Friday, 4 March 2016

Why I (Finally) Downsized My Handbag

I've always been someone to carry 'everything but the kitchen sink', and I don't think that has changed much. However recently I felt it was time for a new handbag. Having had my Paul's Boutique baby for 18 months, it didn't seem a very long period to keep it when I spent £40 on it. But, no. It was in my gut. It was time. Time for something fresh. Something smaller, neater. Something I could fit into my work locker so I wouldn't have to constantly switch over to my Stay Cute tote, and something I could keep my essentials in and a pair of flats for going on a night out, and wouldn't be annoyed at lugging it about. 

I found my new perfect handbag in TK Maxx for a mere £19. It's a small snake print bucket bag by Jane Shilton that was labelled as being a backpack, however, on the model it looks like a regular over the shoulder/over the head bag. The kind I like. I hate backpacks - they are uncomfortable, fiddly, and make me worried someone will go into them because I can't keep an eye on them! I was so happy when it arrived as it was exactly what I pictured, and the size was ideal. It isn't too small, but it's definitely a lot smaller and neater than its Paul's Boutique predecessor. I love that I can fit all my daily essentials in and still have room, and nothing clunks together in my bag now because it fits so much better due to its size. It's so small and light on my shoulder which makes a change, and the strap length is perfect. I have the buckle on the last hole in the strap, and it sits at a perfect length against my hip whether it's on my shoulder or over my head.

I will miss my old handbag, but I'm glad I made this change as it was something that was bothering me for a while, and I'm so happy with my new one. I don't intend on selling my PB one, however, as I am very attached to it and it's a fantastic bag as it fits so much in it, so it's ideal for travelling and lugging loads of stuff about! 

Are you one of those massive handbag lovers? Or have you downsized too?


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