Monday, 8 August 2016

My Bad Beauty Habits

bad beauty habits, beauty things not to do

We are human, we aren't perfect. I try to do well by my skin - I've cut back this year on the junk food, I've been drinking more water and herbal tea, I cleanse and moisturise every morning - but like I said, I'm human and I'm not perfect. There are some beauty things I really should start doing, but I don't, and today I'm sharing them here with you...


I have been using Simple make-up wipes for at least three years now, and I absolutely love them. Sometimes I can get away with just using one to take everything off, but most days now I'm going through two because my makeup is either heavier, more colourful, or it's just sticking to my skin like a total boss. Some days it's all three of those! It's kind of annoying as I'm going through make-up wipes so much quicker than I ever used to as it's a bit more expensive. I vowed a few months ago to start using Micellar Water daily, even if it turns out that I use one make-up wipe followed by Micellar Water, rather than using two wipes, but so far it's been hit and miss. Some days I'm just too lazy, especially after work. It's also rare that I ever wash my face after I've taken my make-up off - I'm sorry!


I'm pretty good at cleaning eye make-up brushes cos they basically need cleaned after every use so I can use them again. Face brushes on the other hand? They get left for weeks without me cleaning them, especially my foundation brushes. I'm a huge fan of both the Real Techniques Buffing Brush and the Expert Face Brush. Both of these brushes, well, buff product into the skin, meaning the brush gets minging within seconds of applying foundation because all those bristles are being coated with make-up and whatever is on my skin, right down to the base of the bristles! It's gross, I know. I'm even more sorry about this one than I am about not removing my make-up with more than just wipes. 


I need to protect my skin so much more than I do. In summer months, thankfully, I'm not too bad cos I do usually tend to wear a BB cream rather than a foundation, and most of my BB/CC creams have SPF in them. Whilst I've got quite a few bases with SPF, I really want a good primer I can wear underneath that has SPF in it as that way I don't have to worry about what base I'm using. I nearly picked up one by Rimmel but when I swatched it I realised it had this sparkle/glitter in it! That's not what I want in my primer at all.


I still don't understand the concept of expired make-up, there's no way I use up anything within a three month, six month, or even a twelve month period. I'm constantly trying out new everything, and the only products I've ever noticed a change in is occasionally some concealers can either dry out or go a bit strange in general, but, mostly, just mascaras, and even then, it's not with ALL mascaras. My Maybelline The Falsies, for example, is still as good now as it was when I bought it, which was a while ago now! I suppose there's probably a hygiene aspect to it all, but... meh.


I'm so bad for picking spots. I know I'm not supposed to, I know it's bad and I know from experience that it leaves scarring but I can't. I can't sit there with a big red spot on my chin, or go about my day when there's a white head on my face, okay? I always bust and squeeze spots when I can, and nothing drives me crazier than a spot that doesn't have a head on it so I can't burst it! However, I swear by Tea Tree Oil, it is the best thing ever and costs 99p out of bargain stores. You don't need a lot so one little bottle will last you a good while. Tea tree always dries out and clears up my spots within a week, less if it's just a white head. I've even converted the boyfriend into a user of it to help him clear up his own breakouts.

So that's everything for this post, all my bad beauty habits. I've probably got way more, but I can't actually think of any others right now. Although I do forget to curl my lashes a lot. Does that count? It's not that bad. It's more of a slight nuisance than a EW GROSS HOW ARE YOU A BEAUTY BLOGGER? kind of deal, haha. What other bad beauty habits do you have? Let me know in the comments!


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