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3 Awesome & Free Photo Editors

Saturday, 16 July 2016
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So, first up: I'm not a big fancy photo editor expert. It's been nearly two years since I set up my own corner of the internet, and I've been and done it all in those two years to get to where I am today. In the last six months I've been a lot more confident not only in the content I'm producing, but in the photos too, which is something I thought would never be achievable for me. In today's post, I want to tell you about three photo editors that are super easy to use, creative, and produce great results, all whilst costing you not even a single penny!


Picasa is the editor I prefer to use the most when it comes to text. When I'm branding and watermarking my images, I find it much easier to use Picasa. It's a fast, simple editor that comes with all your basic colour-correction and lighting features, but also has some cool effects that might appeal to you and may be worth checking out. There's not just you standard black & white and sepia, but also comic book style and soften features which are really fun to play about with, even if they don't suit your blog style, you don't have to keep them! I may have a theme with my blog photographs and I edit them in the same way, but I often experiment with filters and effects just for fun! (Is it nerdy that I find that fun? Probably). 

I find Picasa runs faster on my laptop than my other editors, which is part of the reason I use this for my text branding and watermarking. The other part however is how easy it is to make your watermark more transparent, and how easy it is to adjust all your texts' sizes and angles. Another feature I use religiously on this photo editor is the 'Retouch' button. I often find myself needing to tidy the edges of my lipstick, get a hair out of my eye, remove lipstick from my teeth or hide a spot that my concealer has started to fade over, and it takes some patience to grasp but once you do, it's a really easy and convenient feature to use, and probably my favourite that the photo editor has to offer. Pro-tip for using it: the smaller your brush size, the better! 


You will all have heard of PicMonkey, and that's with good reason. Not only did the likes of Leanne Woodfull use it for a huge chunk of her blogging career, but it's free, easy to use, and has some really fantastic features. Plus, if you subscribe, you get even more features. I subscribed for a month or two, and I'm pretty sure it works out ridiculously cheap, but after a while, and particularly since imrpoving my photography and obtaining a DSLR, I don't feel the need to use anything but the basics any more. I always put my photos through PicMonkey first, as their 'exposure' feature is my favourite lighting feature I've ever used. Adjusting all the sliders makes things really easy. I also enjoy using the 'temperature' feature if I feel my photos are looking too blue- or yellow-toned. 

For a whiter smile, it's worth mentioning the Teeth Whiten feature in the 'Touch Up' section. It's what I use to achieve a Hollywood smile in the photos where you can see my teeth - for example, the photo I use in my 'About' page! Shh, it's a secret though. Don't let on. I want everyone to think I just have a ridiculously white smile! I think the other cosmetic features in the 'Touch Up' section are quite good, but I just don't really want to pay for them, haha. #cheapskate4lyfe

When I was using Royale, I enjoyed using the Curve feature to whiten out my backgrounds, as this was back when I used my phone camera and my desk as the background for every photo. It was very helpful, but not entirely necessary. It improved certain dull photos, but mostly my photography could do without it, and I feel much the same now.

Last, but not least, shout out to the 'Frames' and 'Overlays' sections, as they are how I 1) border my photos for Instagram and 2) add the transparent circle for the title in all my blog photos! 


Ah Pixlr. The only photo editing app I've ever downloaded and not deleted after a few days. I really enjoy using Pixlr. It's been on my phone for over a year now and it's a fantastic way to edit photos on the go. That said, it's rare that I ever edit on my phone these days, especially because pretty much all the photos I take are on my Canon now. However, Pixlr has a downloadable desktop version, yay! I didn't know this for ages and was pretty chuffed when I discovered it! 

It's worth mentioning that Pixlr also have an online image editor. I just prefer to use the desktop version because it runs faster on my laptop!

Pixlr is home to tons of awesome effects and fonts, and is certainly for the more creative. I mean, yeah, I'm creative, but my blog and its photos are clean, simple, minimal. Pixlr on the other hand has shit tons of fantastic overlays and effects (like grungey scrapes to make a worn photo, taped edges and space overlays that are like bokeh but space, lol), as well as cute stickers (the kawaii ones are my fave, SO CUTE). This is a very fun editor to play around with and experiment with, even if it's just in your spare time. I love to do this, even whilst knowing these photos won't be going anywhere near my blog!

3 free photo editors, useful photo editors, picasa photo editor, pixlr photo editor, picmonkey photo editor, tips & tricks

I do plan on doing more photo-editing and photography tips posts in the future just to share some of the things that I learned that really improved my blog photos to a level that I'm happy with, and they will be coming over the next six months or so. I hope this was a help though, especially if anyone is reading this who's new to the blogging and photography thing like I was when I first started. When I began I was one of those people who took photos of a product and I didn't even do the flatlay thing so I had whatever was behind the product - random stuff, bookcase, wallpaper - in the background of the photo! Eek! At least I know I've come a long way. A long way.

What are your favourite photo editors to use? I can't be the only one who still loves PicMonkey, right!?

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