Monday, 22 August 2016

476 Blog Post Ideas

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Hello everyone! Welcome to this new post, I'm SO excited to share it with you all as I've been tweaking and adding to it since April and now it's finally here for you all to see! As I'm sure you already know from the title & above image, this is The Master Post of Blog Post Ideas and contains 476 post ideas and prompts for lifestyle, beauty and style bloggers! Eeeeh! Obviously I only really covered these topics because those are the things I blog about, but there are some foodie and gamery/nerdy and book/TV/film ideas too which you'll find in a subcategory under Lifestyle. For your convenience I have split the Lifestyle and Beauty sections into sub-categories instead of one huge blog of text, so hopefully you'll be able to pin-point ideas if you want to focus on something a bit more specific! A lot of these ideas are quite versatile as they can be used for posts or videos which I hope is helpful.

This seemed like such a daunting, mammoth task but after I got under way, adding ideas from my own schedules and being inspired as I go (it's true that the more you write, the more ideas you get), I discovered that while I spent at least a whole day working on the initial draft, it still wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be because ideas were coming left, right and centre. I thought writing my 2017 schedule was going to be impossible but the exact same thing happened. As I wrote, ideas hit me! 

I don't know if maybe I should have posted this in individual categories but that seemed sorta, not clickbaity, but like, I could just post it all now so y'all have it rather than me being like hey!! come see my blog for a new instalment!!! every week, y'know? I hope it's not too intense for you to get through, and that you find some inspiration amongst this list. If I've missed anything, please let me know!

I hope you like this post!

