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The Gym Playlist #2

Friday, 18 March 2016
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Hey everyone! Yet another segment of the blog people probably thought I abandoned, I return today with another instalment of The Gym Playlist. Because I stopped going to the gym halfway through last year, I didn't feel like writing these posts. But I'm back now, and not only that, but I lost my gym playlist when I reset my phone, so what better excuse to build a new one and continue with this series?

After hearing it during my time at Pure Gym, I soon fell in love with Foxes' vocals and the general pop-driven sound of this song. It's so fucking catchy that I end up having to put it on repeat a few times to get it out of my system... Until I listen to it again. One day I reckon I'll delve more into her music and I really hope it's as good as this track - or better.

If you don't think Sophie Ellis Bextor is the dance-disco-pop princess, you're entirely wrong. Granted with her new album she's taken a new direction, but still. Trip the Light Fantastic has so many good gym tracks on it, but this song from her album Make a Scene (which I've not listened to, for the record) is one that I kept forgetting about until it came up on shuffle one day and I wondered, how could I forget?! I was so obsessed with this song when it came out, and it isn't hard to see why. Her distinct, gorgeous vocals with this "nu-disco" (thanks Wikipedia) sound is just dreamy to listen to. In my opinion. And if that isn't your opinion, guess what? Yup, you're wrong.

Firstly, skip to about 1:15 to skip the video's intro. Secondly, sometimes I sit there and wonder, was this song really wasted on the soundtrack for Fifa? But then, would I have ever discovered it if my friends at the time hadn't told me about it as they knew I loved Gerard and knew the song, well, from Fifa? Deadmau5 (pronounced 'deadmouse' btw, something that still baffles me to this day, four years after being aware of his existence) isn't someone I listen to, so it's possible I may have missed out on this track for a long time had I not been told about it. And I'm super grateful said-friends told me about it, cos this song is so fucking good. Makes me so pumped. As much as I love Gerard's Brit-pop sound on Hesitant Alien, I'd have been completely okay if he'd come out with an album like this too. (Glad he didn't though of course, cos then we wouldn't have No Shows, Brother, Millions, Drugstore Perfume, How It's Going To Be...). But, well, you get my point.

Oh man. I LOVE this album by No Doubt, and this track is one of my favourites. Gwen's voice on the chorus, and the music at the chorus, give me absolute chills. I can't really explain how much I love this song and how good it makes me feel, it's like trying to sum up how I feel about Panic!'s Hallelujah single (oh, okay, I admit it, and the entire Death of a Bachelor album...). Just listen to it. You'll know what I mean when you hear it! Also, I love the video. I'm not sure why, but it's awesome. I think it's just cos it looks like fun ahaha. Also, Gwen. Is she ever not cool?


I got 1989 as soon as it came out, but I didn't listen to the last few tracks for fucking donkeys. Safe to say I regret that decision because for a full year I missed out on this song. It's very... non-Taylor. I know 1989 is quite non-Taylor musically and that's the point, it's pop-driven, not country - in fact, there's no trace of country whatsoever - but this is even more so. I really don't know why she didn't choose to put this on the regular version of the album and release it as a single, I know most of her singles have done well but I reckon this would've followed up Shake It Off perfectly. I really really dislike Taylor Swift these days for a number of reasons, but I do still enjoy her music. I couldn't find a good version of this to link you to - soz about that.

That's a wrap for the second instalment of The Gym Playlist - do you like any of these tracks? I'm always looking to expand my playlist so let me know what your favourite workout tunes are! (For the gym I'm particularly fond of dubstep, drum n bass, pop (OBVS) and generally electronic stuff, but I do like a bit of that punk-pop!) See you on Monday for a review of that Cargo Shanghai Nights palette - finally!

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