Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Essence The Gel Nail Polish | 4 Ever Young

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Pink is one of my least worn nail varnish colours - I love a bit of pastel, nude pinks now and then, but mostly I tend to stay away from them. On occasion, though, I'm known to pick up a hot or deep pink, with the latter being one of my favourite lipstick shades, and so when I saw this nail polish in Wilko's last summer, I decided to give the bright, coral-toned pink a shot and was pleasantly surprised by the end result.

This is the second of The Gel Nail Polish line by Essence that I've picked up, with the first being the perfect dark A/W purple that I mentioned in this post. Being a gel nail polish, I would expect the formula to be a little longer lasting than that of a regular varnish, but I do find that this gives me your average five days wear, maybe six - it depends on what I've been doing during that time. I absolutely adore the finish of these nail varnishes though - they have a thick, glossy feel and shine to them that really does make you think you've just sat with your fingertips under the lights for the last 15 minutes. I personally don't find those gel varnishes with the UV lights to be all that impressive, so if I can get the same effect for less money and less time, then I'm in. I find that the drying time isn't quite as long as the Maybelline Forever Strong Super Stay line, and you can speed it up with some quick drying drops - mine are also from Essence, cost next to nothing and are extremely effective! 

These little varnishes come in at £1.60 a pop which, if you ask me, is nothing, and seriously impressive. The Maybelline line I mentioned above, which has a similar gel-like finish, comes in at nearly £5 a bottle. This Essence line has also been likened to the Barry M Gelly range, but as I haven't tried them, I can't say for certain.

For me, this shade is the perfect one for all sorts of ocassions. It's particularly a favourite of mine in the summer months, although it's still second to my 17 Emerald Tropics shade, and I'll probably be wearing it this Valentine's Day - or whenever we celebrate it, anyway! Essence are always adding more shades to this range, so you really are spoilt for choice. For me, this is one of the most unique colours they offer, and I'm glad I picked it up. Who knew bright pink nails could be so enjoyable to wear?

Have you tried any shades from this Essence line?


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