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Hand Luggage Beauty: The Amsterdam Edit

amsterdam beauty edit makeup i wore in amsterdam hand luggage beauty

There are a lot of things I learned during my trip to Amsterdam, but the fact that I fucking hate hand luggage-only trips is the thing that I will literally never forget. I am never, ever going on holiday again with just hand luggage, because packing my beauty essentials has become impossible. Skincare I can live without, and as long as I have shower-, shave-gel and deodrant, I'm good to go. But make-up? I need a full face. I can't live without my full face (well, you know, when it's not 30+ degrees). 

So, basically, yeah, packing my makeup supplies for Amsterdam was a task and a half, but I ended up managing OK in the end. So let's have a look at what I packed, shall we? I took these photos literally two days before we left and ended up making last minute changes in the morning, so there are a couple of minor differences from the photos (I like the photos and didn't want to retake them) but I'll explain that as we go along. Packing makeup was such a big challenge but I at least knew that the weather in Amsterdam wasn't particularly different to what it was like here in the UK - blue-skied but cold and windy - so I used that to my advantage and based my make-up bag on that. 

For my primer, I was going to go with the Barry M Original Flawless Primer, but last minute my mum asked me to take my Nivea Post-Shave Balm for Men because she couldn't fit a primer in her plastic bag, and this at least was one thing that we could both use. I love both these primers so I wasn't overly fussed, but as I'm nearing the end of my Barry M one, I'm getting keen to really use it up and I'm thinking that, as much as I love this Barry M number, I might switch it up for something new (Soap and Glory's One Heck of a Blot Primer is calling my name now that the warmer days are just around the corner). The Nivea Post-Shave Balm is such an impressive product, especially for the price. The slightly tacky base provides the perfect grounds for your make-up to stick to without feeling heavy or overly-sticky.

For foundation, I'm still using my loved, full-coverage rountine of Revlon's Colorstay Foundation mixed with the 17 Stay Time Foundation. In February I did Tweet Boots asking when they'd get more stock back in of this foundaiton (I currently use Soft Ivory which is too light, hence why I mix it, but my local shops and even those not on my doorstep are constantly out of stock of literally every shade), and whilst they said they were having problems keeping up with the demand and hoped it would be back soon, they didn't provide an exact date, and at the time I'm writing this (three weeks in advance, lol), it still hasn't been back. 17 Stay Time is a very thick and heavy seeming base until you blend it out with a make-up sponge which applies it perfectly (I use the Real Techniques one). This gem provides both full coverage and lasting power, and is purse-friendly to boot. On the other hand, I've loved Revlon's Colorstay foundation for years and always go back to it. Now I've tried 17's offering, I feel like it's not quite as full-coverage but still does a good job. The colour Buff is a good match for me so I balance out the ghostliness of the 17 foundation with this Revlon one.

For concealer, I popped the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in my suitcase. It's a cult-favourite of beauty-lovers across the globe and it's certainly still one of my favourite concealers to this day - I bought my first tube back when I was about seventeen! It's very thick and creamy and gives beautiful, flawless full coverage. I love this for covering discolouration and blemishes, as well as brightening up the under-eye area. Normally when I wear my full coverage foundation routine, I don't feel the need for such a heavy-duty concealer, but in the week leading up to our trip I was on my period and having hormonal breakouts, so I made sure to pack this in my kit just in case there were any spots either still lingering or about to appear once we were overseas.

I took my Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder with me because my Revlon one is just about done and whilst it would probably have sufficed, I worried it would crumble and/or finish whilst I was away so I took a near-full compact instead. For brows, I'm still obsessed with my Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade to keep my brows carved out, looking good and staying in place all day. I love this stuff so much, and I've actually hit pan with it! I'm pretty pleased with that - I guess I'm a bit obsessed with finishing up products at the moment, probably because it gives me an excuse to buy more, haha.

For mascara, I ended up not actually taking my Clinique Bottom Lash mascara. I did have space to take it, but I wasn't sure what, if any, makeup I'd bring home so I wanted to give myself some space to do so. I did, however, take my Essence Lash Princess Mascara and I remembered how much I enjoy using it. The perfect combination of length and volume, it holds a curl well and I don't have to worry about it flaking and smudging - it stayed very well on my lower lashes! 

For highlight, contouring, and eyeshadow colours, I took my custom-built Makeup Obsession Palette. At a later date in July, I plan on doing an in-depth look and review at what's in my palette, so stay tuned for that! I will insert a link for it into this post when it's live.

I ended up ditching my George Eye Primer too, just because of my worry about space. Instead, I took all three of my Maybelline Color Tattoos - Permanent Taupe, Metallic Pomegranate and On and On Bronze. These are life savers when travelling abroad as not only do they cause you no hassle going through security when you have hand luggage, but they are seriously long lasting whether you put a powder on them or not, and provide a lovely wash of colour if you choose to wear them alone. They're such an easy product to pop on and go and are a firm make-up bag staple of mine. 

To finish off the eyes, I took my black eye pencil from the MUA Smokin' Palette. It's one of the blackest and longest-wearing eye pencils I own, and is generally my go-to for on the waterline. I love how creamy and dark it applies, and it looks amazing with any smoky eye. I brought this because I knew we'd be going out for drinks at some point for my birthday, so figured it would easily amp up any look I wore during the day to transform it into a night-appropriate one. 

I took a small selection of lip products, including my NYX Matte Lipstick in Haze, which I actually never got around to wearing. It's a beautiful matte deep grey, not quite Stone Fox but the closest lipstick I own to it (Stone Fox NEEDS to come out in a Lip Lingerie-like formula). The Matte formula by NYX isn't the most comfortable but I think it boasts a beautiful range of shades and IMO any kind of matte finish is better than satin or gloss. I also took my Sugarpill Trinket Liquid Lipstick which I adore so much that I can't even put it into words. It's not that different from my own lip colour in terms of it's pinky base, but the gold shimmer in it is unreal and will make you feel so magical. I took out my NYX Vancouver Soft Matte Lip Cream and instead took my Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick in Scorpio, a smoky greyish purple, as well as Celebrity Skin, my favourite nude of the JSC range (and everyone else's, too). Last but not least, I added my Jeffree Star Pussy Whipped Velour Liquid Lipstick, a new addition to my collection that I definitely didn't expect to arrive before we left, but it came on Sunday (we left Monday morning) and I was very happy! I wore this to go out for drinks and it lasted beautifully, sat well, and was very pigmented and opaque. The Sugarpill and Jeffree Star liquid lipstick formulas are by far my favourites (bar JSC's Queen Bee and Flamethrower as both are thicker than the normal formula, more drying, prone to crumbling and generally less comfortable than every other shade I've tried which, trust me, is a lot!) - both are very comfortable and long-wearing. 

And there we have it. Did I miss anything important? What are your essentials for a holiday when you're only allowed hand luggage?


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