about them, or simply changed my mind. Today I thought I'd share some of them with you... 


When I think back, the first tattoo I remember ever wanting was a dragon tattoo. Not quite a crazy, big Chinese dragon, but nor did I want something Skyrim-esque (I'd totally get that now though!). Throughout my childhood, I looked up to Lara Croft a lot. Whilst she is a fictional character to most, to me she was a solid role model and a huge inspiration for little girls like myself. Not all of us wanted to be Britney - some of us knew that wasn't our flavour and we were a little bit different, and Lara filled that role perfectly. You might remember that Angelina Jolie played Lara in the first, original two Tomb Raider films. You might remember that Angelina used to be married to Billy Bob Thornton, and that she had a dragon tattoo on her left bicep with his name above it.

Yup. That was the tattoo I wanted (minus Billy Bob's name).


I don't know where exactly this idea came from, but I remember when I was about 16 deciding that I wanted to get 'sunshine.' in a typewriter font on my wrist. I know it was inspired by somebody I had a crush on at the time, and someone who I would often refer to (well, to myself anyway) as my sunshine because it was around the age my depression kicked in, and he made everything brighter and brought me joy. I don't recall if it was simply inspired by him or if I planned on making it (secretly) for him, but it was such a stupid-ass tattoo and I'm really glad I had this idea when I was at such a young age, rather than later!


I struggled for the best part of a year to think about what I wanted as my main piece for my sleeve. I'd known for a while that I wanted a 'bits and pieces' or 'collage'-like sleeve, using a bunch of separate images to make it as opposed to one entire image or joint images, but what main piece did I want? The artist who did my foot tattoo, my phoenix, and eventually most of the work on my arm actually posted a beautiful drawing he did of a crow standing on top of a skull on his Instagram when I was on holiday in Greece, 2015, and when I saw it I thought it was stunning and amazing and I really really wanted it. And honestly? I wouldn't have hated myself had I got it, because the illustration was beautiful and I know it would have looked gorgeous when it was finished because he's such a talented artist, but I'm glad I gave it a few more months (I was broke so I didn't actually have a choice, haha) and decided to get my phoenix instead.


This is another tattoo I wouldn't have particularly minded if I had gotten it. Before I settled on my Ankylosaurus thigh piece, I was originally going to get a Triceratops skull. At first I thought about getting it on my sleeve - I've always been partial to omnivore and herbivore dinosaurs, rather than the carnivores, so I didn't specifically want a T-Rex skull - but the more I looked at the skull and the space it would take up etc, I ended up deciding that I wanted it on my left foot. It wasn't an idea that I was 100% committed to, and about a year later I decided that if I was going to get a dinosaur tattoo, I may as well get my favourite.


I have such a special place in my heart for Pokémon - I've grown up with it, watched it evolve, and still felt that same hit of nostalgia with every new venture the teams at Nintendo and Game Freak decide to take the iconic franchise on. I adore it, truly I do, and I've always really liked Mew. He's so cute! I was considering for a while getting him tattooed somewhere I could hide - I was thinking somewhere on my torso - but I eventually decided it wasn't for me. I still love the idea, but getting a Pokémon tattooed on me is a huge commitment that I worry a little bit about regretting in the future, and also it doesn't fit well with the style of tattoos I tend to get. 


There was a guy who introduced me to the band The Amity Affliction, and whilst I don't fangirl over them or love every song, there are one or two that I really adore. Pabst Blue Ribbon on Ice has to be my favourite of them all, as there's a lyric from the chorus I love an unreal amount, and it goes- "If my eyes are the oceans that put your head in the clouds, then your heart is the reason I keep my feet on the ground." After the departure of this person from my life, I truly considered getting a TAA tattoo partly for him. Ultimately I decided against getting the tattoos because of how big they'd need to be (I was thinking back of thighs, with an anchor on one thigh and human heart on the other, both with ribbon banners around with lyrics on), and it would end up being really hard to fit all the lyrics into the banners too. 

Also he was so not worth tattoos. 


This is actually one I'd still consider getting - in fact, I wouldn't mind getting a little tiny one added to my sleeve. We'll see. I initially was going to get this tattoo right after I got my Echelon one, which sits below the crease of my elbow ditch on my right arm, and I planned on getting it above the crease of my elbow ditch. The time that I got the Echelon tattoo was when I was just back to work after about 4 months or so off sick due to the assault. The HK tattoo never happened because I ended up getting signed off work again and diagnosed with PTSD, so money was a big issue and I couldn't afford to get tattooed. When I later found a less expensive tattoo studio to go to, I ended up having totally forgotten about the HK tatt.


Whilst I'd still really love to get a wolf tattoo someday - although who knows if I ever will -, I initially decided I'd get a wolf tattoo on my stomach a few years ago. I don't remember why I thought the stomach was a good call or what kind of design I wanted, but it's fair to say that that plan only lasted a few months at best and fizzled out. Thank fuck - I don't want to get my stomach tattooed! Ouch! 

Finally we've come to an end - there's 8 tattoos I used to want. I could think of more, probably, if given time, but I think that'll do there. What about you guys? Share your stories below!


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