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5 Nude Nail Varnishes


Lately I've been reaching loads for nude nail polishes. I think it's because of work - as I've been working full time for the last six months, I've taken to slapping on a quick nude nail varnish just to be done with it. There's no point in trying out pretty colours and adding fancy glitter coats because there is no nail polish hardcore enough to stay on whilst I'm at work. By my third day in, my nail polish will be chipping off, if it's not peeling because I've broken yet another nail! 

Today I wanted to share what I deem as my five favourite nude-toned nail polishes. Yes, there are some not-quite-nudes in there, but I deem them as neutral enough shades to include in this post. I actually have a sixth favourite now, that being H&M's Kalahari nail varnish. It's a beautiful one and definitely takes second or third place in this list (not that it's in any particular order).


If you're new here, you might not be aware that the Barry M Speedy Quick Dry range is by far my favourite line of nail varnishes. Whilst so far the colour range isn't the most extensive - dealing out mostly pretty spring-time pastels and bold summer brights -, I'm a big fan of the formula. I absolutely hate waiting for my nail polish to try, and I'm so impatient that I try to do things whilst waiting, and end up smudging them. Enter the Quick Dry range, released in the spring months of 2015, and oh how things have changed. Chances are, if I've painted my nails, that it's one of these bottles. The wear time isn't as long as the likes of the Maybelline range mentioned below, but I'm OK with that, given how hassle-free it is to repaint.

One of my favourite shades of the entire line is Pit Stop, this awesome, bluish greyish neutral. Isn't it lush? Whilst no, it isn't really a nude, I still consider it a very neutral shade and something that I love to wear on a day-to-day basis. It certainly isn't too in-your-face, and I feel like this is a more chic neutral shade than anything else I have in my collection.

I'm a fan of pastel pinks on the nails and the colour Freestyle certainly fits the bill. Whilst in general I'm definitely a blush, dusk pink gal if pink ever comes into the equation, a pretty milkshake colour never did anyone any harm, and looks lovely. I particularly like to wear this shade when my nails are shorter as I feel like when I wear darker colours it just accentuates how short my nails are, and in turn, how stubby my fingers look (although I'm often told that it's just me). Freestyle does a great job of making my hands feel a little more human during these times, and makes my nails look pretty without drawing too much attention.

Read about my first impressions of the line here.


This colour is so gorgeous that it has its own blog post. I'm generally a fan of Essence products, so it's no surprise that I enjoy their nail varnishes from time-to-time. I recently spoke about their The Gel Nail Polish line in my Valentine's-themed nail post, but out of all the Essence polishes and shades I've tried, this, so far, is my ultimate favourite. I'm a real fan of mauve and mink tones (as you'll also see later in this post) so the fact that this has that kind of edge to it makes it more than just a boring old neutral to me, and instead is something gorgeous and a little bit grungy. The purple tones are more apparent in certain lights, but overall this is a nude that isn't too obvious, but just subtle enough to make your talons feel a little cooler. I get a good 4-5 days wear out of this, so it's nothing special, but often I get a few more days further without feeling the need to run my brush over or repaint them altogether. This gives a really smooth and opaque finish, and I think Essence have more than proven their expertise when it comes to drugstore nail varnishes from everything I've tried. What's more impressive is how enjoyable the formulas are given the price tag!


Definitely the most expensive line that I've included in this post, the Superstay 7 Days Gel Nail Varnish line has been a long term favourite of mine. Long before the days of my faithful Barry M Speedy Quick Dry range, I was besotted with these shiny, thick, long-wearing beauties by Maybelline. Nowadays I prefer having to wait less time whilst the nail varnish dries, and would rather top up my nails more regularly than wait a super long time, but I used to adore this line and still wear several shades from the line quite regularly, with one being this stunning Rose Veil metallic colour. It's basically rose gold in a nail varnish - and I'm not even kidding. It doesn't translate quite the same in photographs, but if you're one of those cliché bloggers like me that enjoys the beautiful tones of copper and rose gold, you may well enjoy this varnish. Long-wearing with a gel-like finish, the only real drawback of these lovelies is the drying time - it's definitely no Speedy Quick Dry time. I recommend using quick-drying drops to help move the process along. It's also worth noting that these come in at nearly £5 a bottle, so it may be worth waiting until Superdrug has an offer on before picking them up (if you're stingy like me, that is!).


I think this line is actually discontinued - at least it's not on the Boots website. It's a shame but I can kinda see why: whilst this is one of the dreamiest nude shades I've ever seen, and the perfect minky, taupe shade, I think the formula on these is actually pretty lame and I've only really included this because of how much I adore the colour. Even before I started night shift, the colour on this used to chip after a couple of days, and by the 5-6 day mark it was looking pretty nasty. The colour applies well and the drying time isn't particularly lengthy, but whatever it is about this line, perhaps the 'supreme shine' aspect of the formula, is what lets down the staying power. That said this isn't an overly shiny looking line, and I generally get more gloss - and wear time - from the Essence The Gel Nail Polish range. 

So, while I shouldn't technically include this 17 nail colour as it's no longer available, I'm going to go ahead and leave it in this post anyway. I adore the shade, and I'm really happy with the photos and don't want to re-take them - I'm sure you'll understand! ;) As I've mentioned above, the H&M 'Kalahari' varnish is definitely one of my new favourites - it's very long wearing, richly pigmented and isn't too much of a hassle to dry, so I recommend trying some out from the brand. They're extremely affordable, as well.

That's everything for this post - do you own any of these shades? Let me know what nude varnishes are your favourite in the comments below!


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