  1. Show us your make-up storage
  2. Show us how you organise your make-up
  3. Share some of your favourite YouTube tutorials or blog pictorials 
  4. Tell us about five amazing products under £5 / 20 under £10 etc. or make it product specific and share, say, 3 eyeliners under £6 etc.
  5. Your top 3/5/10... dry lip products, nude nail varnishes etc. 
  6. Six to try from... [insert brand name here]
  7. Your morning/nightly skin care routine 
  8. Holy grail products 
  9. Share your everyday make-up look 
  10. How to take your make-up from day to night.
  11. What make-up trends do you love/hate right now? 
  12. Try to use products you hardly reach for and see how you actually like them now with mini-reviews.
  13. Do a whole look with neglected products and share the results.
  14. Discovered a dupe? Share it with us! 
  15. Share a celebrity-inspired FOTD. 
  16. The top five products you absolutely cannot live without. 
  17. Review a new product or one that's been in your stash for a while. 
  18. Do a tutorial on an easy make-up look that beginners can follow.
  19. Share your tips for beginners at make-up.
  20. Tell us about the products you think should be in a beginner's beauty kit. 
  21. Talk about the skincare products that helped you overcome a problem, e.g. dry skin, acne-prone skin. 
  22. Tell us about products you think are over-hyped / products you just didn't get on with or regret buying. 
  23. Share your monthly favourites. 
  24. Share your ALL TIME favourites, maybe do this by category e.g. lipstick, highlighter etc.
  25. Know of any beauty hacks that legit work? Let us know!
  26. Share your seasonal favourites - e.g. 5 blushes for spring, 6 A/W lipsticks. 
  27. Show us the beauty bits you recently picked up in a haul, and maybe share your first impressions. 
  28. What's in your travel make-up bag? Or secondary make-up bag (e.g. I have a secondary make-up bag at the boyfriend's) 
  29. How much is your daily face worth?
  30. Tell us about your favourite make-up brushes ever / the ones you reach for on a daily-basis. 
  31. Going on a long journey? Share the make-up you'll be wearing on the flight.
  32. Focus specifically on what brushes are good for what e.g. a round up of your favourite blending brushes for the eyes.
  33. Show us the make-up you wore as a teenager 
  34. Share a beauty wishlist.
  35. Tell us about the embarrassing make-up mistakes you've made over the years! (e.g. over-plucked eyebrows, orange foundation, concealer lips!)
  36. Share a specific tutorial for New Years, Christmas, date night, Valentine's, wedding, festival, hot summer's day, minimal school-appropriate look etc.
  37. DIY beauty - if you have an effective face mask recipe, share it! 
  38. Talk about your favourite skincare and bath & body products for a pamper night, including body butters, scrubs, and face masks!
  39. If you are both a high-end and drugstore make-up buyer, narrow it down for us: what's worth splurging on? And what do you prefer to save on?
  40. Show us your perfume collection or do this seasonally and share your favourites for spring, autumn etc.
  41. What products are the easiest to apply on-the-go? Especially when it comes to lipsticks!
  42. What products do you fall back on when you've slept in?
  43. Show us your routine for a morning that you're rushing about to get ready.
  44. If you get subscription boxes, tell us about them. Do a round up, talk about your favourite, or discuss what's in this month's!
  45. Share your empties! 
  46. Do a tag! They are so easy, fun and quick to do. Some examples: Confessions of a beauty blogger, the make-up addict tag, the lip addict tag, 40 beauty questions. 
  47. Did a blogger or Youtuber influence you to buy something? Who did it, what was it, and what were the results? Was it worth it?
  48. An end of year round up about your favourite new beauty discoveries. 
  49. The battle of.... e.g. liquid concealers. Talk about two or three similar products and discuss pros and cons, and which you personally like most.
  50. Themed beauty buys - e.g. five plum lipsticks, the best mermaid-inspired products. You can even set yourself a budget and do these, say, under £6.
  51. Host a give away of some of your favourite products. 
  52. Show us the seasonal differences in your skincare regime.
  53. What's your current eyebrow routine like?
  54. Ask another blogger/friend/family member to guest post about what's in their make-up bag or a round up of some of their favourite products. This is especially interesting if their skin type is completely different to yours or they prefer a different style! 
  55. Share an editorial style make-up look and how you achieved it. Even better if you're using budget-friendly products!
  56. Grab your boyfriend/husband/fiancé/boy friend and ask them to do your make-up. Share the results...
  57. ...Or do theirs! And share the results ;)
  58. A weekend in make-up - talk about the looks you did over the weekend, complete with photos of the finished looks.
  59. The best of... e.g. waterproof make-up.
  60. Share your make-up of the day.
  61. Do a wishlist of brands you want to work with.
  62. What does make-up mean to you and why do you enjoy it so much?
  63. Ask your readers to send their beauty dilemmas and then give them advice.
  64. Re-vamp an old post. For example, one of the first posts I ever wrote was my top 6 A/W lipsticks (now no longer live), and I updated it last year.
  65. If you read beauty books, share a review or a round-up of your favourites. Talk about any that have influenced the way you are with your beauty and skincare regimes.
  66. Tell us how you first got interested in beauty! (It all started when I discovered Pixiwoo...)
  67. Do you change your make-up according to season? Tell us about the changes you make to your everyday make-up bag and why.
  68. Do a collaboration with someone. For example, you could take one eye palette and see how you both create different looks from it. Or you could each do a look with a certain theme, e.g. for a festival.
  69. Test beauty hacks to see if they work. Cola hair rinse? DIY lip gloss? Tell us what's legit and what's not! 
  70. Removing price-tags from the equation entirely, discuss two drugstore or high-end items and the pros and cons of each. Which would you personally recommend? 
  71. A beginner's guide / how-to-master a certain trend, e.g. strobing.
  72. For different budgets, list items that will help you get a certain look. For example, copper eye palettes: from the drugstore you could use Collection's Eyes Uncovered or Maybelline's The Blushed Nudes; for a middle ground you could use a Zoeva palette; and for high-end, Urban Decay or Bobbi Brown.
  73. Do a history of your perfume collection. 
  74. Do a round-up of / talk about one particular seasonal beauty launch. 
  75. Talk about the make-up you don't wear very much anymore, but are too attached to to throw it away.
  76. Share the beauty lessons you've learnt since you started using make-up.
  77. Share the beauty tips you've learnt from other bloggers, Youtubers, family members, celebrities etc.
  78. Talk about your lipstick or nail polish staples! What does every girl need in her collection?
  79. If you have a lot of one product in different shades, share your collection with us! 
  80. Tell us about your favourite products for cleaning your brushes, and maybe walk us through your routine!
  81. Share your bad beauty habits. C'mon, we're only human! 
  82. What beauty things are you still trying to master? e.g. liquid eyeliner, contouring.
  83. Tell us what beauty things you've improved at over time. If you have before and after snaps, even better!
  84. Show us the beauty products in your collection that have multiple uses!
  85. Same, but with brushes!
  86. What are your beauty tool essentials? e.g. cotton buds, eyelash curlers.
  87. Try out a costume make-up tutorial (like an elaborate Halloween look by Pixiwoo) and then show us the results and what similar products you used. How did it turn out?
  88. The no-mirror make-up challenge.
  89. The three-minute make-up challenge.
  90. A make-up routine in five or ten minutes.
  91. Look at the first beauty review you ever wrote (if it's still live), and re-write it by comparing to your old one.
  92. If you're on YouTube, show us your typical filming face.
  93. Share your full-coverage base make-up routine.
  94. Tips on how to beat under-eye circles? Tell us, and share your favourite concealers and correctors for the job!
  95. False lashes 101 - applying them, the best glue, and your favourite styles.
  96. Do a step-by-step guide to foolproof lip colour.
  97. Share the bottom five products of a single make-up brand.
  98. Tell us about any beauty products you tried that surprised you as they were quite cheap but effective, or that you generally didn't expect to work as well as they did.
  99. Good at over-drawing your lips? Tell us everything.
  100. Share products that have been around for a while that people may be overlooking!
  101. Similarly, share products that you love that no-one seems to talk about in the blogging world.
  102. A guide to... e.g. cushion foundations, cream compact foundations. They both baffle me. 
  103. Skincare duds. What just didn't cut it for you?
  104. How do you achieve clear skin? 
  105. Talk about how you get rid of blackheads, or minimise pores.
  106. Do a full face of make-up under a certain amount of money. 
  107. If you recently hauled some products, get back to us on how you faired with them.
  108. Make-up pairings you love! 
  109. Do a make-up look that consists of half your make-up being drugstore and the other half high-end. Tell us how you faired - how they each performed, any major differences, which you'd recommend of each.
  110. Talk about palettes that are in a series and recommend just one of each, e.g. Urban Decay's Naked line.
  111. If you own a colourful palette, show us multiple different looks you can achieve. I love colourful eyes but palettes can be overwhelming and I'm never quite sure where to start.
  112. Talk about about the make-up brushes you often neglect. Why?
  113. A tutorial using all one brand.
  114. What skincare/bath & body products are you currently trialling or using up?
  115. A round up of the lip products you've used this week, perhaps accompanied by mini-reviews.
  116. You're stuck on a desert island. What are your 3/5/8 (etc) make-up essentials?
  117. Spring cleaning your make-up. How do you sort through yours? How do you decide what to chuck?!
  118. Any tips on cleaning your make-up (not the brushes)? Let us know!
  119. Your no-make-up make-up look.
  120. Your favourite dewy/mattifying foundations/concealers/powders.
  121. A round up of primers, foundations, BB/CC creams and lip balms with SPF in that you enjoy.
  122. ____ worth trying, e.g. primers, liquid lipsticks, stick concealers. 
  123. A his & hers post about skincare products.
  124. Halloween tutorials.
  125. Hangover make-up GRWM.
  126. Tell us about your favourite men's fragrances - this can be helpful when looking for gifts!
  127. Share a transitional make-up GRWM.
  128. The palettes you reach for most and why you love them.
  129. Talk about a product that's so totally worth the hype.
  130. Wash of colour products, e.g. lipsticks, eyeshadows, blushes.
  131. Share eBay finds. 
  132. Share some tips that helped you improve your make-up!

