Monday, 25 April 2016

The Alpine Watch by Everwrist

the alpine, everwrist, everwrist watch

As a '90s baby, I've grown up with technology - computer games, mobile phones, and, in my early teens, owning my own laptop. As a result, I haven't felt such a reliance on having a clock in my room or a watch on my wrist. I've been attached to very few watches in my time, the first one I ever loved being a thick-strapped Fossil number which was a hand me down from my brother. It made me very much feel like Lara Croft which delighted young me, as she was one of my childhood heroes! 

At the opposite end of the spectrum, my brother is an '80s baby. He is much more traditional in his ways, and has been collecting watches his entire life. He began Everwrist in 2011, and I very much enjoyed one of the first prototypes he produced. It was a white rubbery number with an interchangeable watch face, and I still have it to this day. The idea appealed to me because customisation is such an important thing to me. I love making things my own as much as possible. Everwrist launched its website and first official product in 2015 - a sleek, shiny new design that encapsulates everything the brand stands for: versatile, timeless, beautiful, practical, and the idea that a watch that's with you will have countless memories and stories to share. The Alpine is suited to every gender and carries on, in a different way to its predecessor, the idea of customisation. It is available to buy in a multitude of different styles all with the same great features that lead to it being such a fantastic everyday functional piece, including water resistance of 50 metres; a crystal glass face; stainless steel case; and a date function. I have the Black Case & Dial version, as you can see, but if all-black is too Goth for you then fear not - the Alpine is also available with various coloured rubber straps; Milanese straps; a brown leather strap; and even a steel case with a white dial. 

the alpine, everwrist, everwrist watch

 I admit that this is a watch I've grown quite fond of. My brother knows me well enough to know an all-black watch is probably the only way I'd really wear a watch on a day-to-day basis, and this one fits the bill perfectly. Its sleek, not-too-big size fits perfectly under the cuffs of long sleeved tops without being bulky, and the face isn't so small that it feels too 'dainty' on my wrist - an issue I have with a lot of women's watches. I also like that it isn't shiny, decorated with crystals or jewels, and nor does it don a pastel-coloured pearlescent face, yet another reason I tend to avoid ladies watches and gravitate more towards unisex pieces like this one. The Alpine is the epitome of effortless chic. It has a very timeless, casual feel to it, which appeals to me because of how drawn back my personal style has become in comparison to what it once was. Gone are the days of coloured skinny jeans and neon jewellery! I dress in a mostly monochrome wardrobe with very little pattern, and having this piece on my wrist adds something minimalist and stylish to my outfits.

I can also quite happily report that these watches are very robust for something so lightweight. I wear this to work every day, and I've lost count of the number of times I've bashed it, scraped it, and generally been hashy with it  - as I am in life with most things. As a result, not once has it been scratched, dented or stopped working. The only real wear you can see in it is on the strap of the watch where the loops are to keep the strap tail down, and this is something that's not noticeable when it's being worn. I'm very impressed with its sturdiness, because I might not climb mountains but I do generally break or damage valuable things with my overall clumsiness, so I'm the next best thing after Bear Grylls to test out the toughness of this watch!

the alpine, everwrist, everwrist watch

the alpine, everwrist, everwrist watch
Cos why not wear yours paired with Pusheen joggers? Haha. 

The Alpine is an extremely versatile piece. The fact that it's so understated makes it very smart and chic, and allows you to wear it from the office to the bar without it looking out of place on your wrist, and because it's such a timeless looking design in a range of classic colour combinations, you can find one to suit your taste, whatever that may be! 

The Alpine by Everwrist starts from £35.99, and is available to purchase on the Everwrist website here. Keep up to date with the Everwrist company via their Instagram and Facebook, where you'll hear about new launches, offers, and competitions, as well as loads of other cool features!


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