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Five Nights at Freddy's: The Silver Eyes

Wednesday, 19 July 2017
five nights at freddy's the silver eyes review

One of the first books I bought after getting my new and current job last October, was the book The Silver Eyes, a book written partly by Scott Cawthon, the creator of an indie horror franchise that took the gaming world by storm Five Nights at Freddy's

If you didn't know this, I'm a big fan of horror games. I mean, I can't play them well myself because I'm that person who screams and throws the controller on the floor when jump scared, but I love watching gameplay of them (although I almost never do this when I'm alone haha), and I'm 100% into Five Night's at Freddy's. I understand that the point-and-click indie horror game isn't for everyone, that the repetitive jumpscares and apparently convoluted story line makes people think it's overrated or boring, but I also understand the people who spend hours unravelling every tiny detail, trying to fit the pieces together.

I had no idea that the book even existed until I discovered The Game Theorists YouTube channel in the later half of 2016, and promptly went to have a look into it. It took me until earlier this year, however, to actually sit down and read it. The plot revolves around a teenager named Charlie returning to her hometown, ten years after tragedy struck Charlie and her group of friends when, as young children, one of their closest friends was murdered. The group decide to hunt down Freddy Fazbear's Pizza - the original building having now been built around in the beginnings of a later abandoned mall project - and break in for good old times and curiosity.

There's a lot of interesting lore, with some mystery and creepy horror elements, and whilst I won't bash the work entirely, it's definitely not the best well-written book - I'm not sure who is leaving these Amazon reviews but I feel they are hyping it up with their feedback, haha. I feel like the characters don't have a whole lot of dimension, and the third person perspective makes me feel even more unattached to them, with Charlie herself being my least favourite of the lot. That said, the book offers some interesting tidbits into the lore and backstory of FNAF - the only thing that confuses me is that this is a re-imagining of the FNAF story, so just how canon is the book in relation to the games? Can we really take information presented to us in the books and apply it to the timeline of the games? Whilst MatPat has done just this, I am unsure as to how this works given that it's essentially a different story to what we know.

As I mentioned above, the book might not have been the most brilliantly written novel I've read in the last few years, or months, but it's still a worthwhile read if you're a fan of the story and the games franchise. It gets you thinking about that pesky timeline all over again, and it's only about 300 pages long (Amazon says it's short of 500 but my copy was defo not!) so it's a quick and easy read. If you're a FNAF fan, I highly recommend giving this a read in your spare time.

Are any of you guys a fan of the FNAF franchise?

What's in My Make-Up Obsession Custom Palette?

Saturday, 15 July 2017
makeup obsession, custom palette, what's in my makeup obsession palette, swatches, reviews, highlight powder, strobe cream, eyeshadows, contour powder

The tail end of 2016 saw the release of Tam Beauty's latest brand launch 'Makeup Obsession'. The whole basis around this new label was the idea of custom built palettes, with everything being interchangeable, and it included lots of eyeshadow, blush, highlight and contouring options, and even lipsticks in a pan, strobe creams and setting powders. I saw loads of good things about them over the coming months, and eventually I decided to go ahead and build my own custom palette a few months before we headed out to Amsterdam - the idea of taking one palette with the bulk of my make-up in appealed to me very much! Though I will say I don't think the lipstick pans were out when I built mine, but that's OK as I've never been much of a fan of lip colours being in a palette formula anyway.

I opted for a few highlight options and a contour, before carefully planning what eyeshadow shades I wanted to use, basing most of my choices on the swatches I found online and on the Makeup Obsession Instagram. Today I thought I'd show you what options I decided to include in my rose gold palette (I'm such a cliché!). I chose the 12 pan palette so that I could give myself plenty of options - something that I always crave, especially when faced with the idea of having to go on holiday without being able to take masses of makeup. 

makeup obsession, custom palette, what's in my makeup obsession palette, swatches, reviews, highlight powder, strobe cream, eyeshadows, contour powder


The first vertical column of my palette contains all of my highlighting shades - I chose two strobe balms, as I generally adore cream highlights, especially those I've tried from Tam Beauty in the past -, and I chose one powder highlight. In recent years I've become seriously attached to my highlighting products, and pre-makeup declutter I was sitting at owning almost 20 highlight products, and I tend to like to have a bit of choice depending on my mood.

