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Budget vs High End | Eyeshadow

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Today's post is a bonus post, aren't you guys lucky? I don't normally post on a Sunday but I may or may not have forgotten to schedule in me and Grace's Budget vs High End series in the excitement of writing up my new schedules, so here I am with a third post of the week! You can check out Grace's post here.

Today we're talking about eyeshadow. Now, I could talk forever about budget eyeshadows, as I have many, many favourites and there are a lot of outstanding palettes out there, but when Grace and I first discussed writing about eyeshadows, the first thing that popped into my head were single eyeshadows, and in particular, the Natural Collection Solo Eyeshadows.

Natural Collection are a brand sold exclusively in Boots, and you'd be forgiven for thinking that, with everything being a mere £1.99 apiece, that they're a brand aimed exclusively at 12 year olds dabbling for the first time in makeup. But, much to my surprise when I began to try them out for the first time last year, they are seriously underrated and offer some killer products, with their Solo Eyeshadow line being just one of many. 

According to the Boots website, there are 24 shades in the line-up, with all of these being offered in most of my local Boots stores - this is a good thing, because the swatches on the website are seriously off. I've owned about 12 of these or so in the past, and I can attest that there's no real difference among pigmentation - each one swipes and applies as boldly as the last, and don't expect chalkiness either. Whilst these aren't as buttery soft as some high street offerings, they are certainly smooth and finely milled, and apply really well - there is, however, some fall out, but I find there's fall out with 99% of eyeshadows that I use so I don't see this as a shortcoming, but rather it's par the course. 

The packaging of Natural Collection products leaves a lot to be desired, but for me, it's what's inside that counts, and even though the product looks very plain, I'd rather it looked that than garish. Whilst I've not had any broken eyeshadows from dropping them on the floor, I would recommend handling these with care - I've broken one of these shadows before and I'm not sure how, but I must have been a little too hashy with it, and I for one am not a fan of the mess of pigment that accompanies shattered eyeshadows.

Since decluttering my makeup last month, I threw out quite a few of the more colourful shades that I owned of this eyeshadow line. It broke my heart because they were all lovely, but I wasn't getting any use out of them and I knew I needed to be ruthless whilst cutting down my collection. I've kept about six of these shadows, and all of them are a neutral shade, and the most basic of basic, a staple in any collection. The three shadows that I've pictured above are my most-used shades of the bunch. Asteroid - a soft brown with gold shimmer; Butterscotsh - a soft, creamy pale pink tone that is the most beautiful eye highlight; and Crushed Walnut - your standard, matte, mid-brown that works with any neutral eye look. These are by far my favourites, especially for everyday, but I love how accessible the brand is in terms of pricing and the range of eyeshadow shades available. Whilst it's not the most extensive, there are pops of pastel and smoky tones in the line-up, so if you're looking to try something new, it's a great way to do so without breaking the bank.

I really don't have a bad word to say about these eyeshadows, and if you need any more convincing, these gems made it into my Beauty Favourites of 2016 - I'm that impressed by them. You can pick them up in Boots stores and online for just £1.99.

Make sure to check out Grace's post, and let me know in the comments - have you tried anything from Natural Collection?


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