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3 YouTube Video Ideas to Guarantee Views

Saturday, 26 August 2017
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So I ain't a master at YouTube, in any sense of the word. I'm a tiny YTer with 44 subs and I chop and change my mind all the time about the content I want to create, I talk myself in and out of styles of videos and I'm not consistent - I prefer to film when I really want to, rather than forcing myself to create content when I'm not in the mood. I'm also always terribly behind on my schedule because I STILL can't film when other people are in the house. I'm super awkward and quiet haha!

That all said, I've noticed over my three years on YT that there are some videos that seem to do well. I'm not sure why, but the three types of videos I'm sharing today have brought in more views alone than the remainder of my videos combined... 

I also want to note that I'm not huge into making videos for views, and there's no guarantee you'll grow automatically, but if you want to draw a little attention to your channel, perhaps doing one of these videos will help, and I did gain a few subs here and there from these videos.


Last year I filmed and uploaded a LUSH haul, thinking nothing of it. I'd ordered some bits and pieces, and I figured I may as well upload some thoughts as I hadn't had huge success when buying from LUSH in the past. So you can imagine my surprise when that video hit 400+ views in just a few days, and when I eventually deleted it to overhaul my channel, I think it was in the 500s. 

It was a super simple video, just me showing the products I'd bought from LUSH, sitting down and talking to the camera about my thoughts on what I'd purchased. So, for all you Lushies out there, it should be an easy peasy one to get you them channel views!


Some of my favourite videos to watch, I again did not expect this video to bring in the viewer count that it did. I uploaded part one of my My Tattoos video back in July and as I'm writing this post in August, it's attracted 543 views. I adored filming this pair of videos (I did a part two) as I enjoy having a wee natter about what my tattoos mean to me. Sadly, part two only recieved 129 views when it was uploaded two weeks later, and I couldn't tell you what the difference is. However if you only have a couple of tattoos, or you don't talk as at-length as me, you'll likely be able to fit all your ink in one video anyway. These were fun to record, and are videos I'm really happy with on my channel, and they were so easy to film too. 


I don't often watch pamper routine videos myself, so I didn't expect to get more than 20 views when I uploaded my own in June. Once again I did not expect to receive the 346 views I did, and I was pleasantly surprised! I don't really know what brought people into this video, as it's one that I filmed in a new, different and experimental way (a way that I've decided I love to watch other people film, but not so much me), and I didn't talk to the camera at all at any point or even do a voice over, so it's perhaps lacking in personality! That said, I received poor engagement on this video, not a single genuine comment which sucked.

What videos do you find do well on your channel? What vids do you love to watch?

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