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Make-Up Academy Palette | Silent Disco

Monday, 31 October 2016
mua cosmetics makeup academy beauty eyeshadow palette silent disco 12 colour bright bold colourful drugstore cheap affordable

You know those products you see and you think, I need that. NOW. That's what happened with this palette - as soon as I saw it on the MUA Instagram, I need I had to have it in my life, and that's exactly what I did. I got this and a couple of other palettes to take advantage of Superdrug's 3 for 2 offer, but I must admit this is the one I was most excited about. At the time I was thinking of doing more Marvel & DC inspired looks (and I still am, ofc!) so this seemed like a palette I'd get a lot of use out of! In case you missed it, I used this palette in my Harley Quinn (Suicide Squad) Tutorial. So how did it measure up with my expectations? Read on to find out...

mua cosmetics makeup academy beauty eyeshadow palette silent disco 12 colour bright bold colourful drugstore cheap affordable


The 'Silent Disco' palette is a recent release from coveted drugstore brand Make-Up Academy, and contains 12 bright and bold shades that aren't for the faint-hearted. It comes in at a purse-friendly price of £4, like all their 12-colour palettes, and it can be found in Superdrug stores, on Superdrug online, or on the MUA website. It was released around June time I think, just in time for the festival season which I believe is what inspired the palette. It's described as having a mix of 'acid brights and striking neons', and the shades have a mix of finishes, some more satin, some more shimmery, and some seeming to be matte. 

Like all of these palettes, the packaging is black plastic with a clear window allowing you to see the colours in the palette. It's not the most exciting or innovative, but I generally feel I'm paying for what's in the product, and I don't really care that the packaging is a little bland because, hey, it's £4! For 12 eyeshadows! 

It's also worth noting that MUA are cruelty-free!

mua cosmetics makeup academy beauty eyeshadow palette silent disco 12 colour bright bold colourful drugstore cheap affordable


First off, the pigmentation of most of these shades is pretty awesome. Some, like the bold, matte red colour, require a little work - I think I did 2-3 layers of that shade to get the shade looking even from top-to-bottom, and while I can get it to apply evenly with some work, I do find it fades rather fast - even with one of my favourite eye primers on underneath. Another one that requires work is the yellow shade - but I'm not surprised. Of all the colours, yellow is the one most drugstore brands seem to struggle to create a bold, intense pigment for. One that was a little on the sheer side was the shimmery pastel green next to the bold red, but again, this just took some layers to work with. It's still a rather watered down pastel than a bold, but I actually really like it how it is, and I think it would make a beautiful eye for the spring/summer months.

The cobalt next to the yellow is by far one of my favourite shades too, and I found this one relatively easy to apply. Like most MUA palettes, I find that despite the fact that some shades needs a little more TLC, these apply really well and I'm impressed with the pigmentation for a palette that's so affordable yet so bold in its colour choices (the red colour makes me SO HAPPY btw), and I feel like other than the yellow being super tricky, there aren't any real issues for me with shade inconsistencies. It's understandable, I think, that some of the really bold colours like the red take a bit more work and I wouldn't knock the overall palette or say that there's real inconsistinces just because of this, cos all across the boards they all turn out beautifully. The oranges, greens, pinks and teals all apply very evenly I find.

I think, comparing the shades to how they appear in the pan, they're all a good match, and you wouldn't be mislead in thinking you're getting something different to what you expected. As beautiful as the purple is, I'd have loved a bold matte violet. I think the shade in this palette is quite similar to MUA's single eyeshadow in Electric Purple, but either way, I love it and I'm not gonna hold it against them! 

I don't have any issues with these blending, as long as I have a good fluffy brush, and they're capable of blending with each other as well as other branded eyeshadows. I find, however, that the lasting power is a little mixed - most of them last pretty well with a primer underneath, but I did notice the yellow, which I applied to my inner corners and a little bit onto the lower lashline and the lid, had faded after about three or so hours wear, and as mentioned above, the red shade does fade quicker than the other shades. This is a small gripe I'm willing to over look though.

mua cosmetics makeup academy beauty eyeshadow palette silent disco 12 colour bright bold colourful drugstore cheap affordable


Hell yeah! I love the selection of colours available in this palette, they're so beautiful and you can create so many bold and bright looks which I love! I'm really impressed with the majority of pigmentation, and I'm glad most of them last well under a primer and don't fade down to diluted version of themselves. If you're looking for bright and colourful shades but don't want to splash out cos you won't use it too often, then this is what you're looking for - I feel it also gives a much bigger variety than the Poptastic palette, another of MUA's colourful offerings.

What do you think? Will you be giving this palette a shot?

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