Wednesday, 24 May 2017

A Video Game Tattoo

a video game tattoo skyrim

Since starting night shift, I've been filling up my sleeve pretty consistently. I still have quite a few spaces left to fill - mostly around my elbow - and I've one or two ideas, but not enough to finally feel that my arm is 'finished'. I find filler tattoos to be the hardest ones to think up on and then decide to commit to, as there are so many ideas that I think "that's small enough to fit, right?" but in reality it's not. My gaps are getting smaller and smaller now, and the spaces around the elbow are getting harder to fill as I'm trying to avoid the elbow itself. 

During my most recent - and unscheduled - trip to Studio XIII in early March, I spent a couple of hours with my tattoo artist working on filling up some of the gapey sections on my arm. I went in with several ideas and got most of them done. At the moment, I find that I make appointments thinking that my sleeve might finally be finished, but I've yet to hit that day! Sadly, instead I tend to walk away noticing my gaps more than ever. Booooo.

On this occasion I got four new pieces added to my arm. The one I wanted to talk about today is the one pictured above that sits on the back of my bicep. It's the Thieves Guild symbol from Skyrim: The Elder Scrolls. I'm sure you're familiar with the game, even if you're not much of a gamer. It's been around for years now, and has sparked its own array of memes and well-known quotes. Even though I don't consider myself much of a gamer these days, I find that I'm still coming back to certain franchises like Pokémon, Borderlands and, of course, Skyrim. My little Khajiit lady (the Khajiit race are like cat people!) is now level 50 and I couldn't be prouder - the hardcore gamers of you might scoff but I've put hours and hours into the game and I still don't get bored when I play, and I still have plenty to do. 

Honestly? I don't really know why I got a Skyrim tattoo. I just thought it would be a really cool addition and would be a nice, gentle nod to my love of a video game that I just never tire of. A game that has gotten me through so much, as I played it endlessly in the time off that I had from work whilst battling the brunt of my PTSD. It's a game that makes me very happy - and also incredibly frustrated sometimes - and it's a game I will always look at fondly, with joy and memories. Like the Pokémon franchise, this isn't just a video game for me, but is something that holds memories and nostalgia, and something I want to remember for the rest of my life. It's a big part of my life now, even if it's not in the distant future.


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