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10 Festival Beauty Picks

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So, Ima be honest. Festivals aren't my thing. OK, I've never been to one, so I've never tried it. But spending all that money to camp in a field with a hundred plus rowdy strangers, get muddy and rained on, not shower for 3 days and to have to use a portaloo, all to see a small handful of acts out of the ton that are playing, just doesn't appeal to me by any stretch of the imagination, and it never will. I'm a homebody. I hate going up town on a Saturday night because of how busy it is and how rowdy everyone is, never mind being a sea of strangers at a festival that's more than an £8 cab fare and 15 minute journey home. 

My ragging on festivals aside, I'm definitely into the beauty and fashion side of things. I think it looks great! I frequently browse the 'festival shop' sections on the likes of Boohoo's website to pick up some bits for my holidays, and I love just having a look at what people wear. The beauty is always experimental, fun and unique, and so today I thought I'd share some make-up bits that may not necessarily be for festivals (I don't really know what products people pack for festivals), but are cute finds to have in your arsenal for when you feel like creating a festival inspired look.


If there's one lip product designed for a festival inspired beauty look, it has to be the Beauty Bakerie's extensive line of Lip Whips. Liquid lipsticks that dry down, don't feel dry or crack your lips, and last all day, these beauties come in your standard reds, nudes and pinks, as well as berries, purples and hues of blue and black. Their metallics are perfectly designed for bold and 'out there' make-up looks, and you're honestly spoilt for choice when you look at the shade range available. I've taken down my full review of this since posting it towards the end of 2016, but the bulletproof, kiss-proof formula is better applied with 'dabbing' motions rather than swiping, which can cause it to look a little patchy. Make sure to leave drying time between layers too, but once they're on, they're on.


I bought this for going to a wedding down in England with Jack last year, and it's still more beautiful than I could have hoped - it's also one of my favourite highlight products! For £6 you gets six strobe creams and two highlight powders. Whilst the powders are quite shimmery, five of the six creams are super glowy and give you that strobed-to-perfection look. I love to dab a ton of this stuff onto my cheekbones for a ridiculously beautiful glow (that never picks up on camera, obv). There's a variety of white, pink, golden and silver highlighters in the palette too, so you have plenty of options to suit your mood. It also contains a large mirror, making it handy for travelling.


I gave this product a lot of stick when I first got it because it really just didn't blow me away. The trick is to not be as green as me, and to use it mixed in with your foundation, rather than underneath. This makes your dewy foundation extra glowy, and I prefer this product mixed in with my Bourjois Healthy Mix Gel Serum for a beautiful, natural glow and dewiness. Alternatively, this makes a lovely highlighter by itself, or can be used to intensify a powder highlight by slathering this on before your powder product. 


This Soap & Glory oil-control serum is a new skincare addition to my slowly-expanding collection. In the last, say, 18 months or so, I've noticed that my once dry skin has now become combination. My t-zone gets fairly oily, especially around my nose and chin, which causes my layers of base product (face primer, eye primer, foundation and concealer) to all rub off much quicker than what I'm used to. To counteract it, I picked up this product (read more about it in this post) and I've been really enjoying using it. Whilst it's not a miracle worker, I do find it works hard to keep oiliness at bay, and my nose is much less shiny at the end of a day out, and has more product on my skin than off. I'm definitely seeing a difference. 


These glitters come in at just £3 a pot on the Stargazer website, but are even less if you shop around on the likes of eBay. The little pots are such a cute size but packed with small, finely-milled glitter particles that come in a big array of colours, including black and also holographic. I have red and blue, two products I intended on using for last year's Harley Quinn tutorial but I ended up changing my mind. These can be built up depending on if you want a full-on glitter face or just a hint. I also really like the Barry M Fine Glitter Dust range, but the colour selection is far more limited at just 5 shades. 


When I first got this foundation, I wasn't exactly bowled over. It was thick, heavy and slightly tacky. Fast-forward about six months later when I started using the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge, and I figured out just how best to apply this full-coverage, high-street beaut. I now wear this on an almost-daily basis - it's the foundation I reach for most days of the week. The Soft Ivory shade, which is the one I own, is a tad pale but I mix a bit of my Revlon Colorstay foundation in Buff, in, and it does the trick to help add some yellow tones back into my skin. This is a medium to full coverage foundation, and it's not one I'd particularly use if I wanted a dewy finish, but it does work well with cream highlight products and it will last you all day. The only issue is that 17 seem to be struggling to supply this product (and several others) right now, so unless you are shade Biscuit or Honey, you'll likely struggle to get a hold of this one.


The Chisel Cheeks Contour Palette comes as a trio of powders - highlight, bronze and contour. The highlight is just your standard skin-tone shade (perhaps a little more yellow), and I find that I don't ever actually use it, although it'll save you taking a separate powder if you're going travelling. The bronze and contouring powders are very pigmented, and although they are blendable, I recommend going in slow and steady, and building up, otherwise you might end up with odd stripes on your face! These are quite dark in tone, and I have to admit that a 'fair' palette, and an 'extra dark' palette maybe wouldn't go amiss. Regardless, though, this is the contour kit I've been reaching for the most, and it's a firm favourite in my collection.


Evidently I forgot to photograph these, but I've been obsessed with the NYX Vivid Brights Eyeliners since their release last year. Not only do they come in a beautiful rainbow of colours, but they are also one of the easiest liquid eyeliners I've ever used - after buying my first one of these, I went back to Boots to pick up a black liquid liner as it has the same brush. I have awful luck with liquid eyeliner and I'm still trying to master it. For the most part I prefer a brush tip pen, but these NYX tips are super thin and flexible, making them precise and comfortable on your eyelid (I hate the scratchy nibs of traditional liquid liners), and the fine, precision tip makes them quite easy to do dot work and detailing around the eyes and lips. They are also always pigmented, but not so wet that they takes ages to dry. My favourite colours have to be Vivid Fire and Vivid Sapphire - I use Fire the most (see it in action here), but Sapphire is a stunning electric blue that would look amazing for graphic eye art.


I wanted to pop this one into the mix because if you're like me, you might hate heavy, sticky, strongly scented sunscreens on your face. This offers up an alternative. Although it's meant to be some kind of wonderfluid that does several different things, I pretty much bought this with the sole purpose of using it as a sunscreen for my face. It contains SPF50 meaning it's perfect for sunny days abroad and at home, and this doesn't leave a sticky feel to my face or have an overpowering smell that sits on the skin. It will make your skin shiny, like any sunscreen, but without all the grossness that accompanies it. I think £14.99 a bottle is a little steep, but I will hopefully get good use out of this (I have so far, anyway), and a little will go a long way. You can read more on this product in this post


I've seen some pretty crappy reviews of this line of product, but I think they will likely be for the black version, as I've had no problem with this white one at all. There are a couple of good white eyeliners out in the market at the moment, with NYX in particular being a reliable brand that boast such a thing, but I personally wanted a felt tip as it's easier for me to use it to do art work with this kind of nib. The pen is pigmented and easy to control and I've no problems getting the product to flow, either. There isn't too much I can say about this - although I will note that Essence have the exact same product for £2.50 in Wilkos, so it may be worth checking that out instead! I've wanted a white eyeliner for quite sometime though, so I'm glad I picked it up. 

What are your festival beauty picks? Do you enjoy festivals or, like me, just the fashion aspect of it? Let me know in the comments!


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