    >>> HAIR CARE <<<
  133. Hair care - your general favourite products, or make it product specific (e.g. for achieving beachy waves, for de-frizzing hair etc).
  134. Damaged hair saviours.
  135. Hair dye review or a round up of your favourite dyes. 
  136. Show us your dying routine / how you achieve a certain colour or ombré effect etc. 
  137. Good with hair? Show us a quirky tutorial. An easy and quick bun, an elaborate plait, space buns or glitter roots, for example.
  138. Do a round-up of hair chalks or hair mascaras. What works and what doesn't?
  139. Talk about your hair history.
  140. Talk about your hair styling tools - what ones do you love? Which ones didn't work out?
  141. If you use hair extensions, let us know what brands you like. Maybe share your top tips for beginners in using them, and share if you have positive experiences with dying them.

    >>> NAILS <<<
  142. Show us your nails of the day.
  143. Share your nail polish collection.
  144. Talk about different nail polish formulas, for example, Barry M have loads of different lines. The only real difference I know is that the Speedy Quick Dry is fast drying. What are the pros and cons of each kind?
  145. Nail art buff? Show us your skills!
  146. Or show us an easy one that us noobs can follow!
  147. Talk about your favourite nail polish formulas.
  148. False nail 101: applying tips and tricks, and some of your favourite brands and styles.

