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The Gym Playlist #4

Monday, 17 October 2016
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Time to break up all the heartbreak with an upbeat popcentric new Gym Playlist instalment. Woo-hoo!

I'm a big fan of Pendulum, but I only really listen to, like, one album - Immersion, which is where this track is from. It's such an awesome album, and holds so many feel-good memories for me as I tend to link it back to the friend that got me interested in them in the first place. Watercolour isn't my absolute favourite off the album, but it's a bangin' track that I can never get enough of once I start listening to it. 

If you read the first instalment of this playlist, you might have noticed that I mentioned a band called The Good Natured. They were a British pop band who were sadly dropped from their record label before their debut album was evien released, but have come back with a huge bang after being signed to another label and naming themselves Lovestarrs. Their sound is even more pop-centric now, if that's even possible. I'm looking forward to their new album a hell of a lot, but I love to listen to their more indie pop sound from their Good Natured days. The little EP that features this track is the stuff dreams are made of.

I wasn't the biggest fan of this song when it came out - despite enjoying the majority of Calvin Harris' singles - and it took a while to grow on me. I'm not crazy about Florence & The Machine and only listen to a handful of her songs - her voice is lovely though, not gonna lie -, but I'm surprised at how well her vocals worked on a track that sounds completely different to anything she's ever done herself. Now that I enjoy the song, I find it so infectious! I definitely prefer this over 'Say My Name' as well. Skip to about 0:54 to actually listen to the track (ugh, long music videos are annoying, soz). 

I could rant and rave at you about how much I love Ellie - in fact, I already have on multiple occasions; once in my July Favourites video, and once in the first instalment of this series; and probs on Twitter a lot too, haha. 

Once again, she performed this song when I saw her live in 2013 at Edinburgh's Usher Hall, and it was such an awesome, perfectly done track. Not only this, but this tune is one of my favourites on the Bright Lights album as a whole. It's definitely got a contagious rhythm and the lyrics are so well written and perfectly executed by Ellie's unique voice. Definitely one of her best tracks (although I don't like to pick ultimate favourites, this is a real contender) and one worth getting to grips with. I feel like this song proves that Ellie's sound hasn't drastically changed in the last few years like some people seem to think it has.

I love these gals so much it hurts. I'm writing this post in advance, but I'm hoping by the time you'll read this that I'll have a physical copy of Rebecca & Fiona's second album in my paws! They're first album was killer - that's where this track is from - and I think there was only a single track that I didn't like, and I loved everything else. Bullets is one of my favourite gym tracks (Oddly enough, I've yet to include Bullets on this playlist so far, but don't worry, it'll be coming soon!) but Jane Doe is a close second. I love their eccentric, wispy vocals with the catchy sound of their music - it's the most wonderful and interesting contrast. Also, they're total babes just in general. Do you not just love the things they wear?! They're so god damn cool.  

What songs are on your gym playlist right now?

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