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12 Red Lips

Wednesday, 14 December 2016
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You guys know I'm all for colour in my make-up - more so when it comes to matte liquid lipsticks. With my discovery of Jeffree Star's liquid lipsticks, I've found out dreams do come true, and it's almost rare for me to wear a lip product that's not one of his. But, I haven't given up on my other lip products altogether, and I'm certainly still as fond as my red lip collection as ever - of all the "normal" colours there are out there, a fierce red lip has got to be my favourite to wear. With Christmas just a few months away (where has this year gone?!?!), what better time, I thought, to share some of my favourite reds! Whether it's a matte finish or satin that you prefer; cherry red or burgundy; £5 or £15; I've got you covered.


To keep everything in place, a lip liner is a must-have for a bold red lip. I love wearing these Essence lip liners by themselves, and you'll know this if you've been on my blog long enough. I'm always mentioning these. Pigmented, long-lasting and non-drying, these lip liners are a total steal at just a mere pound each. Find them on the Wilko's website, or in store, if you're in the UK.

essence femme fatale lip liner 14 swatch


The cherriest and most delicious looking of all cherry-red lipsticks, this Natural Collection one is a little bargain - something I've noticed this year a lot about their line of products. I also have this lipstick in the shade Fig Leaf, a beautiful neutral that doesn't dry out the lips out at all, and that's where my love of these lipsticks was sparked. Whilst the formula isn't the longest wearing, and the shades don't stray far from the ordinary - nudes, pinks, reds mostly, with the odd berry -, you really can't ask for more from a £1.99 lipstick. It's bold and pigmented with some added glossiness, which makes it a real head-turner, and all the while your lips will feel hydrated. These non-drying and colourful lipsticks are more than I bargained for.

natural collection moisture shine lipstick cherry red swatch


I love that Collection are branching out and releasing heaps of awesome new products that are really fantastic in quality, but I'm super sad to see that this line is no longer in production. I've always enjoyed Collection lipsticks, as they are some of the first ones that I bought as a teenager when I started to experiment with wearing make-up. You can find these gorgeous lipsticks on sale on eBay, although it may take a while for you to find a seller whose stock isn't completely run out - if that doesn't speak about the popularity of these lipsticks, I don't know what will! This lipstick always makes me feel like a bad-ass - it really is the perfect ruby red. For scent, this one has a sweet artificial one, kind of like dessert. This lipstick isn't too long wearing with food, but it's not too difficult to perfect the lip line and it has a shine to it to add a real pout to your pout, which makes it easy to put on when you need to make some effort but don't have a lot of time.

collection 2000 ruby red volume sensation lipstick swatch


I wasn't sure whether to include this one, but pretty much just thought 'fuck it'. MUA's line of matte liquid lipsticks was one of the first that I tried, and at one point, before I rediscovered Sleek's Matte Me and tried out my first JS Liquid Lipstick as well as finding BeautyUK's Lips Matter line, these were my favourite line of matte liquid lips. Since MUA re-released and reformulated these last autumn, I find these don't quite pack the same punch that they once did, hence my hesitation to include this little guy. The original formula is bold, long-wearing, and is pigmented in just one swipe, whilst the new formula is watered down, and requires a lot of patience and layering. That said, it isn't awful and is rather comfortable - I just preferred the thicker formula. By all means, give the new line a shot - if you hated the old formula or have never tried it, then the new one might be what you're after. Reckless is a beautiful blue-toned red that dries down matte and puts up a hell of a fight - especially for £3 - when it comes to staying power.

make-up academy luxe velvet lip lacquer reckless swatch

It looks the original is being sold on Amazon for around £5-£8. 