  149. Shop for an entire outfit with just £30.
  150. Talk about a specific item you love and style it differently for a week, or share a versatile piece and your favourite ways to style.
  151. Tell us about your wardrobe staples. You could this seasonally too, or do item specifically, e.g. jacket staples. 
  152. Share a haul. 
  153. Share a wish list.
  154. Take an old piece of clothing and style it in a way that's updated and fits with your current style (e.g. a band tee from your emo days).
  155. Share a DIY project about customising an item of clothing, e.g. re-vamping a denim jacket or dying an old tee. 
  156. Tell us your tips and tricks for selling clothing/accessories on eBay. 
  157. Tell us your tips and tricks for clearing out your wardrobe. 
  158. Talk about how your style has evolved over the years.
  159. Tell us about some of the best thrift stores in your area, or the best areas to shop if they are concentrated in certain places.
  160. Talk about some of the people that have influenced your style the most.
  161. How I wear... mustard tones/joggers/cropped tops.
  162. Share some of your favourite gym brands or items.
  163. What do you usually wear to the gym?
  164. What do you think of recent fashion trends? Which do you love? Which do you hate?
  165. Talk about specific style pieces you can't get on board with. 
  166. Talk about styles from the past you really enjoy. 
  167. Talk about someone else's style that's in your life, e.g. a friend, family member, or even your other half. Simply share an OOTD, or interview them about their personal style and influences.
  168. Do a 'get the look' post inspired by a celebrity.
  169. Collaborate with someone and show how you both style the same/ a similar piece.
  170. Your ____ collection, e.g. shoes, handbags, sunglasses, band tees.
  171. Tell us how you fit a current-trend piece in with your own personal style. 
  172. Share a lookbook of your outfits of the month. Or, make it seasonal e.g. autumn outfits, or have a theme e.g. formal outfits.
  173. OOTD posts.
  174. Talk about your favourite clothing stores...
  175. ...And discuss your favourite pieces from them specifically. 
  176. Get back to basics - talk about those simple items every girl should have in her closet.
  177. Date night/ girl's night out/ travelling/ festival/ shopping day outfit ideas - you could always do these as flatlays.
  178. Talk about pieces of clothing you were really attached to as a child or teen.
  179. Tell us about your key accessories. This could maybe be done seasonally!
  180. Show us your jewellery staples. 
  181. Tips for shopping on a budget? Tell us!
  182. Share how you organise your wardrobe/drawers/jewellery. 
  183. Ask your readers to send their style dilemmas and then offer advice in post or video format.
  184. Try recreating a designer look using high street items.
  185. Show us a tutorial for creating a piece of jewellery.
  186. Recreate a teenage or childhood outfit, or maybe update it and show how you would wear it now!
  187. If you read fashion books, share your favourites or a review. Even tell us how it's influenced you, if it has.
  188. Share some of your go-to outfits for days where everything else you put on you think looks terrible.
  189. Style some day-to-night outfits!
  190. Share transitional pieces or style transitional outfits, e.g. making an item of clothing from summer work for autumn.
  191. If you're going to a new city, share the best places to shop.
  192. Or if you're travelling a little bit to go on a shopping trip, video the journey and your finds, and turn it into a vlog. (or post)
  193. Do a sort of style summary and show us what pieces you've been reaching for the most this month.
  194. Share some great sale finds.
  195. Likewise eBay.
  196. Show us the clothing you're taking to go abroad. This is especially helpful if you are going, say, backpacking and have limited space.
  197. Round up your most worn items of all time.
  198. Share a style diary of the outfits you wore whilst on holiday.
  199. Incorporate fashion staples into a lookbook and show how you style these staples in different ways.

