Saturday, 18 February 2017

The New Music I Can't Wait For

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Whilst the likes of Rihanna are constantly churning out single after single, some musicians prefer to recharge their batteries, get their creative juices flowing and savour the music-making process before launching a final product, and whilst the end result is always worth it, the wait can be pretty killer sometimes. Here's just a couple of the musicians who are making me wait for just a little too long...


After the heartbreaking end of an era that was My Chemical Romance, frontman and vocalist Gerard Way turned his hand to solo music. His debut album, Hesitant Alien, was a bouncy Britpop and 90's influenced album released in 2014 that I had on repeat for months. It's still one of the best albums I've ever heard, and as it's been well over two years since its launch, I'm growing ever impatient for a follow up that will have me jumping, dancing and singing at the top of my lungs. If MCR were too emo for you and had you dismissing Gerard's solo offering - you may want to look again.


30STM have been one of my favourite bands since I was about 14-15 year old - and they have remained as such, something you might know if you've ever spotted the logo from their first album tattooed on my right arm. Jared Leto may just be a pretty face to some, but his talent for creating music - along with his band mates - is a force to be reckoned with. Their 2013 release, Love Lust Faith and Dreams, had some huge anthems on it, including Up in the Air and Do or Die, but since then it's been very quiet on the music creation front. Rumour has it that the boys are back in the studio and that a new album is set to be released at some point this year, but I guess we'll have to just wait and see! 


I was never a fan of Girls Aloud, but for some reason I always liked Nicola Roberts - perhaps it was all the bullying she endured that proved how strong a person she was, and I admired her for that. It was back when I had Tumblr that I stumbled across one of the singles from her album (named Cinderella's Eyes) and I was hooked after the first chorus. After that, I got a hold of the whole thing and fell head-over-heels for Nicola's wide vocal range, bouncy pop anthems and fairy tale infused lyrics (fairy tale in a way that's VERY different to Taylor Swift, for the record). Nicola co-wrote all the songs on the album and even worked with my fave Canadian pop trio Dragonette, who you may have seen me mention in my gym playlists. That was back in 2011, however, and since then whilst there's been the odd whispering that she's back in the studio, we've yet to hear any new tracks.

If you're as impatient as I am, let me know what new albums you're currently waiting on!


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