Saturday, 4 February 2017

ELB Handmade

Here's something you might not know about me: I'm a huge lover of lingerie. I literally have two large drawers of underwear, and even that isn't enough room until I go through and sort out what I can chuck away. I legit buy far too many bras and end up wearing the same handful, and recently I've been after some bralets and high waist knickers because they're a match made in heaven and there's nothing that makes me feel more fierce in the undies department. Trouble is, being a D cup means I can't get away with all the cute lace, mesh and velvet offerings on the highstreet. XL sizes only provide room for a broader back, not for larger cup sizes, and so I've been searching for handmade lingerie that can fit my body perfectly and at the same time make me feel sexy as hell. 

Enter ELB Handmade, a small British brand that began on Depop and quickly grew into a successful Tictail store. Not only does the brand offer a huge range of different styles and shapes ranging from high waist velvet, to lace bodysuits, to sheer, soft-cup triangle bras, but they also tailor their items to fit you. Just make your order and pop your measurements into the comment box at the end to receive your stunningly crafted items that will hug you in all the right places. I didn't even put waist or hip measurements when I ordered mine, just that I wore a size 12 on the bottom and then my bra size.

ELB Handmade provide, obviously, handmade items which means it'll take a little longer for your orders to reach you. According to their website, they aim to ship out within ten days - I ordered my items just before Christmas and received them about two weeks later but I knew there would likely be a small holiday break as well as a pre-Christmas rush, and I didn't expect my items to be necessarily despatched within the ten days. When it arrived, I let my mum have a look and as someone who has made her own clothes in the past and is an excellent sewer, as well as being skilled at tailoring and tweaking clothing, she was mega impressed with the stitch work and overall quality of the items which gave me confidence as I wouldn't have been able to tell myself.

I ordered two pieces from ELB Handmade for my first order. Firstly, I went with the High Waist Velvet Set that's shown in the photo above - it comes in black velvet with high waist knickers and a soft-cup triangle bra. This is currently only £16 in the sale and is the bargain price I snapped it up for. I find handmade lingerie from the likes of Etsy and other online stores to be far too pricey, and ELB is the perfect match of being 'just right' price-wise, whilst also being well-made, beautiful, unique and sturdy. The second piece I chose from the store was the Midnight Kiss Bodysuit, shown below, which comes in this stunning teal velvet with sheer panels and black lace detailing. I've honestly never seen anything more beautiful in my life - and I'm so happy with this one especially! I'm a big fan of bodysuits - whilst for day wear they can be a huge pain in the ass, what with when you need to nip to the loo and all that - but they are probably the clothing item that I feel my most confidence and sexiest in. This stunning body comes in at just £20 - I can't stress how brilliant the quality, fit and feel of it is for the money. I was worried, given the strong elastic at the waist, that I'd have a little trouble with my thighs/bum but this beauty is easy to get on and I don't have to worry about tearing or stretching out anything, and the thick band of elastic gives me extra definition at the waist which I adore! 

elb handmade british indie handmade lingerie brand affordable high quality

Other things to note: most sets don't come with adjustable straps, but it costs just a £1 to add them to your order - so far, the straps have been perfect on me and I haven't felt the need to have my mum take them up (as I didn't order the adjustable ones). A really nice touch is that most sets come with the option of whether you want a thong or a brief - I think it's great to be offered the choice. Also, for both my orders, first class postage has been free, and I always appreciate free postage!

Don't get me wrong - I wear my lingerie for myself, but I must admit that it's nice that Jack has given his approval on these new additions to my underwear drawers. I've already spoken before on my body confidence (read all about that here) and it's still something that I'm working on, but there's something about delicate, beautiful lingerie that gives me an extra boost of confidence - outside the bedroom and inside.

Whether you're looking to treat your partner or yourself, I highly recommend having a browse on the ELB Handmade website, as I really can't recommend the brand enough. I'm ecstatic at finally being able to own cute lace bralets that don't cost an arm and a leg, and the aesthetic of them is everything I love in my underwear; rich velvet, sheer mesh, harness-like strap featrues and lacy details.

Briefs start from as little as £5, and bras from £10. Have you tried anything from ELB Handmade?


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