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6 Tips for Saving Money

Saturday, 27 August 2016
6 tips for saving money no buys no spend students teens

Okay, first up - I'm often a bit crap at saving money. I mean, when I'm earning okay money, I am quite good at saving. But when, say, I was on a 12 hour a week contract, I tended to just buy everything because I'm so impatient and I hate that money stops me from buying those matte lipsticks I want to try, and from buying that gorgeous dress from Forever 21. I'm trying to get better, and in the past six months I feel like I've improved - being unemployed has defo helped with that. I still have a weakness for new make-up, but I've certainly gotten better at not buying loads of clothes since I cleared out my wardrobe (read all about my advice on doing that here). Money is difficult to manage, and I don't even live by myself, I'm still at home with my parents, so God knows what I'd be like if I did have rent and home bills to pay! All that said, I thought I'd share some of the ways that have helped me not blow all my cash on payday - which is probably a more appropriate title, but it's not the snappiest!


Impulse purchases are the worst, and nothing makes me feel guiltier than splashing out on a fancy dress that I really didn't need, nor did I want it that much. It gathers dust in my closet for months, and then I end up selling it. A good example of this is the Pok√©mon skirt that didn't fit me too comfortably. Back then when I bought it about two years ago, I suppose it was more my style. It hasn't been my style for quite some time though, and it took me so long to part with. I also paid ridiculous money for it in the first place. Boredom and online shopping can be risky, so if you're feeling particularly down or wanting to part with some cash, at the very least spend the money on something you've been wanting for a few months. Otherwise, step away from the laptop/phone, and do something do distract yourself - go on a walk, do some baking, anything to clear your head. If you're still thinking about that nice skirt you were looking at four months later, then maybe revisit it.


...And break it up into small chunks. You don't need that £80 beauty haul right now, but if these are things you really want, and have wanted for quite some time, it's a good idea to split up the items across a few months. That way you're not immediately spending a heap of money and being left with a significant dent in your bank account, plus you'll still have money left after you pay your bills.


Even if it's just a tenner, put that tenner away. It's up to you how you want to keep it - in cash or in a separate account. For me, having cash right there is far too tempting. I'm pretty sure you can get accounts these days where you can't just take the money out whenever you want, and if your spending/self-restraint is really bad, then this will be something you will want to look into. I have two accounts for saving - one is solely for tattoos, the other for holiday funds. I've fallen back onto these several times in the last few years when I've spent too much and my phone bill hasn't yet come through, so it's very useful for me, like a safety net. If I do spend money from them on non-holiday/non-tattoo things, I always make a point of putting the money back again either next month or from money I've made on eBay.


When it comes to cosmetics, always make sure to take advantage of offers. I find Superdrug generally have better offers than Boots, and I always make sure to check them out first to see if it's cheaper before making a purchase from anywhere else. Boots often give away vouchers, however, and their Advantage Card system seems to be a bit better than the Superdrug's Beauty Card. I have the Superdrug one but I only ever seem to build up £1's worth of points in a few months, which is a bit shit. My mum on the other hand constantly has a tenner's worth on her Boots card. I'm not really sure on the details of either, but it's worth having a look at both. 


Whether it's a specific clothing item from a specific brand you're after, or certain cosmetics, always make sure to check eBay first. There are heaps of really reliable cosmetics sellers there nowadays, and often they are cheaper than what you would pay if you bought in store or directly from the brand's website, plus most offer free postage to boot. It's worth looking there for any specific style pieces you're after as well, as a lot of the time on eBay people just want rid of something and will sell it dirt cheap for that reason.


So, this is more making money than saving it, but selling on eBay has definitely been helping me stay afloat on the months I was earning little to no cash from work. It's allowed me to go on dates with my other half and spend a little on some new make-up I want to try out - in around mid January-mid March this year alone I made around £175! If you have a lot of old clothes, shoes and bags to get rid of but little to no time, then it's probably worth locating your nearest Cash 4 Clothes.

So that about wraps this post up! I hope this was helpful for some people, I know this post isn't full of anything new or exciting, and I don't really know of any discount websites or anything, but these are the kinds of things I do to make sure I don't splash out too much. I'm on a very limited budget at the moment, so it's hard to keep a reign on my finances but I've been making it work. A lot of people actually say to me, "How do you live on that kind of money?" But in all honesty I'm just lucky I don't have many mandatory bills to pay, and that my parents are happy to keep feeding me and sheltering me in their house until I'm in a place to move out. I was on a 12-hour contract for three years, and overtime was never a guarantee. I'm more than used to a low income however, which is how I've learned to handle my money a little better, and I suppose I should count my first job with its crappy contract as a good learning curve where my finances are concerned.

What are your money saving tips? 

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