Saturday, 4 March 2017

My Favourite Brands for Basics

favourite brands for basics forever 21 primark boohoo

I don't think I'd ever consider myself a minimalist as such. I do own a lot of things - too many, perhaps, in some people's opinions. Last month saw me more than halve my make-up collection, and I also went through my wardrobe and got rid of a lot of old stuff that I'd hardly or never worn, too. I'm always on the hunt for new basics - pieces I can wear in ten different ways. I love low necks, stripes, and that perfect fit that's not too baggy nor too tight. I adore staple tops that work with skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, formal trousers and summer shorts, and I generally get my fashion staples overall from the same few brands. Today, I wanted to share these brands and some of my favourite items they have to offer.


Boohoo are one of those brands that I find can be super expensive in some cases, but very cheap otherwise. I generally browse their 'basic' range once a month just to see if there's anything new in, and I often find myself buying one of something, then loving it so much I go back and buy different colours. I also enjoy Boohoo's holiday shop as there are loads of cute things that don't break the bank - my summer holiday wardrobe is almost solely made up of pieces I don't really wear at home, so I don't like to invest too much.


Forever 21 is by far one of my favourite brands. After they pulled out of Glasgow (and the rest of the UK, I'm led to believe), I started having to shop online which kinda bums me out - I used to love browsing in-store, and their sizing is a little bit finicky and something you have to watch for, so not being able to try stuff on before buying sucks. Forever 21's basic range changes all the time, unlike Boohoo, and it's not often that you find more than a handful of things that are the same as the month before. Their v-necks are my favourite of any brand I've tried, and I also love their skater skirts (although I don't often wear them nowadays) as they're very flattering, mega-cheap and come in decent range of colours, although obviously as soon as I write this post I can't seem to find them on their site. Other items worth noting are their graphic tops - again, these are some of my favourite on the high street. Whether it's grungy band tees or colourful Marvel tank tops, F21 has you covered. (The lace up top below is awesome!)


I'm a firm believer in Primark clothing. I'm not one who feels I need to spend a ton of cash to get decent clothing, and because my style evolves by the day, I'm not exactly ready to invest in, say, a pricey striped tee. This super soft and flattering one I got in Feb is my favourite, and I'm pretty much living in it. I also enjoy Primark band tees as they're a fraction of the price than what I usually pay for my Iron Maiden babies, and their printed summer joggers are an absolute steal. I was also told by the lovely Grace Bee a while back that my holy grail Matalan black skinny jeans have been duped by Primark for less cash, and after investigating myself I can confirm that they're exactly the same. I'm so chuffed!

What are your favourite brands for wardrobe basics?


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