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The Pretty & Practical Sports Bra

Wednesday, 11 May 2016
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Ever since I started at the gym last January, finding the perfect, inexpensive sports bra has been a mission and a half, to say the least. Before I went to the gym, I exercised on our cross trainer at home and used an old t-shirt bra. It wasn't very practical, naturally. My other sports bra experiences are generally limited to cute ones that just don't cut it in terms of keeping everything in place (lol). I'm looking at you, high street 'active wear', ugh. Honestly, it really is the bane of my existence. They value style more than they value practicality and that's what I find with most high street sports wear by brands like Missguided (sorry dudes, but it's true!).

But at long last, I've found my ultimate sports bra. I ordered this from Sports Direct, having no idea what to really expect. The bra itself is by a company called USA Pro, who I'm otherwise unfamiliar with as I am most proper sports clothing brands - I did notice however Little Mix is advertising their items which was unexpected. It has a little bit of padding (YAY!), and has a beautiful pink and purple galaxy print on it. I think I was lucky in snapping this one up as there wasn't many left, however these come in loads of different colours. If I remember rightly, it didn't cost me anymore than a tenner! I've gone past Sports Direct shops and noticed these sports bras on offer for £7 which is a total bargain if you ask me! At the time though, this was towards the end of last year where I'd stopped going to the gym so I didn't really bother picking any up. This was a terrible mistake because now I would like to buy a few more but I keep prioritising new beauty products and steadily re-stocking my wardrobe with Forever 21 pieces rather than picking up some more of these ahaha.

Obvs, sports bras need to be comfy and YES these are. They keep everything in place without an issue and I still can't get over how cute they look. I know I look a mess at the gym (sweaty, hair scraped back in a pony tail, red-faced), but I still want to have non-ugly gym clothing as it helps me be a tad more motivated. I'm super happy that I picked this bra up. 

So, if you're looking for a sports bra that actually keeps your boobs down while looking pretty, you can check out the USA Pro range on Sports Direct. The one I use is called the Medium Pro and is currently around £9.50! And look at all the pretty patterns they now have in stock... *heart eye emoji* 

Are you a fan of the Medium Pro? What sports bras do you find to be actually functional whilst remaining stylish? Let me know!

2 comments on "The Pretty & Practical Sports Bra"
  1. I quite like their tops they have too, I grabbed one last time I was there. I have to buy proper bra size sports bras though :( nothing tames my boobs and I def can't run. Love the colour of this though!! x

    Tamz |

    1. That sucks! I'm quite busty for someone of a smaller frame so I figured these would be suitable for a lot of people! The designs are lovely tho!


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