  200. Instagrams you love. You could theme these, like tattoo artists or cute animal Instagrams. 
  201. If you're going out for the day, whether it's a walk or into town, photograph it. Show us your city and take some selfys, lol.
  202. Things to do on... a rainy day, a winter afternoon.
  203. Talk about ways to save money. 
  204. If you're the artistic type, share a home DIY or talk about tips for a certain arty hobby, e.g. digital illustrations, art journalling.
  205. Book/film/TV review. Warn us if you're going to include spoilers!
  206. If you've moved out, tell us how you budget. 
  207. Tell us about your pets and introduce us!
  208. Homeware geek? Share a haul.
  209. Talk about how you've styled your bedroom or a room in your house. If you recently redecorated, do a before-and-after!
  210. Share home inspiration or a wishlist.
  211. What's in your handbag/gym bag?
  212. What are your handbag necessities for work? 
  213. Do a lifestyle tag such as the autumn tag or the TMI tag or the Harry Potter tag.
  214. What are your favourite... books/movies/TV shows right now?
  215. If you enjoy DIY, do a round-up of your favourite tutorials.
  216. Talk about the books you're taking on holiday.
  217. Are you a kindle user? Why/why not? Talk about the pros and cons and whether you think you'll ever use/own one etc.
  218. A current reading list.
  219. Coming soon movie releases - what do you want to go and see? What do you think of them so far?
  220. Share your fitness regime.
  221. Talk about yourself - tell us ten things we didn't know about you.
  222. Ask your readers some questions! 
  223. Put together some gift guides, e.g. the boyfriend for Christmas, mother's day gifts, the make-up junkie etc.
  224. Give us a tour of your bedroom or home.
  225. Share a list of things you're thankful for. This could be quite light-hearted and could include things like pizza and red lipstick!
  226. Interview another blogger! It can be about anything - their style, beauty habits, blogging or their life.
  227. Do a Q&A or put together an FAQ if you're asked a lot of the same stuff.
  228. Give advice for school/college/university.
  229. Do a thirty day challenge - there are tons on the internet.
  230. If you have a certain expertise, then share it, e.g. if you've worked in social media or used it for a long time and have found out what works and what doesn't.
  231. Don't be afraid to self-promote any projects or businesses you are working on. Let us know if you have promotions on etc!
  232. If it's your birthday, talk about the milestone. What have you learned this year?
  233. Bloggiversary? Share your future plans and goals, talk about how far you've come, and maybe throw in a cheeky giveaway!
  234. Share some good life advice, e.g. moving out by yourself for the first time, job interview tips, how to write a good CV or tips for buying your first house.
  235. How do you get work done and beat procrastination?
  236. Share revision and study tips.
  237. Share cute knick knack finds like stationary.
  238. What are your favourite things to do on date nights? Do you have any traditions with your partner?
  239. Currently burning: what candles are you loving right now?
  240. Do a round-up of your own Instagram. 
  241. Talk about indie brands or online stores and list some of your favourites, e.g. Etsy sellers or Instagram artists whose prints you love.
  242. Share with us some tutorials for cute handmade gifts.
  243. Share the love and talk about and link to some blog posts that you've read and have stayed on your mind this month or made you think.
  244. Tell us about a routine that isn't beauty related - what do you do every morning or night?
  245. How do you stay creative and inspired?
  246. Share a silly post.
  247. Share some childhood memories, be they sentimental or funny!
  248. How do you find balance in life? Between me-time, work, education, friends, family, your partner and blogging?
  249. Tell us about your favourite artists and illustrations and tell us how/where we can support them. 
  250. Same but for charities.
  251. Tell us why you don't... e.g. blog about style, do YouTube videos.
  252. Turn a post into a series.
  253. If you are a whiz at Photoshop, share some basic tutorials for photography and for illutrations.
  254. Likewise, if you use other complex photo-editing software or film-editing software like Final Cut Pro or Sony Movie Suite, then share any useful info and tutorials.
  255. Share anything that's even remotely motivational about anything in life - be it tips, music playlists, or books we need to read.
  256. Record a video from your pet's perspective or photograph their daily life and make a funny post/vid from it!
  257. Set goals for the month, then come back at the end and update us on how they went. They can be figures for social media, an aim to get so many blog posts done, or more personal ones like applying for new jobs sand saving money.
  258. Shed light on a brand, whether it be positively or negatively. 
  259. Introducing... the boyfriend/girlfriend/best friend/mother etc. Let us meet this person you always mention! I particularly like this as a video format as it feels more personal and conversational that way.
  260. Sum up your month - the low points and highlights.
  261. Likewise for the end of the year.
  262. What you got for your Christmas/birthday / what you brought home from a holiday.
  263. Show us how you organise your planner.
  264. A factual post, particularly if you have some sort of experience with it, but even if you just want to raise awareness, e.g. mental health, domestic abuse etc.
  265. Talk about some of your most popular blog posts and why you think they became your most popular blog posts - or ask your readers for their input!
  266. Monthly favourites - a round up of books, TV, movies, candles, homeware bits, apps etc.
  267. A round up montage of bloopers from your YouTube videos.
  268. Discuss and laugh at your old posts and videos. 
  269. If you have expertise in owning a certain breed/kind of animal that needs a lot of specific care, give your tips and advice.
  270. Consider doing a 'response' to a popular video or post that you feel strongly about.
  271. Tell us about things you don't believe in. This doesn't necessarily have to be religious. 
  272. If you consider yourself to be anti-social, what are the pros and cons?
  273. What do you love about being a girl/guy?
  274. An end of year/mid-year round up of Instagram/blog posts/ channel uploads so you can shed light on those you think could get more attention.

    >>> FOOD <<<
  275. Go to B&M or one of those American Candy shops, try American sweets or snacks and then give us your honest feedback!
  276. Share a smoothie recipe. 
  277. Talk about some of your favourite baking recipes. 
  278. Foodie? Do a restaurant or café review either in your local area or when travelling.
  279. What are your favourite low-cal snacks and treats?
  280. Share the meals you've eaten this week.
  281. Share recipes with a theme, e.g. easy party food, vegan meals.
  282. Show us a foolproof cake/pie recipe so we can impress our future in-laws when they come for dinner. 
  283. Talk about your favourite cookery books.
  284. Show us how to make a special family recipe (if your mum/dad/whoever says you can).
  285. Show us lazy folk a bunch of quick and easy meals to make.
  286. Share meals that we can make when we're on a tight budget.
  287. Tell us how to make a meal for two for those special date nights.
  288. A round-up of food-related recipes/TV shows/books/bloggers/Instagram accounts you love.
  289. Share your comfort meal, one that reminds you of your childhood.
  290. Unique food combinations that shouldn't work but do.
  291. Unique tea or ice-cream flavours worth trying.

