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Review: BeautyUK Lips Matter Liquid Lipsticks

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Recently I picked up the BeautyUK Lips Matter liquid lipsticks and they certainly didn't disappoint. If you're looking for a comfortable but incredibly long lasting liquid lip that dries matte and doesn't cost the Earth, then you've come to the right place.


The range of Lips Matter products by BeautyUK are mousse-like lip products that dry down to a velvety matte finish. I haven't heard much about these in the beauty blogging world, but I'm not at all surprised - BeautyUK seem to be a rather under the radar brand. Once sold in Superdrug, I seem to no longer be able to find the brand on the store's website! I bought my Lips Matter directly from the BeautyUK website (they've recently had a redesign, isn't it lovely?) for a mere £3.99 apiece. They come in 8 different shades, so there's something for everyone, and today I'll be sharing with you the five that I own. They have a pleasant, sweet scent which is blueberry, according to the website, so it might not be to everyone's tastes, but I really enjoy it, although I am not particularly fussy about product scents which you'll more than likely know if you've read a product review by me before! They contain 8g of product each, and the tube is pretty average sized for a lip product. The design is simple and fuss-free, which I love, and the applicator, thank God, is a regular doe foot - none of this awkward long, flat applicator nonsense that's been going around lately.


For me, the Lips Matter perform how I wanted NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams to perform. NYX SMLC are lovely, but they don't last like I wish they would, instead they are, well, soft on the lips, not too drying, but you'll still notice any dry or chapped areas on your lips. These Lips Matter products will leave your lips a little dry, but I don't find them as drying as I found the LASplash Lip Couture line to be. In fact, I don't find them to be uncomfortable on my lips at all, I actually usually forget they're there. And they last like a dream! The colours are extremely pigmented and while I don't find there to be any inconsistencies in pigmentation of the shades I own. Most of the shades in this range are bold, with lots of pinks, oranges and reds. Expect the colour of the tube to tell you exactly what colour will be your lips. 

I'm extremely impressed with the shade Bond, Mrs Bond, which is the first one I picked up. I'm a big fan of dark lips, and burgundy red is to die for and a firm staple shade in my closet and makeup collection, but I hate perfecting a dark lip and then having it ruined by food and drink! I wore this for a couple of hours before having lunch, and the only wear afterwards was right in the centre of my lips. Even my mum was like, "What are you wearing on your lips? It hasn't moved!"

The products don't flake on me, and while they transfer a bit, I don't notice it on my actual lips unless I've eaten a big meal. They are super easy to reapply on the go, and I don't feel like the more I apply them, the more my lips are becoming dry. They are kind of a pain to remove cos they smudge and smear everywhere, and tend to really cling around the lip line, but that's a good thing, if you ask me! 

That all said, I do find the darker shades (ok, I have Bond, Mrs Bond in mind here) to be a little tricky to work with when perfecting the lip line, as sometimes if you don't have enough product on the wand, you'll end up with a light, moussey trail of product instead of a bold line. This is easy enough corrected with more product, and I don't mind taking the extra time to perfect the lip line because the result is so good, and I know I won't need to reapply. I'm getting better at applying it without taking ages though, and I think these products are ideal of overdrawing your lips too.

beautyuk, beauty uk, lips matter, review, swatches, lip swatches, mauve your body, wham bam thank you jam, bond mrs bond, shake your plum, radical red

L-R: Wham Bam Thank You Jam (it says Mam on the website, but Jam on my packaging?) is a beautiful hot pink shade. It's definitely appropriate this time of year because it adds such a gorgeous pop of colour to your makeup, and I really just love this one overall! It's so pretty!

I LOVE Radical Red, and is probably the one I've been reaching for the most, second to Bond, Mrs Bond. It's a stunning watermelon red with orange undertones, and is another shade that really adds an in-your-face pop of colour. It looks almost neon on my phone camera, haha.

Still my favourite of the bunch, Bond, Mrs Bond is a very femme-fatale red lip. I often wear several layers of this so it looks darker, more the deep burgundy colour of the tube, but I like that you can wear one coat of this for a lighter, paler finish. This is definitely one of those lipsticks that looks the bomb with a flawless base and winged eyeliner, and that's how I've been wearing this most days. Definitely the most long lasting of the bunch, but the fact that I wear multiple layers and it's rather dark, probably helps that.

I also own Shake Your Plum. It isn't quite a true plum, but is definitely a pink shade that leans towards the plum side of things. Whatever you want to call it, this is a gorgeous one. I wore this on Valentine's Day with a nude eye and winged liner and it looks beaut. It wore away in the centre as we ate, but wasn't a challenge to reapply. I unfortunately don't have a swatch of this one right now as I can't find it!


As if you even need to ask! Naturally I'll be picking up more of these if I ever run out because these are a total steal for £3.99. 

If you're a matte lip lover, I highly suggest checking these out. At £3.99 each, you can afford to try oa few! What do you think of these lip products? Have you tried them? Let me know in the comments!


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