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The Gym Playlist #3

Monday, 23 May 2016
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So, it's that time again. Time for a new instalment of the Gym Playlist! The next and last instalment of the year is in October, so I think this has been the most regularly updated series on my blog! My mission for 2017's schedule is to space out the series' better, as it's not been my strong point, but I ain't redoing my 2016 schedules for the 238453294 time as I'm finally pretty happy with them. And hey, it's a learning curve, right?

All the rambling aside, I present to you another five tracks that have made it onto my Gym Playlist...

I have no idea if Nero is a person or several persons, but either way, I've never heard of them except for this song. Contrary to how I discovered Dragonette, I didn't stumble across Nero by playing the Saints Row games, haha. I'm pretty sure back in my teens this was a song that was quite high in the charts... And to me, for good reason. I loved it, even back then, as this song was out long before I ventured into the realms of electronic, dub-step, drum & bass music - genres that I've become accustomed to and now enjoy. I love this song so much. It's so fucking catchy, every time I listen to it I always sorta have to bop along to it, ahaha.

A fan of pop music? I better find Alphabeat in your music library, or else. Seriously, they are so fucking cute sometimes I'm not sure they're real. I love how fun and upbeat their music is - granted, I only know a handful of their songs, but everyone of them is SO good! Did I mention they can sing live? That's definitely earning them brownie points from me. I also recommend listening to The Spell and Hole in My Heart, but DJ is my favourite for the gym. It's adorable, and a little bit cheesy, which reminds me a little of 80s music. It's the perfect recipe for a pop song!

Remember Little Boots? She was huge back in the day when she came out with her single 'New In Town' in 2009 (that long ago?!) which caught my ear immediately. I never really got into the rest of the album, although at one point I did have it, but I love Remedy. For the gym, or a night out, this song is perfect. I enjoy the whole concept of dancing things out of your system. I admit I don't like dancing at all, I'd rather sing and jump up and down like the 14-year-old emo I really am inside, but you get the gist. 'No more poison killing my emotion' is such a perfect line. My remedy might be different, but I still love the message of this track.

I know what you're thinking. "Adele, for the gym? Seriously, Amanda?" But yes, I'm deadly serious. Until you listen to this track, there's no point in deciding whether it's suited to the gym playlist. This High Contrast Remix was featured on Misfits at one point (I only watched up to season 4 I think) and I was immediately like, I need this song in my life! It's so good. Like most drum & bass remixes, it goes on for a while but it's so damn good. Can someone just do this to every Adele album? I'd defo listen to them then... 

Not only is the video to this so god damn beautiful, but this song reminds me of summer to boot. I love when songs remind me of summer, it just makes me extra happy to listen to them! This, for me, is a no-brainer when deciding to add it to the gym playlist. I have no idea who Alpines are, but their vocalist has such a gorgeous voice. I think it works so well with this track. It's one of those songs I have to play on repeat a few times, and is best listened to driving in a car super loud with the windows down on a hot summer's day. It just screams feel-good vibes! (Despite the lyrics, aha).

So that's everything for The Gym Playlist #3. I'm sorry if I'm not as wordy as my last post, I feel like the words aren't really flowing for me at the moment. Hopefully I'll get back on track soon, and I hope you still enjoyed some new posts! Remember to tell me about your favourite gym songs too!

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