The two strobe balms I chose are called Precious, a white pearly highlight with a blue shift, and Radiance, a pinky shade that has a touch of metallic to it. I can't complain about either of these creams as they are both easy to use, buildable and blendable, melding perfectly with my liquid foundations. I always like creamier formulas as they wear, as they blend so well in with the skin. I find these products are best applied with fingers, as the heat helps to blend, rather than brushes or sponges. Precious does sit a little thin but it's easily built up, and the blue shift makes it more interesting than your standard white or ivory highlighters in the drugstore. I wore this in one of my vlogs back in April - skip to around 23:11 to hear me start talking about my FOTD. 

For powder highlight, I opted to go with Moon, a shimmery lilac shade. At the time I didn't own any purple or lavender highlights, so this was a really unique one to my collection. It's a very pale, silvery lilac and definitely has more shimmer than glow, but I really love it on the cheekbones, especially for something so affordable. It's pigmented and looks beautiful, so if you want to try purple highlight without splashing out, this might be the one to ease you in.

I feel like the camera doesn't capture Moon and Precious as well as I'd like it to!


At the top of the next vertical column is my only contour. I only picked up one contour colour as I very rarely use bronzer these days, and most of the time I end up being too lazy to even use contour! I chose the shade Light/Medium - it was actually kind of hard to tell which one would suit me best, so I just kinda gambled (I ordered all these online) and hoped for the best. It worked out well though as I think this is a nice contouring shade. It's a little warm but that prevents it from looking too muddy on my fair skin. It's blendable and buildable, and very nicely pigmented. There are a whole host of contour shades and several pressed banana powders, so you're sure to find something to suit your needs.

From the second pan down in the second column is the beginning of my eyeshadows. I've organised my palette in a way that makes sense to me, with the first column being highlights, and the second being not just my contour colour but also my two 'basic' eyeshadows.

The Lucky Charm eyeshadow is a pale, shimmery champagne shade. It's pretty standard and nothing out of the ordinary, but I am a sucker for these tones - especially applied under the arches of my brows, and to the inner corners of my eyes. While Lucky Charm boasts nothing different, it's definitely beautiful and is a staple for me in my collection for highlighting the eye area.

Next up is the shade Alba, a creamy mid-brown that can be built up. It's the perfect, complimentary transition shade for my eye looks, being very buildable so it can be layered up in the crease to create my desired look.

makeup obsession, custom palette, what's in my makeup obsession palette, swatches, reviews, cosmo, bullet, rare, alba, lucky charm, highlight powder, strobe cream, precious, moon, radiance, contour powder, light medium


The third column shows of my three 'everyday' eyeshadows, Cosmo, Bullet and Rare. Bullet is used to create depth and dimension into the crease and outer corners, or to define my lower lashline, whilst Cosmo and Rare are used separately for lid shades. Cosmo is more of a rusty copper orange, whilst Rare is much more red and gives more depth to my eye look. All three shades perform well - they're beautifully pigmented and apply well, and staying put with a good primer underneath. I tend to favour Maybelline Color Tattoos and Urban Decay's Original Primer Potion for base options. Do expect fall out from these shadows upon application, and a little bit afterwards too, but it's nothing that can't be tidied up with a fan brush and a dab of concealer.

makeup obsession, custom palette, what's in my makeup obsession palette, swatches, reviews, rapture, chocolate cream, new york


The last column hosts my 'night time' shades. I wanted options for day and night, and with this last column I feel like I can work a very smoky purple-plum eye look. I'm an absolute sucker for New York, it's easily my favourite eyeshadow of the whole palette, and even though I feel like the colour isn't super unique, it's actually something I don't have in my collection. It's a beautiful pinky purple shade, coming off more pink on the lids. It seriously packs a punch and looks amazing smoked out - I wore these last 3 shadows for my birthday drinks night in Amsterdam, paired with Jeffree Star's Pussy Whipped metallic liquid lipstick, and it looked absolutely stunning. Chocolate Cream and Rapture are quite similar, the only real differences being that Chocolate Cream is softer and more matte, while Rapture has a bit of a shimmer/metallic edge, and to me looks a little more plum than brown. They work together to make one hell of a smoky eye, and it looks divine. 