  292. If you've successfully lost weight, tell us your method. What did you eat? Did you count calories? What fitness regime did you follow?
  293. If you're at university or college, tell us what you're studying and why. If you chose not to go, why not?
  294. Sometimes you just need to vent or have a heart-to-heart. Get it off your chest. 
  295. If you have career goals, share them!
  296. And if you don't, talk about that too. What would you be up to in a perfect world? 
  297. Talk about a personal event that deeply affected you and how/if you overcame it.
  298. Make a list of happy things / share the things that have made you happy this week or month.
  299. Invisible illnesses: share how you cope with anxiety, depression etc. Share if you overcame it.
  300. Likewise, how you cope with an everyday physical illness or overcame another.
  301. A letter to... my younger self/my ex.
  302. Share a funny or embarrassing story.
  303. Talk about how you met your best friend/partner if it's cute, funny or interesting.
  304. Tell us about the things you've learned from past relationships or friendships.
  305. Are you single? Do you feel any sort of pressure related to it? Likewise if you're in a relationship, do you ever feel left out because you aren't single? 
  306. How to unwind after a long and hard day. 
  307. Talk about how you overcome the winter/January blues, or the little things that cheer you up.
  308. Share your thoughts on a heavier subject such as body image. 
  309. Share inspirational quotes and lyrics.
  310. Discuss things that have been on your mind this week/month, or reflect on the week/month.
  311. Talk about someone who has made a big impact on your life, be it negatively or postively, or someone who has inspired you in some way.
  312. Pass on good advice that was given to you, to your readers.
  313. If you have an issue you need advice on, ask your readers. Or, give advice to your readers about something they have asked you about.
  314. Put together a post about happy things, whether it's cute puppy pictures or period memes. Sorry, not sorry, period memes are hilarious on your monthly. 
  315. Awkward or funny date story? Let's hear it!
  316. Shitty break-up? Douchebag ex? We can relate. Let's swap stories.
  317. Share an opinion you once had that has now changed, and why it changed. 
  318. Talk about life. Where are you? Where do you want to be? 
  319. Reflect on the year in terms of love, friendships, family, blogging, work and anything else that's of importance to you.
  320. Reflect on your current relationship. 
  321. Share some bad advice you've been given. Did you take it? What was the end result?
  322. Things not to say... e.g. to tattooed people, to retail workers, to me when I'm on my period, lol.
  323. Reflect on childhood heroes. Are they the same today?
  324. Share you experience on medication, be it mental health, birth control, hormonal treatments etc.
  325. Share your tips for leading a happy life.
  326. Wish you'd done things differently? Share the story and the decision you made then, versus what you'd do now.
  327. Sexism and feminism. Do you consider yourself a feminist? What are your views? What negative, sexist experiences have you had? And what about the friend zone? 
  328. What do you think about social media? Has our follower count taken over our lives? 
  329. Is there a time that you overcame a fear? Tell us about it.
  330. Look back at where you were say 3-5 years ago in life. What has changed? Are you happier where you are now? Where did you expect to be now? How does it all compare?
  331. Talk about lessons you learnt from your current or past job. 
  332. Discuss the qualities you look for in friends or partners, and maybe relate those back to the people you know in real life.
  333. Reflect on a friendship.
  334. Talk about what you're like behind the blog. 
  335. Things I'd tell my teenage self.
  336. Things I wish I'd known at [insert age].
  337. The A-Z of me.
  338. Things you don't miss about... being single, being in school, being a teenager.
  339. Things you do miss about... living at home, being a kid, being in a relationship.
  340. Talk about an item in your life that you treasure above all else. 
  341. Relationships: how have you overcome your differences? What do you argue about and how do you resolve it?
  342. Give us a health update, e.g. if you recently had surgery or have gone on medication, how do you feel you are doing?
  343. Share confidence tips, be it body or otherwise.
  344. Made a change to your lifestyle? Tell us about it. E.g. why I cut back on lie-ins. 
  345. Discuss any pressures you felt/feel in high school/university/now, surrounding adulting and making a career for yourself etc.
  346. Ways to practice self-love. 
  347. How to deal with negative or unwanted thoughts.
  348. Things you've learned from your current relationship (so far).
  349. How do you stay motivated with health and fitness?
  350. Talk about your high school experience. 
  351. Talk about an illness close to your heart that you don't suffer, but someone close to you does. Discuss the second-hand effects on you and those around you.
  352. Been in a long distance relationship? Share your tips and experiences.
  353. Share general relationship/marriage advice.

