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5 to Try From Make-Up Academy

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There are so many amazing brands in the drugstore nowadays, it can be overwhelming when searching for new products, and if you're new to makeup - where do you start? For these reasons I want to introduce you to this series, which I test-drove last year when I recommended to you five Primark PS beauty products worth checking out, where I focus on one brand and recommend a handful or so of their best products. Obviously, this will become a little dated in the future as drugstore brands are constantly churning out new products, but hopefully this will give you some pointers on where to start!

MUA are perhaps best known for these bargain eyeshadow palettes. Each contains 12 soft and finely-milled shimmer-, matte- and satin-finish eyeshadows, and comes in with the littlest, tiniest price tag of just £4. Whether your style is bold and bright or you're a lover of good ol' fashioned neutrals, you'll find one to suit your taste - whatever that may be! Pictured and linked above is the Undress Me Too palette - one of my most used, along with its sister, the Undressed palette. I've owned these palettes for years and they never go out of fashion. With 12 shades to choose from in each palette, you're spoilt for choice, and you have an endless amount of looks to create by mixing and matching the different colours.

If a rainbow is what you're after, check out my review of their recent Silent Disco palette!


When I first started out with make-up, and liquid lipsticks began to take off, these were one of the first lines that I tried and were by far my favourite. Nowadays, I've tried so many brands and different kinds of matte-drying formulas that I know what I like, and have a handful of favourites. I hate to say it but these babes are no longer in the top five. That said, I think they're fantastic for novices and pros alike, and they're a really popular and successful line from MUA. I'm most impressed by the gorgeous range of colours - black, blue, purple, red, nude and more - which is really going outside the box for a drugstore brand! I admit that I do prefer the older formula that was around when these first launched as it was creamier and needed less layers, but I see the pros of the new formula too - faster drying time and less flakiness, the thin layers make it feel like you're wearing less than just one of the older formula. Each to their own I guess, but if you're looking for a bargain liquid lipstick, looking for a certain shade that may be hard to come by or want to try out something more daring without committing to the heavy price tag, these lovelies might be exactly what you're after.


Having enjoyed the Undress series of palettes, I branched out into the base products MUA also launched alongside. I really wasn't a fan of the foundation, but I find the primer to be lovely, especially for something so inexpensive. It is a silicone-based number, so if you aren't into that smooth, strange texture that comes with it then this may not be for you. As somebody who suffers primarily from dry skin, I'm a fan of how smooth and pleasant my skin feels after using a primer like this, and the little bottle lasts for ages as a little goes a long way. The product comes in a glass bottle with a pump dispenser, so MUA really didn't cheap out with the packaging and it feels nice and weighty in your hands. If you're looking for a satiny smooth base, this primer could be for you.


The most recent of the bunch to me, I wanted to pick up the Luxe Shimmer Stick in White Gold for the longest time, but kept telling myself I didn't need any more highlighters. Last year, my mum picked it up and I began to borrow it. If you didn't already know, I love highlighters that come in a stick formula. Not only do they make a fab travelling companion as you don't have to worry about breakage or them taking up too much room in your make-up bag, but they also tend to be very smooth, creamy and quick to apply. You don't need a fancy fan brush - all you need is your fingers to smooth a little glow along the tops of your cheekbones and wherever else. This White Gold offering from MUA provides the most beautiful glow to any skin tone and the formula really doesn't disappoint - it's soft, blendable and very creamy to apply, so it doesn't drag on the skin at all. It's definitely a little bigger in size than most highlight crayons, so I tend to use it right on its edge, but this multi-use product can be use to brighten up your shoulders and collarbones too. I love this colour for the summer especially, as it looks amazing with a bit of a tan and bronzed-up skin. 

These sticks also come in blush and bronze varieties, as well as an ombré duo.


I feel like I've said this a lot in this post - but, again, this kit was one of the first I tried when I was getting into contouring and highlight. The Light/Medium shade is what I own, and appears to be sold out as I'm writing this, but it's definitely a popular product so that's no surprise. At just £5, this awesome duo comes in beautiful, photogenic packaging, and flips open to reveal a nicely sized mirror. It's not the best size, but it's handy to have on the go, and, again, having two products in one makes this product incredibly travel friendly. I'm a big fan of this shade as a contour rather than a bronze - it's very pigmented to me, and I tend to be lighter-handed with my bronze and a little heavier with my contour. Whilst it is still a warmer tone for those who are pale like me, I think it appears less warm on the skin than how it looks in the pan. Providing you use something like a stippling brush, I think it's fairly easy to apply this lightly if you're a little intimidated by the idea of putting tiger stripes on your face! I'm a big fan of the highlight which is surprisingly less shimmery on the skin than it looks in the pan. I thought I'd look like a disco ball, and whilst this does shimmer rather than subtly glow, I still feel this adds a great glow and gleam to the skin, rather than make me look like a Christmas tree. 

I did intend on including the MUA single eyeshadows, but sadly they are no longer available on the website which likely means they're being discontinued. If this is the case then I'm pretty disappointed - I was actually hoping they'd expand the range at some point, as all of the shadows I've tried from there have been very pigmented and applied well. Boo!

That's a wrap for this post - do you agree with my top five from MUA? If not, what would you include instead? Thanks for reading!


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