Wednesday, 28 December 2016

My New Glasses

perfectglasses perfect glasses website discount cheap designer glasses frames and prescription

perfectglasses perfect glasses website discount cheap designer glasses frames and prescription

If you watched my What's In My Bag? video earlier this month, you might've only just learned that I wear glasses. I honestly don't think I've ever spoken about it on my blog since my re-brand back in February which saw me clear out and delete a lot of my older posts. 

I've worn glasses since I was about 15/16, and I wear them for distance. With me not having a driving license or plans to learn to drive any time soon, I don't have to worry about them too much as I only really wear them for the cinema or watching TV at Jack's (my own Xbox monitor is right next to my bed, so it's hardly far away). I used to have small, slim, rectangular glasses out the kids section when I got my very first pair of glasses, but when I got new ones at around 18/19, I opted for the hipster glasses we all know and love today, and which I absolutely love myself. I lost my first pair of these and had to fork out another £60-70 to replace them - nightmare! 

I really enjoy eyewear by Vogue, and I recently had a website called Perfect Glasses contact me to ask if I'd like to work with them. I actually did want to work with them, but they approached me days before I started my new night shift job and I worried I wouldn't have the time to commit to them - it was a good thing I made this call, as I didn't touch my laptop most of October, only on maybe a handful of days. 

I clicked on their site once they'd emailed and was delighted to see these colourful, stunning style of glasses by Vogue. Now, I don't wear glasses everyday as I said, so I don't really need two pairs. But I couldn't resist these - and for less than £20, these babies were a total steal. They're definitely a bit different than what I'd normally go for but I love the shape, style and colours - they're gorgeous! 

I'm also looking to get a pair of prescription sunglasses at some point for going on holiday, so I'll definitely be keeping this site bookmarked for future reference as it's going to save me a small fortune. I actually put off going to get my eyes re-tested for a couple of years and finally went to get them done just so I could order my new pair, haha, although my mum was the one who made my appointment so I didn't have to... heh. These beauties were just £18 and my total cost with lenses and postage came to just under an affordable £24. To give you some perspective on prices, I paid £65 to get new lenses put into my black frames in October. My mother wears glasses everyday and has varifocals, and these cost her around £140 to update. It's not cheap by any stretch of the imagination being a glasses-wearer!

My eye sight is actually quite crap, a lot more than I let on. Jack's isn't all that much worse than mine and he wears his glasses 24/7. I just hate wearing glasses all the time, but contacts seem awkward and expensive, so I feel like I'm in a right catch-22. I plan to try out contacts eventually though, and maybe that's something I'll get to in the next year.

Are any of you guys contact wearers? What is your experience with them like?


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