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The Heartbreaker Playlist #2

Wednesday, 2 November 2016
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Brace yourselves: it's time for another instalment of The Heartbreaker Playlist, so if you're feeling extremely fragile right now, I suggest you go look another playlist series that isn't this one - although if you want a good cry, then you're in exactly the right place! 

If you missed the first instalment of my Heartbreaker Playlist, you can find it here. Basically, this playlist is all about getting you in the feels and crushing you up into tiny pieces. Sometimes when I'm sad, I just want to music that allows me to wallow, and that's exactly where this playlist comes in.

You Me at Six aren't a band I fully got into. I made friends with some emo kids when I was about sixteen who were obsessed with them, and a matter of months (possibly even weeks), YMAS slipped into the mainstream music pool and became a well established and successful band. I'm still to this day a little bit hit-and-miss with them, I don't think they're amazing but I think they've got some decent tracks. Some of the ones I still listen to include: Always Attract, You've Made Your Bed, Loverboy and Crash, as well as this track, Fireworks, which is a sad tune from the get-go. Defo a weepy one if you've felt yourself in a relationship where you're becoming distant from your other half.

Oh, come now, you knew Bublé would turn up eventually - it was only a matter of time! The man may be a one trick pony but he's a lovely one with a wonderful voice. It's rare that I listen to to Michael Bublé but I feel like this is one of his best tracks - it's so powerful and rather sad at the same time. I always liked the line 'we'll get lost together', so cheesy I think but I spent a lot of my time in depression feeling lost and escaping from thoughts and feelings, and I'd have liked the support of someone saying they'd get lost with me & that I would not be alone.

This one, this one just kills me. I say that about a lot of songs on this playlist (or I think it, but don't type it), but this track provokes some major feels. Like, as if Jared's voice isn't insane enough, it almost sounds broken in parts of this song, and the acoustic build up with the slow build up towards the end builds up the sad atmosphere. Someone once said, when I was playing this in the car, 'could they have said goodbye any more?', prodding fun and making light of it, and I nearly slapped them, swear to God. I've read several different things on the back story of this song, some say it was written for a fan, some say it was simply dedicated to that same fan, but the story of the fan is another mystery altogether (or I'm reading in the wrong places) - I read that they committed suicide, but I read elsewhere they passed away in an accident. So I'm not sure which is which, but regardless, this track about saying goodbye doesn't seem like something to laugh about.

PS: Here's an old acoustic version I'm still in love with.

Sugababes, to a lot of you, and sort of to me, are probably what you'd call 'has-beens'. I'm a huge fan of the original trio, and even enjoyed some of their music after Heidi joined the band (Angels with Dirty Faces was a pretty bangin' album), but we all know that Kiesha and Mutya carried the band and let's face it, Heidi's voice was mostly a bit pitiful. Now the original line-up are all gone, I don't even relate to the new members at all or their music, but the original trio did start their own band called MKS (Mutya Keisha Siobhan), although their current whereabouts are unknown. All that aside, Too Lost in You is a real feely one for me, between the powerful vocals of Mutya and Keisha, and the sad, weighty, non-reciprocated love lyrics. Regardless of the sex-appeal they push in the video, you can't deny the heavy emotions that carry on throughout the length of the track.

PS: Here's a video of MKS singing it, isn't it awesome? Sound quality is a bit off but still.

Infamous for their smash-hit 'Wherever You Will Go', The Calling are one of my favourite bands of all time. I'm the proud owner of both of their albums, and an avid fan of anything and all that's Alex Band related - if his voice doesn't reduce you to a pile of total slush, I don't know what will. Could It Be Any Harder is this heart-wrenching single from their debut album that sounds a lot like grieving. You can literally feel Alex's pain in his voice, it kills me.

If you don't want feels, try out The Gym Playlist or The Now Playing Playlist. What are some of your favourite sad tracks?

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