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Barry M Molten Metals Review | Copper Mine

barry m cruelty free molten metals nail varnish review swatches copper mine

It's December, which means it's that festive party season where all the fun metallic colours come out to play - yay! Today I'm talking about Barry M's Molten Metal's line, specifically the shade Copper Mine, which, as I'm writing this, is still the only one I own.

The Molten Metal line by Barry M launched around May time, if I remember rightly - it was definitely before I went to Turkey towards the end of June, I know that much. The launch came out of the blue, for me, as I hadn't heard anything about them and was pleasantly surprised to find them in Superdrug when I went in for a browse. They're also available from Boots and from the Barry M website, and have a purse-friendly price tag attached to them of £3.99.

So far, there are four shades in total to this line. Copper Mine, which I'm showing you here today, Silver Lining, Bronze Bae and Gold Digger. The colours are beautiful, but as a big fan of bronze colours, I opted for Copper Mine - see, this is where I get confused. To me, this shade looks much more bronze than the actual 'Bronze Bae' shade, whilst 'Bronze Bae' looks more suited to being copper. But that's just my take on it - when I picked this up I thought it was the bronze one, and it wasn't until I got home that I saw it was 'Copper Mine'! 

Anyway, my opinion on the shade names aside, I was pretty psyched to try this colour out. It's beautiful and has a slight shimmer to it that isn't too in-your-face. It had been a while since I'd tried any of the Barry M nail line outside of Speedy Quick Dry - the Daylight Curing and Coconut Infusion lines didn't really appeal to me much at all. The packaging of these is mega cute - I love the textured, sparkly bottle top. I also enjoy that Barry M have retained the brush they introduced for the Speedy Quick Dry line, which is flat and wide so it can cover one nail in a single stroke - I just about flat-out refuse to use any other kind of brush these days, as they're far too streaky and awkward. 

There aren't any overwhelming claims attached to the line - which is great, as it means I don't get my hopes up too high for them to then be dashed! The Barry M site simply states that these shades have a mirror-shine foil finish that will glisten for days. I don't think I'd describe these as having a 'foil finish' - for me, this would look more like the NYC Foil Explosion line. That said, this is one of the longest lasting nail polishes I've ever tried. I get a good 7 days out of this varnish before I see any major signs of wear and tear. 

Two coats, like most nail varnishes - especially from the likes of Barry M -, is all it takes for a perfect, opaque finish. It looks beautiful and catches the light - all the sparkle and shimmer actually made it a tad harder than normal to catch a focused photo when the colour was on my nails. I'm not complaining though, Copper Mine is such a beautiful shade and I'm really happy I picked it up and tried it out.

If you're looking for a subtle way to get on board with the metallic trend that's been huge here in 2016, or if you want to go all out and have your nails match your lipstick, I highly recommend giving these affordable varnishes by Barry M a go. I'd love to see them come out with jewel-toned varnishes like this - I know they wouldn't be 'metals', but they'd be stunning in a formula like this. Can you imagine a deep ruby, emerald and sapphire in this glitzy, long-lasting formula?! Yes please!

What do you think of the Molten Metals range?


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