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17 Gel Colour Nail Varnish Review | Emerald Tropics

Saturday, 12 November 2016
17 cruelty free beauty cosmetics drugstore affordable gel colour nail varnish emerald tropics review swatches

Okay - brace yourselves. I'm about to excited over a coloured nail varnish for the first time in I can't even remember! I mentioned this gorgeous varnish in my July Faves, and this is where I finally bring you a review of it.

The 17 Gel Colour nail varnishes were a line completely under my radar - I feel like nail varnishes are often over looked outside of Barry M, not that I blame people for being enamoured with their polishes, cos they're Speedy Quick Dry range is by far my favourite formula of nail varnishes, but still - and it was only because this shade seriously caught my eye whilst browsing the rest of the 17 cosmetics stand that I went to investigate. There are some really beautiful shades in this line, but I'm not overly convinced by some of the claims. 

The varnishes come in at £3.99 a piece, which isn't particularly expensive for the drugstore, and contain 10ml of product. As 17 is a brand exclusive to Boots, they can be found in stores or online here. They claim to have up to 8 days of wear, and have an 'amazing gel look shine and intense long lasting nail colour'. 

This definitely an intense shade - as I said in my video, neither my Canon nor my phone camera will do this little gem any justice. It's definitely a vivid, in-your-face colour that's much more intense in real life and I highly recommend you look at it for yourself in person! This definitely applies a gorgeous, opaque coverage in two coats and there is a nice shine to it, although the colour isn't overly shiny and gel-like, unlike the Essence Gel line, which is half the price of this 17 range. The brush isn't quite as wide and flat as I'd like, but it's not too thin and useless and can cover most of my nails in one go. 

I don't find this to be a particularly long-wearing nail varnish either, and at most I get the usual five days of wear without chipping, which is what I get with most nail varnishes. I imagine if this was applied on your toenails though that this would last a really long time!

Basically, the formula of this doesn't knock my socks off, but that's okay, cos I'm totally in love with this colour, and I'm sad that no matter what editing tools I use, I still can't get this colour to pick up properly on camera! Boo! 

17 cruelty free beauty cosmetics drugstore affordable gel colour nail varnish emerald tropics review swatches

Have you tried the 17 Gel Colour range?

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