    >>> TRAVEL <<<
  354. What places are on your travel wishlist? Share why, too!
  355. If you've been on holiday somewhere, talk about the best places to eat, how your hotel was, or how to plan the trip on a budget, if that's what you did. What attractions are worth the money, and which aren't?
  356. Talk in general about a recent trip. 
  357. Share a travel diary or a 'scrapbook' of photos. 
  358. Do a round up of shops/restaurants/interesting places to visit in your hometown. 
  359. Seasonally, what are some of your favourite things to do in your town?
  360. Travelling on a budget: tips, tricks, and where you find the best deals.
  361. What do you take in your bag when you're going on a flight?
  362. What things-to-do do you take when you know it's going to be a lazy by-the-pool holiday?
  363. Discuss the most magical place you've ever visited. And the least magical, lol.

    >>> MUSIC <<< 
  364. Talk about your favourite songs right now. 
  365. Share a gym playlist. 
  366. Talk about some of your all time favourite albums.
  367. Gig-goer? Talk about a recent one.
  368. Albums of the year round-up. 
  369. Talk about musicians whose new music you can't wait for. 
  370. Share a monthly playlist.
  371. Do playlist with a theme - festive, Valentine's, a party playlist for a girl's night out etc.

    >>> BLOGGING <<<
  372. Tell us if there are bloggers you read everyday. Who are they and why do you enjoy reading them so much?
  373. Write a list on the theme of bloggers, e.g. things only bloggers get, beauty blogger habits, or things to know about dating a blogger. As long as it's nothing like that Cosmopolitan one.
  374. Give tips to those just starting a blog.
  375. If you come into a lot of new followers, re-introduce yourself. This is also an opportunity for you to recommend some older posts of yours to read, and revive some oldies-but-goodies.
  376. Show us your creative work space. 
  377. Bloggers/Youtubers you love reading/watching right now. 
  378. What do you think of blogging niches?
  379. What's on your blogging desk? Share some of your favourite decorative and functional finds.
  380. Show us your YouTube filming set up if you do that thing.
  381. Or, show us your photography set up.
  382. How do you stay inspired to blog?
  383. How do you come up with blog ideas? (Maybe share some of your own too)
  384. Talk about the qualities you look for in other bloggers.
  385. Tell us your secrets to beating writer's block!
  386. Why did you start a YouTube channel?
  387. Tips for those starting a YouTube channel.
  388. How do you edit your photos?
  389. Your favourite photo editors? 
  390. What blogging props do you enjoy using and where do you get them?
  391. How to get the perfect flatlay.
  392. How do you stay organised and on top of your blogging schedule?
  393. Do a round up of the most helpful blogging and resources posts, be it yours or somebody else's. 
  394. Do a round up of your own personal favourite posts or of a theme to bring some life back to those that have been forgotten about. 
  395. Blog photography - for beginners.
  396. Why did you start blogging?
  397. Show us your video editing process.
  398. Show us your blogging process from initial idea to finished and published post.
  399. How to boost your Instagram/Twitter/Bloglovin'/Pinterest followings.
  400. Share other helpful apps and tools for bloggers. I went a whole year without knowing what Tweetdeck was.
  401. What do you love about being a blogger? 
  402. Share do's and don't's for bloggers. This is strictly personal, so remind your readers not to be offended. 
  403. Talk about blog design. Do you make your own? If so, share some handy HTML tips. If not, round up where to find them.
  404. Dealing with negative/ hate comments. 
  405. Share tips for blog promotion. i.e. how not to be annoying about it.
  406. What have you learned through blogging?
  407. If you know about all those weird technical things like SEO, then share. 
  408. What annoys you in the blogging world? This can be a one-subject rant or a list of some pet-peeves.
  409. Make a questionnaire and ask your readers to fill it out. Find out what they love and what needs work. 
  410. What does your blog name mean?
  411. Take us through the evolution of your blog branding or talk about why you recently changed it. 
  412. Talk about a recent blogger event you attended.
  413. Share blogging freebies like a printable planner or a desktop wallpaper.
  414. Talk about PR and approaching brands.
  415. Cover a more "controversial" topic of blogging and your opinions on it: sponsored posts; positivity/negativity in the blogging world; how welcoming the community is to newbies.
  416. Share your blogging goals for this year (then look back at the end of the year and see how much you achieved.)
  417. Photography buff? Share your knowledge of lighting and lenses. Please, I don't know the difference between most lenses and I don't know what's a good deal for lighting and what's good for videos as well as photography!
  418. Full time blogger or making money from blogging? Share your tips and tricks. We know there isn't a perfect, magic formula... but that isn't a real answer, either!
  419. Blog confidence - who do you trust knowing about your blog?
  420. How to blog on a no-buy.
  421. If you join in with loads of the Twitter chats, make a timetable for people like me who can never remember them!
  422. That post you need to get written but the words ain't flowing. What do you do? Move on for the day? Abandon it altogether? Or write it anyway and come back to it? 
  423. Talk about your blogger and YouTuber inspirations, and what makes them so special to you.
  424. Some things you'd like to change about/ drawbacks of the blogging or YouTubing community.
  425. Wordpress vs Blogger. Tell us the nitty gritty.
  426. When is it time to get your own blogging domain? How do you do it, anyway?!
  427. Share royalty free photo websites.
  428. How to NOT compare yourselves to other bloggers and YouTubers.
  429. Take it back to basics - what do you actually need for a great blog? After all, luxury cameras aren't a total necessity.
  430. How do you deal with blogging pressure? Like, how do you not focus on numbers, how do you meet sponsored posts deadlines when you don't feel like writing etc?

