Monday, 25 July 2016

Essence I Heart Trends: The Nudes in Crunchy Cake

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The perfect nude is something I am constantly on the hunt for. I'm always discovering new nude lip products that I love, but when it comes to nails, I'm a lot pickier with my formula. Ever since Barry M released their Speedy Quick Dry range in 2015, I've been hard-pressed to find something I've enjoyed using on my nails more. Nowadays, I almost always have a polish from the line on my nails. I just can't get used to slow-drying nail varnishes again. I smudge them, smear them, nudge them, the works, and then end up removing all of it from my nails in a fit of rage, haha. 

I've noticed Essence nail varnishes almost every time I go into Wilko's, but have never really felt like picking any up. I often notice their range of Gel polishes before I notice anything else, as they are always at the top of the stand and available in a rainbow of colours. However, looking at them, I always feel like I've already got a lot of those shades (I did buy one though, so keep your eyes peeled for a shout-out to that nail varnish come October!), not to mention I don't wear a lot of colour on my nails - often deep dark jewel tones, or pastels because of how much of the Quick Dry line is made up of them! 

So anyway I was just browsing the Essence stand in Wilko's when this nude shade called Crunchy Cake caught my eye - and, for the record, I love that name! It has a sort of mink/mauve colour to it that I absolutely adore, as it means more towards being a more purple-grey tone than a brown-nude. This varnish applies beautifully, drying to a smooth, opaque finish in just two coats. The brush isn't perfect - I've always preferred flat brushes with my nail polish that are wide enough for me to coat the whole nail in one sweep - but it's something I'm willing to overlook for finding what's potentially The One for me when it comes to nude nail varnish. 

I find this lasts a good four days with minimal chipping, and often I feel I can get away with wearing it for a further few without needing to take it off to reapply or change shades. It doesn't have the Quick Dry drying time to it, but nonetheless it's worth sitting through the minute or so for it to dry completely. It's definitely not as bad for drying as Maybelline's Super Stay, but I suppose it sacrifices staying time for that. I also find it dries quicker than Barry M's Matte Nail Paints do. Oh man, I love matte finish nail varnishes but those drying times are a bitch! I'm always making dents in the varnish because it takes that long. 

So that's everything for this post. I definitely want to check out more of this range next time I'm in Wilko's and see if there are any others that I feel I don't already have in my ever-expanding nail polish collection. Let me know what you think of these varnishes below if you've tried them, and if you haven't - will you be picking one (or multiples!) of these up?


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