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Reasons Why Salem Saberhagen is My Spirit Animal!

Monday, 28 November 2016
salem saberhagen relatable spirit animal

Melissa Joan Heart was one of my (many) childhood heroes, with Sabrina the Teenage Witch being one of the funniest and most beloved 90s TV shows of all time (in my opinion). If Salem Saberhagen didn't steal your heart from the get-go, then, well, you're lying. Salem has gotten more relatable the older, more cynical and more sarcastic I've gotten, I've noticed, and I just wanted to talk about the shared values Salem & I have and why I so often refer to him as my spirit animal, lol.

We understand the importance of a good outfit...

...And know when it's not worth the discomfort and pain:

We crave attention, and nothing will stand in our way:

We embrace all the positive attention and expect you to jump to it:

Sometimes our ways of getting it are unorthodox:

We have an appreciation for the classics:

Manners matter, even when drunk:

We understand the importance of food. Food is our friend:

Honesty is the best policy:

We know how a bad hair day can affect our mood:

We empathise with others:

Our flirting skills are A+++:

Keeping people in line is of great importance:

Not just food, but how how to politely impose and get others to buy it:

We spend most of our time judging:

We know it's OK to cry:

If it's not a lazy lifestyle, it's not worth living:

It's important to plan:

Politics are important too:

We don't let our perceived limitations control or affect us: 

We realise and accept our flaws...

...Self-love and acceptance is so important:

It's important to share our experiences as it might help others out:

And, of course, the need for world domination never dies:

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