Saturday, 13 May 2017

The Blue Highlighter

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Unless you've been living under a rock, you're probably well aware of the trend that has come about in the last year or so of wearing highlighter that's not just white/gold/peach, but instead embracing tones of lavender, icy blue and mint green. It's a trend that I'm 100% on board with, because I can't get enough of pretty, pastel-coloured highlights and I think they look incredible with the right make-up. I prefer to use mine in conjunction with colourful eye make-up, but I've seen people rock purple highlight with neutral eyes - Alli from Metababycow is a prime example of somebody who can pull this off. I've seen her wearing green highlight with an otherwise neutral make-up look and the pop of colour looks bad-ass! 

Whilst all this has been said, it's a difficult trend to approach for some. As I mentioned above, I prefer to pair mine with colourful make-up looks. I'm used to wearing statement make-up, and I've long since shed the thought of "what if this doesn't suit me?" and "there's no way I could pull this off". Nowadays I pretty much just wear what I want, when I want, regardless of opinions or the looks I may or may not get when out in public. I recently felt that I'd outgrown colourful eye make-up after decluttering my make-up stash and realising how much colourful beauty products I didn't use at all, but lately I've been challenging myself to do something more interesting than a copper-toned eye, and the results have been awesome - you can find me channelling vibes from the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise over on my Instagram

I've picked up just a couple of colourful highlights here and there, and they are not items I use on a daily basis. My favourite of them all so far has to be Jeffree Star's Lavender Snow Skin Frost. Soz to those of you who don't like him, but I thoroughly enjoy his products and the Skin Frost range is no exception. Although it's on the pricey end of the spectrum, you get a massive amount of product - I recently talked about this in my latest, and last, make-up collection video, mentioning that his highlighters are about the same size as the NYX Ultimate Eye Palettes. The name is completely apt, too - it really is like a frost finish that sits on top of the skin. It gives a fantastic glow and I adore the way Lavender Snow looks on, especially when paired with a purple eye or lip.

On the budget end of the spectrum, I recently picked up this offering by Make-Up Academy. In the past, I haven't been a fan of MUA's powder highlighters. I owned one of the first shades they ever released - a champagne-toned one if I remember rightly - and I recall finding it stiff and hard to work with, feeling like my fan brush just didn't really pick up enough product. This was quite some time ago now, so maybe I'd find it easier to work with now I've become more experienced with make-up, but I remember feeling thoroughly disappointed. Whilst I adore the JSC highlight line, I do find them a tad expensive for me to collect them all, so I was looking for an alternative to Deep Freeze, a beautiful icy-blue hue. Recently MUA launched more shades of their Undress Your Skin Highlighting Powder, and I was excited to see that they'd taken that leap and launched an out-of-the-box shade called Ice Sparkle. Don't be afraid of the photo on MUA's website - it is much paler in person than it looks there. It gives off a gorgeous blue payoff, and is best applied with a fan-brush as you can lightly build up the product to your desired effect. I'm much more impressed with the performance of this highlight than I was with the original one that I tried.

The perk of only spending £3 on this product is that I got to try out a unique shade without spending loads of money. As much as I adore the Jeffree Star Skin Frost formula, £25 a pan is a lot of money, especially when you're not sure how often you'll use it. Lavender Snow is such a gentle shade that it works well with my skin and I knew I'd love it because purple is one of my favourite colours in make-up. The MUA highlight is stunning, but not something I'll reach for everyday. It gives a beautiful blue shimmer to the skin, and makes me feel like a real ice queen, but I'll probably only reach for it if I'm wearing a bright blue lip or a pop of blue on the eyes - I'm glad I didn't impulse buy Deep Freeze now! I have to say though, the product is pigmented and of a good quality, even for one with such a small price tag.

If you're looking to dip your toe into the world of abnormally coloured highlights, I highly recommend giving this one a go! It's fun to experiment and to see what you really like in beauty products and how you like to wear things. 

What do you think of abnormal coloured highlighters?


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