Monday, 11 April 2016

Review: B. Brush Cleanser

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Recently I picked up the B. Brush Cleanser, and I was really excited to use it because before I had been using the MAC Brush Cleaner, which I'd seen ages ago after Pixiwoo, I think?, had been talking about it. I couldn't believe how easy it had gotten to clean my eye brushes. Yeah, they still need a wash every now and then, but nowhere near as much as they used to as I could clean most of the product out by simply using this instead. However, as much as I enjoy MAC's offering, it is expensive. For so long I thought MAC had given me a product that I would never, ever find an alternative for, but little did I know that B. had a similar product. So, what did I think? Read on to find out... 


So, it goes without saying really that I found this B. Brush Cleanser in Superdrug, as they are a Superdrug-exclusive brand. It's priced at an extremely reasonable and purse-friendly £4.99, although I picked it up on offer for £3.32, so it's suitable for even those of us who are on an extremely tight budget! You get 125ml of product too, and while I'm rather liberal with my use of cleansing products, and I use them at least 3 times a week (if not more, depends on how much I reach for eyeshadow, obv), this product so far has lasted me well - I've had it for just over two months and it still has over half of the product in the bottle left. It also comes with a pump which is SO helpful. The MAC version comes with an awkward pop-up lid (I don't know what it's called if I'm honest) that spills out too much product, so it's best, I find, pouring it into a seperate spray bottle. I use the little kind you can find in the travel beauty sections in supermarkets as well as Superdrug and Boots. 

I also think it's worth mentioning that the B. brand is vegetarian- and vegan-friendly, including this cleanser!

This cleanser claims to have a gentle formula suitable for all kinds of brush bristles, and can be used as much as everyday. It also said to be anti-bacterial. 


Overall, I'm really pleased with how this product performs. The B. Brush Cleanser cleans away the most stubborn of dark eyeshadows from my white-haired blending brushes without much effort at all, and treats both my Real Techniques brushes and my eBay brushes in much the same way - they do feel conditioned as they feel soft and replenished again, and they certainly don't feel like they are harsh or have been ruined, an albeit unecessary fear I have when applying cleansers to my brushes. 


Absolutely! I love this stuff. It works just as well as my MAC version but is at a fraction of the cost, and already comes with the pump built in which is just, you know, super handy and makes it easy to take on the go, especially as it's already in a smaller size! It conditions and cleanses as it claims, and has no trouble with cleaning whatever I throw at it. What's not to love?

Have you guys checked out the B. range at Superdrug? This is the first thing I've tried and I'm so impressed! 


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