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The Gym Playlist #1

Monday, 9 February 2015
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In today's post I'm sharing with you the beginnings of my Gym Playlist. I listen to a lot of drum & bass and pop whilst I'm working out, so expect to see a lot of tracks of a similar theme, and expect new additions heading your way soon!

I'm a hardcore fan of Ellie, and her first two albums completely took over my life when they were released. There are so many good tracks on Halcyon Days to listen to at the gym (I'll pass on Burn, tho) but this is forever one of my favourites, and for some reason I find it so motivating to work out to. I saw her live in 2013 at the Usher Haul here in Edinburgh, and this was by far one of my favourites of the night because she completely blew my mind with her talent and passion whilst performing. I find something so magical about this track!

The Good Natured were a British pop band that appeared on my radar because one of their other songs was used in, if I remember rightly, a beauty tutorial video by Rimmel when I was about 17/18. I immediately searched for the lyrics, desperate to find the track, and I stumbled across it. It's called The Hourglass and remains as my favourite of their songs - it's beautiful. As for this one, I think it's killer. It's such a catchy number but The Good Natured did pop like nobody else did - there was always this dark edge to it which I loved. Sadly, their album, Prism, was shelved and they were dropped by their record company a few years ago. Nowadays they go by the name Lovestarrs and are signed with the label Def Disco. I hope to hear their new album soon! 

Think what you wish about the queen of pop music, but I'm a loyal Madonna fan and I always will be. Her album Confessions on a Dance Floor completely captivated me in my childhood, and when I discovered MDNA years later, I was completely hooked. Infectious and feel-good, they are albums that are a complete joy to listen to. I'll admit most of both albums are on my Gym Playlist, so expect to see me talking about Madonna again at a later date. This track is by far one of my favourites from MDNA. These days it often makes me so nostalgic, and I find it so ridiculously catchy! I could do without Nicki Minaj in it, but I suppose I'll live.

Ahhh, Dragonette. A Canadian electronic band, they've made some of the most upbeat and infectious music I've ever heard. I discovered them when I was playing through Saint's Row 3, where their song Stupid Grin is featured on one of the radio stations. After becoming totally obsessed, I found Let It Go, and it's safe to say I found a new addiction! Let It Go is a song that I can't describe my love for, but it's catchy, it's happy, and it's probably gonna make you wanna dance. You've been warned.

I'm crazy in love with 30STM, I just listen to them all the time, regardless of what I'm doing. Up in the Air is a brilliant track for the gym. I put off getting Love Lust Faith + Dreams for quite some time, not for any real reason, more simply because I had a lot of other music to listen to and keep me preoccupied. I'd heard this when it was first released and the lyric video went live, and I was like 'fuck this is good', but then, distracted by all my other new music, I didn't listen to it for a long while. Then, out of the blue, I fell in love with them all over again and knew it was time. Time to listen to the new album. When I saw the video I was a total goner, not just for shirtless Jared Leto, but for the music, the lyrics, the vocals. The sound. I immediately looked up live performances, and immediately got my hands on the album, too. I've never looked back - Up in the Air remains as one of my favourites from the album. (As if I wouldn't love anything by them though).

What are your favourite tracks to work out to?

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