Saturday, 1 April 2017

The 5 Product Face

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If there's one thing I learned during my time spent working full-time night shift in retail, it's how to throw together a make-up look that gives full-coverage but requires minimal effort. I spent a lot of time changing up my routine but in the last month or so, I've been favouring a full-coverage make-up look, neutral eyes (ever since I admitted that I don't wear colourful eyeshadow as often as you might think, I feel much less pressured to paint a rainbow on my face), and a neutral or unique lip - it kinda depends on my mood.

Some days, though, I just want to slap on a face and call it a day. No fuss, no effort. This is what I call my five-product face. It's pretty much always the same, but sometimes I'll switch concealer for foundation. Again, this is one of those things that just depends on how I feel on the day.

Normally I'm a strong advocate for using a facial primer, but some days I can't be bothered as I'm not going out for long, and if I use a full-coverage product, I find that primer doesn't add much to the longevity so I don't find it to be a necessary product in my make-up bag. Instead of primer, I'll go straight in with either a concealer or a foundation. For concealer, my weapon of choice is the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. I use the shade Fair, which matches my pale, yellow-toned skin pretty well. It's not a concealer I can get away with during the summer once I've tanned, but it's definitely my A/W shade of Casper-pale. This concealer can be tricky to work with all over the face - as it's so thick, creamy and sets quickly, it's best to apply a little at a time and then work it into the skin.  When using this concealer as an all-over product, I find it best applies with a damp complexion sponge - I use the Real Techniques one. Alternatively, if I'm not feeling like working with concealer, I'll pop on a fairly light layer of the 17 Stay Time Foundation. It has a thick, heavy consistency and offers full coverage, lasting all day without a problem - primer or no primer. Again, I find this applies best with a complexion sponge, although I think it works best when the sponge is dry. This helps it to not just sit 'on top' of the skin, but rather blend with it.

Next up, I find brows to be pretty important. I mentioned back in my February Make-Up Mix that I'm loving carved-out brows and this is a trend that I've continued to enjoy. I prefer using my Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade over my once-loved Makeup Revolution brow powder as I absolutely love adding real definition to them. I also try to make them look a little fuller and thicker than they actually are, as my eyebrows are quite narrow due to me not having the patience to let them grow in/ they grow in in all the wrong places! I hate stray hairs so I do pluck my brows from time-to-time, but the dipbrow makes it easy to correct the shape and fullness of them. I'm going to try out one of the Freedom brow pomades next I think, as I've heard amazing things about them. I'm also thinking of going a shade darker as Soft Brown is a perfect shade except when I'm drawing over skin rather than brow hairs, as it looks a little too red-toned for my natural hair colour.

As bad as I am for forgetting to put it on, mascara is a must in even the most minimal of make-up looks as the difference between my piggy eyes with and without it is huge! I'm currently only really using three different mascaras from my collection of five - I often use a lengthening, volumising and lower-lash mascara altogether - but for the sake of simplicity, on lazy days where I'm not at work, I'll throw on my current fave Technic Lashitude mascara, a £1.99 dupe for Benefit's They're Real which is a product I've slated time and time again because even though I enjoy my Lashitude mascara, it's defo not worth the £18 price tag that accompanies the Benefit version. I'm determined to finish up this mascara so I'm using it as regularly as I can. It separates and lengthens lashes whilst adding some natural definition - I really enjoy the end result of this look as it's not overdone or in-your-face, but it really opens up the eyes.

Lastly, a lip product is essential. When I use full-coverage face products, I find that my lips can often be drowned out - especially if I've gone over the edges whilst applying my product - and whilst some days this is OK and I'm too lazy to put something on, most days I prefer to add colour and definition to my lips as they are one of my favourite facial features. For a plump and gorgeous looking pout, more often than not I'll go for Jeffree Star's Celebrity Skin. There's a reason this luscious nude shade is a cult-favourite and constantly sold out - it's the most perfect soft brown you've ever seen, and is bound to suit a variety of complexions, my pasty yellow one included.

To keep everything in place, I use my Make-Up Revolution Pro-Fix Fixing Spray. I used to use my sprays in a 'T' and 'X' across my face, but now I spritz however I please. Whilst most of the products I've used in this face are pretty long-lasting as is, I prefer to use a setting spray everyday now to make sure my makeup stays where it's supposed to.

What are your favourite products for a minimal, effortless make-up routine?


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