In recent months, I did an in-depth review of these liquid lipsticks that saw them come on par with Sleek's Matte Me for being my favourite line of drugstore matte liquid lipsticks. If I had to choose, I think Sleek has these beat for comfort, but these are by far the longest wearing, and I never have to worry about them moving out of place when I eat. Moussey - but not as light and frothy as the Matte Me line - and pigmented, Bond, Mrs Bond remains to be my favourite shade from the line - it's the most bulletproof, budgeproof burgundy lip I have ever come across. They have a light, articficial, sweet scent to them that's not too in-your-face. They can be drying, and can flake if you apply too much product, but I really can't complain - like I said, these are the most long-wearing drugstore lippies I've ever come across, and at £3.99 they're a total bargain!

beautyuk lips matter radical red swatch

beautyuk lips matter bond mrs bond swatch


Again, I did a full review of these lip products earlier this year which you can read here. Of all the drugstore liquid lipsticks, the Matte Me line has got to be my favourite - I'm so happy that they recently released more shades, eeeek! Personally, the lightweight formula reminds me a lot of the JS liquid lipsticks, as I feel like they are not very noticeable when on the lips. However, these Sleek Matte Me liquid lipsticks don't last anywhere near as long as my holy grail Jeffree Star ones, but they are pretty tough nonethheless, especially for just a fraction of the price. If Rioja Red is too bright for you, it might be worth having a look in Superdrug at the new shades as there are some deeper reds available! Lightweight, non-drying, and non-flaking, these smooth and pigmented lip colours won't crumble after a cuppa.

sleek rioja red matte me swatch


Despite having the name 'Wine', this lippy is a bit more of a berry-toned red in my eyes. I love this for an everyday lipstick - it's not too bright, not too dark, and while it's not a flat-matte, there's no glossiness to it. So basically, it won't dry out your lips, but it remains to be a subtle colour and finish without any shine to it. It smells like my other Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick, a fruity, articifical scent that I'm not opposed to, and whilst this isn't the cheapest on the market, I love having this in my collection - it saw me through most of the past winter! I think I picked this up quite a few years back because it was the only thing close to a burgundy I could find. I think this makes a great all-rounder, and it's a lovely, bold and comfortable lipstick.

rimmel kate moss matte lipstick 107 wine swatch


For a pout that's going to turn heads, this beauty is your best friend. The Liquid Suede line is definitely an intriguing one, and despite the fact that I've owned the bulk of mine for abour a year now, I'm still not quite sure how I feel about them. I love the colour range - I'm obsessed with the new shades that were released this year, and I personally find these incredibly easy to apply. They are stunning for filming as they're so bold and allow me to overdraw my lip line without it being noticeable. My problem with them mostly lies in the fact that they don't set! I find my hair can stick to these, and when I pull the strand away, it smudges product across my face. I also have on more than one ocassion ended up with these on my teeth! Not a good look when filming! I like, though, that I can drink from my mug and be left with colour on the rim, but when I look in the mirror, the product hasn't moved at all. I've yet to try eating with them - I'm just not brave enough yet! These are definitely something you'll need to try for yourself and see if you like them, as they are quite a strange product I think! It's all down to personal preference, but these are fine for me if I'm out and I'm not going to be eating.

nyx liquid suede cherry skies swatch


I have nothing but love for these Matte Balms. If regular mattes are too drying for you and/or you love the jumbo pencil style, then you definitely want to check these out. Non-drying, these matte lips come in a whole host of different colours, from corals to nudes to purples. Intense and pigmented, they are worth a shot if you're a fan of matte lips - plus unlike liquid lipsticks, there's no waiting time for them to dry which is great if you're in a hurry! They're comfortable, but they aren't transfer-proof. This isn't much of an issue though, as they're easy to top up on the go.

revlon colorburst matte balm standout swatch


I took the plunge and bought my first two Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks in April. I reviewed them on the blog in May, here, and it's safe to say my thoughts haven't changed at all. Long-wearing, bold and lightweight, these liquid-to-matte lipsticks are the stuff dreams are made of! If you're totally worried about red lips + food, these are seriously bulletproof, just like the BeautyUK line. If you find these setting into the fine lines of your lips, I suggest picking up a clear lip liner - I use the one by Make-Up Academy. 

jeffree star redrum liquid lipstick swatch

jeffree star unicorn blood liquid lipstick swatch

That was a lot of talk about red lips - I hope you guys didn't find it too boring! I just love red lipstick, like I said, haha, and I reckon I've covered an option for everyone here! If you made it to the end, thanks so much for reading!

Have you tried any of these? What red lippy could you not be without?

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