Saturday, 15 April 2017

5 Spring Beauty Picks

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First off - apologies for the fact that this shot is a tad out of focus! I love it nonetheless and I was really happy with the lighting and composition that I didn't have it in me to try and recreate it because it's rare that I can ever recreate a shot. 

Now - on to the post! Today I wanted to share five spring beauty picks that are sure to give you a flawless glow and pastel-themed beauty look. These are all firm favourites of mine that work perfectly for springtime beauty! 


I wasn't huge on this when I first bought it because I often used it under foundation. Nowadays, I know the best way to use it is either mixed in with my foundation or as a liquid highlighter. It acts perfectly as a base for a powder highlight (it gives a real extra kick to Kat Von D's Thunderstruck eyeshadow) but gives a soft, dewy glow by itself. I adore this mixed in with my foundation, specifically my Bourjois ones as these are all very dewy bases in themselves. Whether it's City Radiance, the 123 Perfect CC Cream or the Healthy Mix range, this gives a beautiful dewiness to your foundation for that perfect, healthy-looking spring radiance.


The latest addition to my collection of Bourjois bases, I picked this up not long after its launch in 2016 and haven't regretted it once. Not only is the packaging so sleek, cute and photogenic, but it smells absolutely divine to boot. I'm a big fan of this lightweight offering from Bourjois. I don't think it's quite as dewy as the Healthy Mix Gel Serum, but it has that same buildable coverage and looks incredible mixed with an illuminator. Definitely a firm favourite for me on days where I just want to pop something lightweight on.


I've been in love with this ever since I was gifted it at Christmas - this stunning, frosty lavender looks amazing on the skin. I often team it with berry eyes and/or purple lips, but I imagine it would give a luscious pop of colour to a neutral, fresh-faced spring time beauty look. If the brand is something you're looking to avoid, it might be worth looking into alternatives like Urban Decay's Afterglow in Aura which is a much softer option, and Colourpop's Hippo. For a truly purple highlighter, I'd recommend browsing Etsy but the shipping costs can be very high, so be prepared to spend.


This beautiful princess pink Dazzle Dust is harder to get your hands on nowadays and is worth scouring the internet for. It contains stunning silver particles that add a real, glittery girly edge to any eye look. It's one that I think would look fab for a clean eye look if you dotted it in the inner corners, just to highlight and brighten up the eye area, and then if you loaded your lashes with mascara. If you are struggling to find it, I recommend the shades Athena and Aphrodite as they are quite similar. These are very soft and finely milled powders, so be careful not to spill!


Everyone's favourite nude, Birthday Suit is a staple for many with good reason. This lovely, soft nude has undertones that are the perfect balance between pink and brown, so it's neither too much of one or the other. I have my Sleek Matte Me's at Jack's so I have more of a lip selection and because I generally use my JSC lip products over most others, but I think the Matte Me line is one of the best in the drugstore. It's lightweight, soft and comfortable and Birthday Suit is the perfect springtime nude.

What are you must-haves for your spring beauty look?


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