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Budget vs High-End | Liquid Lipsticks

high end liquid lipstick sugarpill trinket review

Today's post is a little bit exciting - I'm back with another collab with the lovely Grace and for once, I'm talking about a high-end product! It's not that often I have a high-end one to talk about, but as Grace only has drugstore liquid lipsticks, I took this as my opportunity to discuss a product line I've been in love with for the entirety of 2017. Before I get into it, make sure to check out Grace's post here!

Sugarpill are a brand I've always loved aesthetically - the gorgeous, girly pink packaging and the bright bold colours inside have always been eye-catching, but I've only recently started dabbling in the higher-end side of beauty, so I don't have a whole host of products from them. Since decluttering my makeup and admitting to myself that I don't realistically use colourful beauty items on a daily basis and I'm happy with my copper and purple eyeshadows, I realised that actually a lot of Sugarpill's products aren't really something I feel I desperately need in my collection. Hats off to the brand for being colourful, creative and innovative, but other than their colourful lipsticks, I'm OK with not lusting after every new release.

Whilst I've yet to try their lipsticks - I feel like none of the shades would be anything new to my collection so far - I've been a sucker for their liquid lipsticks. I had my eye on Trinket for a very long time before taking the plunge and purchasing it - maybe I was looking in the wrong places, but it took a while for UK stockists to supply it which was another reason I put it off. The swatches of Trinket looked magical - a beautiful nude pink with golden shimmer throughout, and the formula was supposed to be opaque, comfortable and long-lasting? Didn't it all seem too good to be true?

Whilst on Beauty Bay last December, looking at a BH Cosmetics palette I wanted, I realised they were now stocking Sugarpill products and had a little scour. I was delighted to see that Trinket was available and in stock for £16 - a price I'm used to paying since becoming obsessed with the Jeffree Star formula. When it arrived, I was pleased with the packaging right off the bat. The tube and wand are identically to Jeffree's, and I adore that as the doe-foot is the perfect shape and size for applying liquid lipsticks. I always feel I don't have to spend a hundred years perfecting my lip line with the fluid formula and flawless wand. 

Unfortunately for those who don't like a strongly scented product, you may be a little discouraged by Sugarpill's delicious, sweet chocolate-orange signature fragrance that accompanies some of their liquid lipsticks (Trinket and Strange Love so far). Be aware though that it does die down and disappear after application, and given how little these liquid lipsticks need topped up, you don't need to worry too much about it. I personally love the smell - it's overwhelming and a tad too sweet, but at the same time it's mouth-watering and such a delicious smell works for such girly product branding in my opinion! 

Trinket itself is everything I hoped it would be and more. I wore this on New Years Eve for the first time, and noticed by the time I got home that the gold shimmer in it had actually become more apparent as the night had gone on and the product had worn. That said, the product didn't really wear, like it didn't go patchy or crumbly or fade in any way, shape or form. It's one of few products I'm very comfortable with wearing whilst eating because of how little it moves. I was also delighted by the fact that it doesn't become uncomfortable as the night goes on and remains comfortable even upon reapplication. It's not often that I find such pleasantness in a liquid lipstick that dries down matte (whilst still retaining the gold shimmer - it really is magic!). It's also worth noting that the lip line doesn't budget - a problem I have sometimes with my beloved JSC line. 

I also own the Kim Chi shade from the line which I adore (although I'm not convinced it "suits" me, I just wear it anyway) and the beautiful Stranger Love from the Feline Fancy collection. I'm dying to get my hands on Pumpkin Spice, but sadly there are no UK stockists supplying it, nor is Beautylish, and I'm not willing to risk the customs, taxes and shipping of buying it elsewhere! 

Finally verdict? This is my favourite liquid lipstick formula. Ever. As in, it's even beat Jeffree Star's line to first place. I would be incredibly happy if Sugarpill released more shades in this line because the formula is matte, comfortable, long-lasting and pigmented, not to mention just beautiful all-round. 

Have you guys tried the liquid lipsticks from Sugarpill? What do you think of them?

Don't forget to check out Grace's post!


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