  431. Share any unique body modification experience, e.g. split tongue.
  432. Round up your piercings and share pain and experiences. 
  433. Do Nibbles-style tattoo collection where you simply show your body art.
  434. Do an in-depth post or video about your tattoos. Things to include: pain, when you got them, who by, and what they mean to you.
  435. A wishlist of tattoo artists you want to be inked by.
  436. Do you prefer coloured or black and grey tattoos? What styles do you love? Tell us why.
  437. Tell us about the piercings you wouldn't get and why.
  438. Tell us about the tattoos you wouldn't get and why (it can be a placement or the actual image).
  439. After care advice. 
  440. Talk about the first one.
  441. Why do you get body mods?
  442. A round up of whose artists work you love, regardless of whether you want to be inked by them. 
  443. Share an unpopular body mod opinion. 
  444. Share some of the artists you've been tattooed by, where to find them and whether you'd recommend them.
  445. Share the basics of getting a tattoo like my Tattoo 101 post.
  446. Had a shitty experience with employment due to your body mods? Tell all and share how you overcame it.
  447. Do you go to lots of different artists, or stick with the same few?
  448. An in-depth process of how you come up with tattoo ideas.
  449. Photography or video getting a body mod done.
  450. Give your opinon on more "controversial" tattoos, e.g. matching couples tattoos, tribal, sexually explicit tattoos or getting your partner's name tattooed on you.
  451. Advice to younger (16/17 year olds) people wanting body mods.
  452. Advice to people whose families dislike body mods. 
  453. Any tips and tricks to do with concealing a tattoo with make-up.

  454. Who is your favourite Pokémon and why?
  455. Your favourite Pokémon game?
  456. In a similar theme, tell us about your dream team for Pokémon across all generations! (Maybe exclude legendaries?)
  457. Talk about your favourite hero from the Marvel/DC worlds.
  458. Talk about a TV show or film of a comic book character and whether you think it's a good take on it if you know the comics/background. Maybe it's just good fun regardless?
  459. Which film did you have high hopes for that totes let you down?
  460. You can take five books to a desert island. What do you choose?
  461. Give us a run down of your top 10 favourite films... ever. Or go with a theme, e.g. zombies, Cillian Murphy, etc.
  462. Who is your favourite author is and why.
  463. Reminisce about the books you read as a child/teen and how/why you related to/enjoyed them so much.
  464. Your biggest lady crush and man crush from the comic book world, superhero or otherwise. 
  465. Xbox or Playstation - which do you prefer and why?
  466. Talk about an up and coming game release that you're excited about.
  467. Do a game review!
  468. Tell us what games you're going to be playing over the next few months.
  469. Talk about a gaming/comic convention you've been to.
  470. If you like let's plays, share your favourite let's players! 
  471. If you watch anime, tell us about your favourite shoes/movies.
  472. Do a beginner's guide to manga/anime/comic books/comic base films etc and pick out what three or four you would recommend to someone who has never watched or read any before.
  473. What you'd recommend on Netflix that's maybe under the radar (so maybe not Pretty Little Liars/Daredevil/Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt...).
  474. Share any game or comic themed items you love. Jack got me an Iron Man bobble-head cos he couldn't find Captain America (my fave) and I don't like Iron Man that much but I do like my bobble-head. And they say I'm not sentimental.
  475. Round-up of your favourite games of the year. Likewise movies, TVs, books, comics etc.
  476. Do a costume on a budget of an iconic character.
So, there we have it. Excuse me if I've repeated my self once or twice, I have double checked, triple checked, quadruple checked... But there's only so much checking you can do before all the checking makes your brain melt and the words blur.

I hope this is of help to you! Thanks for reading dudes! 


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