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Review: Technic Bronze Eye Palette

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This little six-shadow palette from Technic really is a little gem. It's both a great starting place for beauty novices, and for those who are on a budget. Technic overall are a brand I've only become acquainted with in the last 18 months, but they are quickly becoming one of my favourites. I will be mentioning them in my upcoming 2015 Beauty Favourites, but until then I really wanted to share this palette with you as it's been my current go-to! There are a whole range of different six-shadow palettes on discount cosmetics sites and eBay, which is where I got this one. They also sell lots of larger palettes, though I haven't tried a lot of them yet. From all the Technic products I've road-tested so far, though, I'm super impressed! This palette is no exception, and if you want to know why, then please keep reading!


As I've already explained, the Technic Bronze palette is a compact palette filled with six powder eyeshadows. Five out of the six shades in this particular palette are shimmery, with the final shade, a mid-brown tone, being matte. I bought my palette for £1.99 from an eBay seller, but it is no longer available from this same person. However it is available from multiple online retailers too, such as Just My Look, for £1.99. The prices vary amongst different sellers, but usually it is kept under £3. 

The shades in this palette are beautiful, but limited. It is is a bit of an impractical one for achieving a complete eye look, as most of the bronze tones are very similar in shade. It comes with a darker shade, four coppery orange tones, and a bright highlight.


For most of these shadows, I can safely tell you that they are a gorgeous texture with strong pigmentation. They are very soft and buttery, and from when I've tried them, they have minimal fall out which is a huge bonus. I don't mind tidying up, but not having to is just a big plus for me! These wear very well with a good primer underneath. I've used both MUA's Pro-Base Eye Primer and Maybelline's Color Tattoo in Permanent Taupe underneath, and both have helped the eyeshadows perform extremely well. I find there to be minimal fading, and my shadows don't drop beneath my eyes. 

The one shade you'll notice doesn't perform anywhere near as well as any of the others, is the mid-tone brown. My guess is because Technic tried to make this shade matte, but hadn't really mastered the formula for it, so the result is patchy, poorly-pigmented and a generally very useless shade. It has almost no colour whatsoever, and doesn't show up when I try to apply it on top of the copper tones I've already put down - and this is where I want to use the shade, in the crease. Instead, I reach for my current favourite brown tone with a slight shimmer, the 'Asteroid' single eyeshadow by Natural Collection, to deepen the crease. It's a real shame as this is what most people want to complete their coppery bronze eyeshadow look - a good brown to darken and smoke out the makeup. 

The brown-tone aside, the rest apply like a dream and are all very consistent. I think the highlight shade is quite interesting, as it's slightly more gold than it looks in the packaging and on the swatches. It adds an 'extra' something to any look! 

These shades all look quite similar in the pan as to what they swatch as, apart from aforementioned brown-tone. The small exception to this, and it's just a little nag, is the red-looking tone next to the poorly-pigmented brown. I expected it to be a real rust-toned red shade, but instead it is simply a rusty copper, and not really red at all. I was a bit disappointed by this as it was the shade that really caught my eye in the palette when I was browsing it online, but I'm actually still really happy with the shade it actually is instead, and it's the one I've been using the most! 

technic, budget, eyeshadow, drugstore, eyeshadow palette, review, swatches, bronze eyeshadow


Yes! I really love this palette and it makes a great addition to my collection. I'm happy with the quick and easy grunge eye-look it provides, and while I'm super disappointed with the brown shade, for £1.99 I really don't feel like I have a right to complain. I have plenty of brown shades anyway, it's not like I can't use one of them!

What do you guys think of this palette? Have you tried anything from Technic?


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