Overall, I have no bad words to say about my MUO custom palette - obviously I'd love for more shades to be released, particularly in terms of eyeshadows. If we had a whole rainbow, as opposed to a lot of similar-looking neutrals, it would make me very happy and make bright colours so much more accessible. Although it does add up in costs, I think this palette is well worth the money as you are choosing a mix of shades and formulas that YOU enjoy, rather than using just a few and negating the others, which I find can happen in pre-made palettes. The colour payoff and lasting power is fantastic, and there are endless ways to customise your palette and hundreds of combinations for you to choose - plus you can chop and change your mind at any time by just popping out the pan you don't want and clicking into place one that you will use. Don't forget that there are 3 different size options available too. If you don't know where to start, it would be worth looking at MUO's pre-made palettes on the Tam Beauty website, and if you don't want a whole palette, the pigmentation and product range available is worth looking into. 

What do you guys think? Have you tried the Makeup Obsession line yet?

How Do I Find Balance?

Wednesday, 12 July 2017
personal lifestyle how to find balance in life

Balance has never been something I've been very good at. I'm someone who does a lot of one thing, or likes a lot of one thing, or consumes a lot of one thing, and I don't do/like/consume much else apart from that. It's something that I have known my entire life - that I'm somewhat obsessive in nature, going through phases of doing, liking and consuming one certain thing - but something I've never been able to put a name on or really grasp up until the last few weeks. Now that I know it, I can work on it. But I'm not sure how to do this. 

I'm somebody who eats too much chocolate and not enough veg, I'm somebody who blogs constantly or not enough to the point that I only have 2 posts and 2 days of Tweets scheduled. I'm somebody who spends all their time with somebody or no time at all for months. I'm somebody who enjoys a certain song until it gets boring and then I often won't listen to it again until a fair amount of time has passed. I'm someone who reads 24/7 or just doesn't pick up a book for weeks.

You get the idea of what I mean, right? It doesn't matter what the thing, the subject, is. The fact is, I can't balance things well at all. I've known our entire relationship that I spend almost all my free time with Jack, and I find it hard to pass up time with him to spend with friends. In the same way, I enjoy spending my time, when I'm not with Jack, by myself. So I find it hard to pass this up too. 

I try to plan, I make to-do lists all the time which help me to figure out what I need to get done for my blog or channel etc, but they aren't helpful when I'm trying to balance up my time between reading, seeing friends, doing blog work, and hitting the gym. I'm someone who likes routine but I find a routine so rigid that it would affect most days of my life, very hard to stick to. I'm a person wants to do what they wanna do, when they wanna do it. 

I know. I'm a little bit reckless and turbulent, despite craving organisation and wanting to feel like I have my shit together. It's a bit of a headfuck, as I feel like a fragment of a chaotic mess everyday. Feelings, thoughts - everything will pull me into different directions. Everything overwhelms me. I want to start feeling a little bit together by going back to the gym, watching what I'm eating (not dieting, just not eating so much junk food and more healthier foods), and trying to strike a balance between my hobbies, my friends, my down-time, my family and my partner. 

The question is: how do people do it? I love to be busy, whether I'm alone or out with friends. I love heading out to meet people, and I enjoy making sure I have a lot of work to do at home, like a long video to edit, photos to work on or a handful of blog posts to write. But how do I balance these tasks with everyday life? How do I stay motivated? How do I make sure I'm splitting my time fairly evenly? I say fairly because I prioritise time with Jack (given how little time we get off together) and working on my blog the most amongst everything else.

