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Attempting to Improve My Beauty Routine

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Skincare and me have never really gone hand-in-hand. It took me a while to get to grips with make-up, and I'm improving by the day. On the other hand, I tend to just use the same 'meh' skincare products over and over again because I don't know what I need or want from my skincare routine. There are so many products on the market that it can be hard to not find it overwhelming. As much as I'd love to get my base ship-shape before make-up application even begins, it just feels unnatural for me to experiment with skincare. Everything feels samey and repackaged.

This month, however, I decided to finally splash out and treat myself to some new skincare bits and pieces. I'm still not really willing to part with a lot of cash for products, so I started small. Boots had 3 for 2 on Soap and Glory skincare, so that's where I began my journey. Last year I purchased their Peaches and Clean Deep Cleansing Milk, and I adore it. It's amazing at melting away make-up and softens my skin too. In today's post I thought I'd share some of the purchases I've made in terms of skincare, and share some first impressions of the bits I've tried.


I've been keeping my eyes peeled for a new face scrub for a while now, as I'm slowly coming to the end of the Garnier one I've been using since the tail end of 2016. There were several scrubs and face washes in the Boots that I was in, and I weighed up all my options very carefully. It took me a long time to decide on which products I was definitely going to buy, and this has turned out to be my favourite almost instantly. It's a scrub, but it's a very gentle scrub. It doesn't contain large pieces as it works and doesn't feel harsh on my skin. It's a very finely-milled gritty scrub that sort of foams as you go. It's left my skin feeling clean and a little bit clearer, but we'll see how good a job it does over the next few weeks at tackling my clogged-up T-zone!


This was an unecessary purchase, in all honesty, because I've never really used a hydrating mist before and it's never struck me as something I need in my beauty routine. That said, I like the idea of just giving my face a quick spritz through the day, especially after I've taken off make-up, or if it's been a make-up less day or hot day, and I think my skin could use the extra moisture boost. This smells divine - it has a coconut scent to it - and I think this will be a handy tool to take on holiday with me. I don't know about you guys but I hate slathering moisturiser on my skin when it's sweating and hot outside!


OK, so this is bath & body, not skincare, I know, but I had to include. It's £7 in Boots and I think this has to be a new release as I've never seen it before? And I like to think I'm very knowledgeable about Soap and Glory products at this point as I've been using them for years! I've used body moisturisers here and there, dabbling in trying different ones, going off ones I used to love (my NSPA Mango Body Butter, for example, is no longer a favourite of mine and I honestly couldn't tell you why). More often than not, if I use a body moisturiser, I'll use the Garnier Intensive 7 Day one that I have, but I often forget to use it. This isn't a good thing because I do have dry skin and I can end up with itchy, uncomfortable skin sometimes if I don't use something to soothe it. Enter the Spritz Me Quick Moisture Mist. This lush lotion is scented with S&G's signature fragrance, Original Pink, and comes in a spray formula. I just spray it 2-3 times on my legs and then rub it all in. It takes a few minutes to fully absorb and sink in as it is quite an oily lotion when you begin to rub it in, but it leaves your legs soft and smooth and feeling like silk! This is another one I think that would be great for travelling. I hope I remember to use this as it's so hassle-free, I LOVE the spritz-on formula!


Another non-skincare product, but I wanted to include it anyway. If there's anything I suck at more than looking after my skin, it's looking after my hair. Whilst it's not in bad condition, it does feel a little bit dry and is naturally of a frizzy, wavy, curly texture, and this doesn't make for a good combo. I tend to use heat on my hair half of the week - I straighten my fringe and blast it with the hairdryer once a week, and I use curling irons about 3 days of the week, too - and I always forget to use heat protectant spray (even tho it's lying out right next to my heat tools??) which I think is adding to the frizz and dryness of my hair. I read a ton of good things about this oil online, so decided to pick it up and give it a try as I prefer the idea of using this and leaving it on overnight, than to apply something like coconut oil which seems much messier. I've yet to try this out though, so I can't give any first impressions yet.


Another oil-based product, I read a ton of good things about this facial one, too, on the Superdrug website. I think facial oils seem to be having a bit of a moment right now, as everyone and their mother seems to be dipping their toe into trying them out. They aren't something I feel I particularly need, but for £2-odd, I thought I'd pick this up and give it a shot to see how it went. I've been using this before bed most nights of the week to try and help retain some moisture and keep my skin looking fresh and plump, and I've been seeing a small difference but nothing too mind-blowing. The reviews of this product also claimed that this was good at helping acne scars fade, so I'll be keeping an eye on any future blemishes to see if this is true.


I uhmm'd and ahhh'd about this for ages whilst standing in front of the S&G skincare stand in Boots, but eventually decided to pick this up. The reason I put off picking it up is that it sounds more like a make-up product than a skincare product - it's essentially a mattifying primer. Once upon a time I suffered from severe dryness around my t-zone, but now I have more combination skin where my nose and chin have become a bit oily. It's mostly manageable, but I've noticed throughout the day recently how much issue I seem to have with getting my make-up to stay in my place on my nose and chin. I use a mattifying primer, full coverage foundation and sometimes concealer, as well as my Maybelline Color Tattoo trick (although the pot is nearly empty so I think I'm not applying enough product and that could be part of the issuse). I want to pick up the One Heck of a Blot primer once I've finished up my current Barry M one (it's lasting me too long!!), but in the mean time I thought I'd try this. It claims to keep skin matte for up to 12 hours, make pores look smaller, and contains skin blurrers. It's also designed to work as a primer for make-up. I've only just started using this so I can't give much in the way of thoughts, but I will say that upon applying it to my t-zone, I do notice that it visibly mattifies and dulls down the shine on my face. I'll take my time before I give a full verdict on this product though. 


Maybe I'm looking in the wrong places, but I've spent a good portion of the last year of my life looking for a primer that is affordable, isn't glittery or dewy, but still contains an SPF in it. Is it just me, or is it impossible? I've given up in my search and settled on this little bottle by S&G. It's another disappointingly small bottle, especially for the £14 price tag, but you don't need to use too much to slather your whole face, thankfully. I hate the shine, smell and stickiness of putting sunscreen on my face, even more so if I want to apply make-up, so I've been determined this year to find an alternative. I got this Superfluid for the fact that it's non-tinted and contains SPF 50 which is perfect, as factor 50 is what I use regardless of whether it's a sunny day in Edinburgh or Turkey. It's also said to contain "micro oil-absorbing powders which help mattify and even out blotchy skin tone for a beautifully natural transparent finish". So far I can't say I particularly agree with this - if anything I find it adds shine to my face like any sunscreen does, rather than mattify, and I also don't think it does anything to even out my skintone. I'll keep an eye on this, so watch this space, but so far this seems like a non-sticky, less shiny and less smelly sunscreen. Definitely better than using my Nivea SPF50, but not exactly mind-blowing stuff. Like I said though, watch this space. 

That's a wrap for my skincare haul this week - have you guys tried any of these products? And if you have any skincare products you'd recommend, feel free to let me know!


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