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Beauty Things I'm Still to Master

Wednesday, 16 November 2016
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I've been wearing make-up since I was about 16, although it wasn't til I was about 17/18 that I started wearing a full face of it! Before that, it was just the odd eyeliner and lipstick. Despite the fact that I've been wearing it for so long, there is still a whole heap of beauty things I've still got to master! These are just a few of them!


I genuinely don't think I will ever grasp this. I've tried countless different kinds of eyeliners over the years, and whilst I still love my NYX Vinyl Liner, I think overall I still prefer to use a felt tip - but either way, the results are much the same in that they are unpredictable. Sometimes it'll go perfect, first try. Sometimes I'll try a hundred times and make it worse and ruin the rest of my make-up in the process! That's the worst bit about eyeliner. If you fuck up, it's not very easy to remove and start again! Even now I'm getting a bit better at it, my wings are often still as uneven as all hell, with one being at a different angle to the other! 


I always seem to get mascara on my lids - whether it's a volumising wand or a thin, narrow brush with minimal bristles, there will be mascara specks on my lids. Luckily enough, this is relatively easy to clean up and it doesn't take much effort to repair the damage. It's worse when I just about poke myself in the eye with the brush and then get mascara all over my under eye! I do that so many times, and I've sneezed on more than one occasion before my mascara has had a chance to set. Not a good look!


I think I'm slowly getting there with contouring - I don't feel the need to contour my nose or any of that, but I do love it on my cheekbones. I still think some days are better than others, and I'm always changing my mind on which one gives the best effect. I want to get better at contouring my jaw tho as I don't like my double-chin, haha! It's defo a goal for next year to get a lot better at contouring my jaw & chin! 


Again, I think I've come a long way with falsies this year. I branched out into different styles, figured out which ones I like most, and figured out the best way to apply them. Yet I STILL have so many days (always when I'm filming ofc) that I end up with my lashes peeling away. HATE LIFE. So, basically, my best advice is to apply glue all along the band with extra in the corners, and then add a dob on either side of my lid where the lash is going. Legit the most budge-proof way to apply falsies. So if you're a beginner - there you go! I've been skipping on the extra glue on the band and lids and it's defo been showing the last few months.


This is probably my biggest, ugh, I don't know, beauty peeve about myself? I can never get a perfect lip line. NikkieTutorials makes it look so easy to apply lipstick and have a smooth lip line, but that's just not how it works for me. I use a lip liner and still can't get it right! I don't have particularly unsteady hands - as long as I'm not hungry anyway! - but I find it next to impossible to really get a nice, even lip line. And forget about overdrawing - that can work with NYX Liquid Suedes, but other than that, it's just not gonna happen!

Do you struggle with any of these?! If you have any tips for me, please do leave them below! What beauty things are you still to master?

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