I don't know what this post is other than a bit of a ramble and a small plea for help. How do you balance life? There are so many aspects and it's only in the last few years I've had to commit to a handful of friends, a boyfriend, work, several hobbies and family. I've spent so much time out of work and with all the time in the world, time where I never had anybody to really prioritise and friends who understood I didn't feel like hanging out (and still do understand this, but I don't have this problem so much), so now this change of pace is something I don't know how to keep up with and how to work out.

Tell me your secrets! How do you find some sort of balance in life?

5 Teenage Beauty Blunders

Saturday, 8 July 2017
beauty and makeup mistakes i made in my teens

As a 23-year-old, I get quite a lot of compliments on my make-up - from IRL friends, internet friends, and even just fellow bloggers I don't speak to that often. As a 16 year old, I'd only just started dabbling in make-up, and by 18 I was wearing a full face of 'war paint' everyday. But it took a long long time for me to get to where I am now with my makeup skills (and even now there's a lot that I haven't mastered) and I made a lot of cringe-inducing mistakes on the way. Today I thought I'd share just a few of my biggest beauty disasters I was making, some up until as recently as just 3 years ago!


Up until as recently as the middle-end of 2014, I don't think I ever filled in my eyebrows *gasps* I know! Shock horror. But if you're a similar age to me - or older -, then you'll likely know that eyebrows just weren't that big a thing up until the last few years. Nobody really bothered to fill them in, and brow products were scarce in the drugstore and amongst high-end brands. Your options were pretty much two kinds of brow powders and a couple of pencils - there wasn't setting gels, pomades, stencils or specifically designed brushes! When I eventually started filling in my brows in 2015, I was very light-handed with a powder, and since November last year I've been using brow pomades for that razor sharp carved brow look that I enjoy so much.


Another thing I never used to do up until about 2014 is that I never bothered with mascara on my lower lashes. The problem I had is that clumpy, spidery lashes made me feel very uncomfortable and less confident in my make-up, so to solve the issue I decided to just skip out on lower lash mascara altogether. I was surrounded at school by girls who were slathered in Dream Matte Mousse foundation that was either two shades too dark or simply oxidised after an hour, and girls who wore ten layers of mascara to the point that their lashes looked like spiders legs. I was afraid to look that way as I didn't think it was flattering, and so I opted out of lower lash mascara (and foundation, too, for a very long time). It even took me a while to get comfortable with top lash mascara!


All the girls in high school rocked the concealer lips look - and by 'rocked' I mean it was the done thing so it didn't look so cringey or abnormal as it would look if you saw someone wearing concealer lips today! I admit that I totally fell into the trap too when I started wearing foundation. I enjoyed heavy, dark eye looks, so I didn't wear lipstick all that often, preferring nudes that were beige in tone and made my skin and lips look as one, or I slathered my Collection Lasting Perfection all over my mouth. Either way, it wasn't a great look.


Blending eyeshadow? What is that? Nowadays I'm fairly confident in my eye makeup looks - I might not be able to do a cut crease and I still struggle with winged eyeliner, but I'm pretty sure I can blend eyeshadow alright. With the help of Pixiwoo and a bunch of large, fluffy brushes from eBay that duped the MAC 217, I found my way to being able to put together a basic eye look and eventually venture into the realm of bright colours. Back in my teens though, I just packed eyeshadow on. No transition colour, no diffusing the edges, just straight up colour. I'd often sharpen the line at the edge of my eyelid so my shadow ended up looking quite oval, but I never, ever blended. Oh dear.


Admittedly, I think I was clever enough to pop an eye primer on underneath my eyeshadows, but I definitely never used a face primer, nor a setting spray. So when my foundation creased and cracked at the end of the day, that was just part of life. Even now I haven't found my holy grail primer, but I'm getting closer and closer, and learning by the day what works quite well for me and what doesn't. I also believe setting sprays make a nice difference to my skin, keeping my foundation locked for longer providing I don't touch it too much! 

This was definitely a bit of a trip down memory lane - what beauty blunders did you make as a teenager?