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The Heartbreaker Playlist #1

Wednesday, 24 August 2016
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Some days you just wanna wallow. You wanna listen to sad music, and eat pizza, and feel sorry for yourself. Or, at least, I do. And, if you ask me, there's nothing wrong with having a little bit of a pity party for yourself for a couple of hours (or a day if shit has gotten really bad), and so I thought I'd share some tracks that make me feel like my heart is breaking cos I really don't wanna listen to extremely happy pop music when I'm sad, okay? (Shock horror that there's times where I don't want to listen to pop music, right?!). So here we go. I hope you enjoy it/ it makes you cry? I don't know what's appropriate to say here, lol.

AKA: that lady who sung that song that's like in the arms of the angels, that really, totally morbid but somehow sort of lovely tune. I don't like the regular version of Possession because the piano version is the first one I ever heard, it's what I know, and I think it's beautiful and devastating as it is. I heard this song on the TV show Due South, which is my all time favourite show. I think the fact that I know where this song fits into the story that makes me ache from the tune even more. The song itself has a very dark and grim origin, but you can look that up for yourself. For me, this song will always play an important part in Due South!

The Love is Dead album by Kerli is fantastic. If you don't know Kerli, she's an Estonian musician who was spotted by LA Reid (the dude who spotted a Miss Avril Lavigne) back in 2005. She's sorta like a pastel goth/unicorn/magical pixie girl/space queen all in one, I'm not sure how best to describe her. Her voice is so unique and some of the songs on her Love is Dead album are so devastatingly sad but this is probably my ultimate pick because of how effective it is. Like, the actual music is quite stormy and it's not like Possession where the whole piano-ballad and ghostly feel makes you melt into a puddle of tears, this is fiercer, but the lyrics still hold a lot of achey-breaky sadness in them. It gives me chills to listen to.

General Fiasco are a band I discovered when I was about 17. This single, if I remember rightly, was actually quite big and I remember seeing loads of my classmates listening to it on Spotify back when I was around sixteen, and I wonder why I never got on the bandwagon, though I suppose their indie sound didn't appeal to me back then, perhaps? General Fiasco do have that distinct sound, like Maroon 5 used to have for their first three albums. You always knew it was them. Their songs sounded similar, but not so alike that it got boring - that's how I feel about General Fiasco. Their second album especially stole my heart and has so many good tracks on it, some of which are particularly upsetting. I don't know where to start with this song, while I think the music is a little sad, it's still quite fast-paced and isn't as heartbreaking until you start focusing on the lyrics. The chorus always makes me want to collapse and think about dumb shit like a guy from high school I was head over heels for and all the stuff I used to think and feel for/about him when I was 16/17, and I'm sure we can all relate to this at one point or another in our lives, lol! (Using LOL because I'm sort of uncomfortable talking about this because talking about boys feels lame haha. I don't know how I'm going to manage writing a particular boy-driven upcoming post, ha.) I also think the song is so, like, intense at around 2:20 onwards. Dem feels bro.

If ballads by the Backstreet Boys don't just smash your heart up like someone's hitting it repeatedly with a sledgehammer, I don't know what will. I can imagine that for some of you, the Backstreet Boys are has-beens. They were a phase in your life when you were a kid, jumping around to that one that goes BACKSTREET'S BACK, ALRIGHT! To me, they are a benefit to my personal mental health and well-being, like many of my other favourite artists who are entwined in giving me hope and making me a better person. They are a huge chunk of my life, but I admit: Unbreakable is probably my favourite album. This is probably largely to do with how I saw them in concert on this tour and it was one of the best nights of my life. No boy band writes music, gives a performance, and sings as well as these guys do, they truly are the best of the best and have stood the test of time... All that out the way, BSB have a lot of heartbreaking ballads to choose from, but this one for me always strikes me. There's something about it. It was a track I used to never really listen to on the album but eventually began to listen to more and more. I think it's a love song, but it's an uncertain one, like an uncertain kind of love, which is probably why it makes me so sad. Maybe this one isn't as sad to other people, but that's just how I interpret it! I relate this back to someone in my past as well, which probably helps with the whole heartbreaky angle.

If you saw that film called The Time Traveller's Wife, or at least the advert (I actually have no clue if it's in the film as I haven't seen it), then you may mildly recognise the song. It's one of those that's totally perfect for a romance film, especially when you're building tension in a trailer. Lifehouse, y u make me so sad? It's funny cos one of my favourite 'lovey-dovey' songs is by them and it's the total opposite to this. It's got good vibes, a catchy, upbeat tune. This is just... dark, stormy rain clouds. Shattered hearts. Fists beating the wall in despair. Think black and white, think slow-motion, think running through the rain. All the sad, intense scenes that make a good, sad love film. That's exactly how I feel about this song. I don't know how else to put it. Plus, Jason's voice is just *insert heart-eye emoji here* 

I hope you're all melting into a pool of overdramatic sadness whilst curled up in a ball and craving ice-cream like I am right now. Soz, but I do. I love sad songs but now my heart is all achey-breaky! I'm taking my own advice and going to listen to my gym playlist... I hope you liked this blog post, what are your favourite sad songs?
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